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The banking sector has been undergoing a dynamic change during the COVID-19 pandemic. While digital banking is on the rise, customers are heavily relying on bank tellers to provide personalized guidance. A study by the U.S. Retail Banking Advice 2019 estimated that more than three quarters (78%) of U.S. retail customers want to receive financial advice from the bank. This has exponentially increased the demand for highly skilled bank tellers at financial organizations.

Bank tellers today have a more crucial role in maintaining a bank’s business and customer relationship. Our bank teller resume example was written by a certified resume writer to assist you in writing your own resume.


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What is a Bank Teller?

Bank tellers are front-line banking officials responsible for accurately verifying identities, detecting any fraudulent activities, and processing any money transactions at the bank. They are often the first person a customer comes to for guidance and typically interact with more customers than any other bank employee. Tellers prepare certified checks, handle customer funds, and generate specialized transactions for them.

Bank tellers explain products and services, like loans and mortgages, offered by the bank to interested customers and direct them towards the appropriate personnel for taking advantage of these offerings. They record all transactions digitally and are responsible for maintaining a healthy and positive customer bank relationship. The majority of bank tellers have at least a high school diploma and typically require on-the-job training.

What Makes This a Great
Bank Teller Resume Example?

Our bank teller resume example was crafted by a certified resume writer who is trained to highlight key information recruiters look for in a candidate. Here’s how our resume examples can help you write a better resume:

  • Professionally written content: Our team of resume writers understands the keywords recruiters look for when reviewing a bank teller resume, such as “cash drawer allocation,” “conflict resolution,” and “customer relationships.” Study the example for inspiration or use our Resume Builder, which offers pre-written content suggestions for every section of your resume.
  • Resume format selection: Choosing the right resume format for your experience level is critical to showing off your most sought-after skills and experience. Entry-level and mid-career candidates should consider a functional or combination resume format. The example above uses a chronological format, which is perfect for highlighting the work history of this highly experienced applicant.
  • Choosing the right template: A suitable resume template makes a great first impression. Since banking is a conservative industry, a straightforward resume design, like the example above, is a great choice. For more whimsical resume templates, peruse our library of designs.

3 Bank Teller Professional Summary Examples

Your professional summary section is the first thing a recruiter will read, so it should be impressive. Our bank teller resume example shows you how to showcase your most impressive skills and achievements concisely. Study it as you write your own, or use these additional examples:

  1. Bank teller with eight years of experience maintaining excellent customer relationships, providing financial service information, and handling cash transactions effectively. Possess in-depth computing and mathematical knowledge with proficiency in basic accounting. Strong customer service and communication skills.
  2. Certified bank teller with extensive accounting knowledge and strong administration skills. Friendly, reliable, and dedicated to building a healthy customer-bank relationship. Assisted in solving account and balance queries. Patient and calm when handling challenging client situations. Trained to provide technical assistance to customers to enhance their experience.
  3. Detail-oriented bank teller with significant experience providing customer support and advice in a busy bank setting. Focused on maintaining a high level of efficiency at the bank while serving up to 80 customers per day. Strong problem-solving skills and a can-do attitude.

3 Bank Teller Work Experience Examples

Your resume work experience section must lay out what you’ll bring to the table to get a recruiter’s attention. Our bank teller resume example shows you how to craft a strong work experience section through the use of data and metrics. Here are three additional examples to consider for your bank teller resume:

  1. Accurately processed 20+ customer transactions per hour and developed a program to reduce average wait time by over 20%.
  2. Secured two long-standing contracts with MNC advertising firms and maintained positive customer relations to promote business.
  3. Efficiently responded and solved customer account queries of more than 120 accounts weekly while establishing credibility with clients to create a friendly rapport.

Top Skills for Your Bank Teller Resume

Bank tellers must have a solid mix of hard and soft skills to meet the demands of the role. Our bank teller resume example, written by a certified resume writer, shows you some of the most sought-after skills for bank tellers. Here are some additional examples:

Hard Skills

  • AIB Bank Teller Certified
  • Experience using accounting software
  • Strong math skills
  • Accurate data entry

Soft Skills

  • Customer service skills
  • Attention to detail
  • Organized and observational
  • Excellent communication skills

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Bank Teller FAQs

What are the certification courses for a bank teller?

The American Bankers Association’s Institute of Certified Bankers (ICB) is a recognized organization providing certification for bank tellers. An aspiring bank teller must have six months of experience and pass an exam to become a Certified Bank Teller (CBT). Applicants can also complete a range of accounting and teller programs to gain certification.

What are the promotional positions for a bank teller?

Bank tellers usually require a high school diploma and on-the-job training to become eligible. They can move up the ranking chain after gaining sufficient experience as a bank teller. Experienced tellers can be promoted to head tellers, teller supervisors within the bank. Essentially they can also become a loan officer after gaining certification from recognized organizations.

How important is the role of a bank teller in a banking or financial organization?

Bank tellers are front-line officials who are the first touchpoint for customers at a bank. A study suggests that 78% of people still prefer personalized guidance for financial advice. Bank tellers use their communication and client service expertise to assist customers in their basic queries to generate high satisfaction credits. They are responsible for building strong customer relationships and are essential for the growth of any banking organization.