Create a Winning Document With Our Executive Assistant Resume Template for Word

Step 1: Writing Your Summary Statement

A summary statement is normally the item on your resume that a prospective employer will read first. It needs to be strong so the reader will be interested enough to want to learn more about you.

The key skills requested in the job post should be included, making it clear that you fit the requirements. You can write the statement in paragraph form or use bullet points, but keep it short — about three points. Some of the things that should be included are:

• The position title and how many years of experience you have in it
• Skills or abilities that are necessary for the job
• How your personality fits the position

Following are some examples of summary statements that will get an employer’s attention.

Executive assistant with five years’ experience reporting directly to CEO of Fortune 500 company. Excellent computer skills, fluent in all Microsoft Office programs. Strong communication skills, written and verbal.

• Executive assistant with six years’ experience in finance related companies
• Excellent computer skills, including creation of financial statements
• Knowledge of a wide range of research resources

Seven years of executive assistant experience in an information technology company. Excellent interpersonal skills with ability to communicate well both verbally and in writing. Daily use of Microsoft Office programs, as well as database and financial reporting systems.

Executive assistant with 3 years of experience reporting to the president of a nonprofit company. Excellent written and verbal communication skills. Strong knowledge of grant writing process.

By using this executive assistant resume template for Word, you can write your own summary that will help you to make it to the short list of applicants called in for an interview.

Step 2: Writing Your Skills Section

In this section, you will insert a list of the skills that the job you are applying for requires, as well as those that are needed for the particular job title in general. Make your list in bullet point format so it’s easy to find and read. It’s a good idea to put this section at the top of your resume, before the work history, as you will see in the executive assistant resume template for Word. It is a good idea to:

• Put the most important skills first
• Keep your list to around 5 to 7
• Make each entry brief as you will expand on these skills in the experience section

Among the skills required for an executive assistant and that you might list here include:

• Excellent communication skills, written and verbal
• Fluent in usage of word processing, spreadsheet and presentation software
• Knowledge of research methods
• Ability to compile and present data in a well-organized manner
• Interpersonal skills to deal with people at all levels of an organization

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Step 3: Writing Your Work History Section

So far, the point of the information you have included has been to quickly give prospective employers an idea of why they should spend the time reading through your work history. This section is where you will give your experience in more detail, adding in your achievements and accomplishments where they make sense. Here are some things to keep in mind while filling out the work section of the executive assistant resume template for Word.

• Don’t add work history from more than 15 years ago, unless it adds something vital
• Organize your employment with the most recent position first
• Whenever possible, use metrics that are quantifiable
• Try to reference the requirements in the job posting as much as possible

Following are some examples of items that might be included in your work history:

• Regularly handle confidential and proprietary information
• Prepare electronic presentations including placement of graphics and financial statistics
• Research and compile data using a wide range of credible online resources
• Daily interaction with high-level visitors, as well as other executives and staff

Step 4: Writing Your Education Section

Your education will normally follow the work history section, unless you’ve just graduated and you do not yet have any. Using the following tips will help you to fill out the executive assistant resume template for Word appropriately.

• Start your education with the most advanced degree received
• Include any relevant certificates or trainings
• If your degree was from a long time ago, you do not need to include the date

Here are some examples of typical education sections:

Example 1:

Bachelor of Arts: English – 2008
Cal State Los Angeles – Los Angeles, CA
Courses included: Business communication, creative writing, public speaking, critical thinking

Certificate: Microsoft Office including word processing, spreadsheets and presentations – 2009
Los Angeles Institute of Technology – Pasadena, CA

Example 2:

Bachelor of Science: Business Administration – 2007
U. Mass Boston – Boston, MA
Courses included: Business communication, public relations, organizational behavior

Certificate: Desktop publishing – 2008
Boston School of Graphic Design – Boston, MA
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