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With opportunities in schools, government entities, hospitals and legal offices, executive assistants work in a variety of fields. These roles often require only a high school diploma or minimal higher education. LiveCareer’s executive assistant resume examples, crafted by our team of certified resume writers, help you identify the skills and qualifications that are most in demand by potential employers to help you land the role you want.


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What Is a Executive Assistant?

Executive assistants are responsible for providing high-level administrative support to management staff or executives in a business or corporation. While similar to personal assistants and secretaries in that they provide clerical support, the tasks and duties are often of a higher level. Executive assistants may collaborate with management or other employees to maintain schedules, conduct staff trainings and perform marketing duties. Job seekers in this field are not usually required to have a college degree but typically receive higher wages because the job is quite specialized.

What Makes This a Great
Executive Assistant Resume Example?

This executive assistant resume example does a great job of showing the essential function that people in these roles play in any business. Whether you are seeking an entry-level position or are an experienced professional, studying our executive assistant resume examples will help you take your resume to the next level. Here’s how our executive assistant resume examples can help you write a resume that ensures you stand out to potential employers:

  • Offers tailored, expertly written content: The resume example above is effective because it was written by our certified resume writers to utilize the keywords and phrases that hiring mangers commonly search for. As you craft the critical sections of your resume using our builder, you can personalize your resume using similar professionally-written content. The builder makes pre-written text suggestions as you work and you can use the content exactly, or customize it to make it your own.
  • Helps you choose the best resume format: Which of the three main resume formats you choose should be dictated by your level of experience. In the resume example above, the job seeker chose a combination resume format to highlight her impressive work history and skill set. By using our executive assistant resume examples, you can see how to best highlight your skills and education in a format that is in line with industry standards.
  • Takes the guesswork out of choosing a template: You should choose your resume template based on the culture of the company to which you are applying — traditional designs for conservative industries and more creative designs in more informal fields. This candidate has chosen a resume template that is professional but still showcases her skills in an appealing manner. The versatile resume template she chose would be appropriate for a variety of industries.

3 Executive Assistant Professional Summaries Examples

The professional summary sits at the very top of a resume for an important reason: It is your chance to succinctly explain why you are the perfect candidate for the job. Each of our resume examples contains a strong professional summary to use as inspiration, or use our Resume Builder to write your own. Below are three examples of executive assistant professional summaries that could help you hone your own:

  1. Professional, diligent administrative professional with experience in the financial, legal and medical industries. Efficiently assist high-level executives and managers on multiple organizational levels. Proven record of managing multiple schedules and projects simultaneously and maintaining consistent communication across departments.
  2. Accomplished executive assistant with 8 years of administrative experience supporting top executives and corporate managers. Serve as an effective company representative, prepare well-researched and accurate documents, manage complex calendars and efficiently handle clerical tasks. Experienced typist with 80 WPM typing speed.
  3. Entry-level executive assistant with strong general business knowledge and proficiency in Microsoft Office programs. Strong planner who readily adapts to change, manages multiple projects simultaneously and works independently. Experienced meeting tight deadlines in high-stress environments.

3 Executive Assistant Work Experience Section Examples

Studying our executive assistant resume examples is a great way to get inspiration for crafting the work experience section of your resume. Our examples show you the best way to present information about your executive assistant experience. Or, use our builder to write your own. Here are three examples of strong executive assistant work experience points:

  1. Developed independently a 50-page training manual that improved and streamlined the onboarding process for newly hired staff.
  2. Handled the schedules of all 8 members of the company leadership team, arranged business travel and organized conference calls.
  3. Coordinated communication across multiple teams to plan orientation events and create welcome packages for employees.


Top Skills for Your Executive Assistant Resume

Many large corporations and firms utilize applicant tracking software (ATS), a system that scans resumes for keywords to help them identify the most qualified applicants. Our builder will recommend the most sought-after skills to add to your resume. Some skills that might be recommended for your executive assistant resume include:

Hard Skills

  • Stenography and transcription
  • Sage 50 Accounting software
  • Office inventory and supply management
  • Itinerary booking

Soft Skills

  • Active listening skills
  • Flexibility 
  • Attention to detail
  • Effective task prioritization

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Executive Assistant FAQs

What are the duties of an executive assistant?

The duties of an executive assistant are similar to that of a secretary or administrative assistant but typically come with a greater level of responsibility. The main responsibility is supporting one or more executives or management officers in your organization. Duties may include, but are not limited to, answering phones, managing calendars, preparing reports, writing correspondence, filing documents and handling bookkeeping tasks.

What is a good objective for a resume for an administrative assistant?

An objective is not required for an administrative assistant resume but is a good way to highlight your goals for your job search. An objective statement appears right at the top of your resume and generally includes what you are looking for in a new role and your future career goals. For an administrative assistant objective, keep it short and simple. Describe what type of role you are searching for and any other important specifics.

What are the achievements of an executive assistant?

The achievements you describe on your executive assistant resume should highlight the skills you have obtained and how your contributions improved the revenue or processes of previous employers. Keep achievements succinct and give specific facts and figures. Examples of achievements include obtaining a relevant certification or saving your employer time by streamlining an administrative procedure.