Jessica Claire
, , 100 Montgomery St. 10th Floor (555) 432-1000,
Professional Summary

Seasoned Hospitality professional competent in keeping guest needs balanced with business targets. Highly organized in handling administrative functions, leading teams and coordinating facility services. Smooth and efficient multitasker and planner. Experienced Front Desk professional offering [Number] years of superior hospitality service. Highly skilled in managing reservations, mitigating dissatisfaction and increasing guest loyalty through targeted service. Proficient in [Software] and [Software], with friendly and decisive approach to resolving challenges. Versatile Front Desk Supervisor adept at managing guest expectations, hotel reputation and business needs. Effective multitasker and clear communicator with [Number] years in hospitality industry. Experience managing front desk team of guest service specialists. Experienced [Job Title] familiar with [Area of expertise] and [Area of expertise]. Possessing top strengths in [Skill] and [Skill]. Desiring to advance professionally and contribute in team-based environment. Knowledgeable Front Desk Supervisor enthusiastic about improving team productivity and maximizing guest satisfaction. Proficient in managing back-end financial and administrative functions. Excel in fast-paced environments with motivational management style and resourceful mindset. Talented Front Desk Supervisor versed in solving range of daily issues with efficient and professional attitude. Adapts easily to changing demands and learns new information quickly. Accomplished leader and team manager. Energetic Front Desk Assistant with more than [Number] years of experience helping guests with [Task] and [Task]. Talented in planning outings for guests, providing needed resources and creating enjoyable visits. Driven Front Desk Agent highly skilled in managing reservations, telephone calls and customer inquiries. Poised with total commitment to guest satisfaction. Well-versed in mitigating customer dissatisfaction with prompt service and diplomatic communication. Personable professional in hospitality industry with more than [Number] years of experience working at high-end resorts. Successful career history providing exceptional service to visitors and clients. Charming and poised individual performing various duties, including [Task] and [Task]. Known for having terrific customer engagement, [Skill] and [Skill] skills. Offers dynamic service to patrons and guests. Meticulous [Job Title] offering [Number] years of experience in guest service environments. Adaptable and energetic coupled with talents in [Skill] and [Skill]. Customer-oriented multitasker pursuing [Type] position with exciting establishment. Hardworking front desk professional bringing expertise in reservations, concierge services and department collaboration. Skilled, hospitality management graduate with over [Number] years of practical experience in hotel operations. Highly effective in greeting guests and finding resolutions to issues. Consistently exceeds corporate goals for guest satisfaction and occupancy rates. Friendly and polished [Job Title] offering proven experience in [Type] environments. Accustomed to providing individualized guest service, including managing VIP requests. Proficient in coordinating reservations, updating accounts and promoting customer satisfaction. Experienced [Job Title] at busy hotel offering strong interpersonal and financial management skills. Organized with strong attention to guest needs. Dynamic team leader and consensus builder who leads by demonstrating outstanding guest services. Seasoned Front Desk professional offering [Number] years of customer-facing performance. Handles administrative, operational and guest areas to cultivate quality service. Polite and positive [Job Title] with exceptional telephone etiquette. Proficient in assisting guests with reservations, valuables and baggage. Easily adaptable to high-pressure, dynamic situations. Service-driven hospitality professional offering dynamic guest relations and interpersonal skills. Bilingual and hardworking individual with [Type] degree in hospitality management. Track record of continued success in front desk hotel operations. Passionate [Job Title] offering [Number] years of success and experience in customer and personal service. Additional expertise includes time management, effective planning and computer literacy. Patient [Job Title] with first-rate client advocacy skills and extensive knowledge of community resources. Offering [Number] years of successful performance in social work roles. Recognized for compassionate demeanor and excellent social perceptiveness. Creative and enthusiastic [Job Title] with [Number] years of experience managing case loads of up to [Number] adolescents in high-risk environments. Passionate about building trust and rapport with at-risk youth through non-judgmental approach, patient demeanor and compassionate interpersonal skills. Skillful in needs evaluation, treatment planning and facilitating group or individual counseling sessions. [Job Title] with over [Number] years of successful experience in [Skill] and [Skill]. Recognized consistently for performance excellence and contributions to success in [Industry] industry. Strengths in [Skill] and [Skill] backed by training in [Area of study]. Experienced [Job Title] with over [Number] years of experience in [Industry]. Excellent reputation for resolving problems and improving customer satisfaction. Enthusiastic [Job Title] eager to contribute to team success through hard work, attention to detail and excellent organizational skills. Clear understanding of [Task] and [Task] and training in [Skill]. Motivated to learn, grow and excel in [Industry].

  • Check-in and check-out procedures
  • System updates
  • Inventory oversight
  • Transportation information
  • Safety and security procedures
  • Conference and meeting planning
  • VIP guest relations
  • Automated telephone systems
  • Registration processing
  • Payment oversight
  • Rate changes
  • Cash control
  • Registration
  • Hospitality service expertise
  • Reception expertise
  • Company policies and procedures
  • Staff Management
  • Time management
  • Promotions
  • Administrative support
  • Guest services
  • Sales expertise
  • Team Building
  • File management
  • Safety and security
  • Oral and written communications
  • Training and mentoring
  • Department communication streamlining
  • Word processing
  • Bookkeeping
  • Credit and cash payments
  • Cash Handling
  • Social perceptiveness
  • Housekeeping
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Complaint management
  • Group therapy specialist
  • Dependency investigation units
  • Knowledge of medical and psychiatric terminology
  • Sexual assault victim counseling
  • Substance abuse treatments
  • Depression and anxiety specialist
  • Motivational enhancement therapy
  • Divorce and custody issues
  • Skilled community-based case manager
  • Play therapy
  • Family reunification specialist
  • Psychosocial assessments expert
  • Teambuilding
  • Planning and Coordination
  • Maintenance & Repair
  • Teamwork
  • Interpersonal Communication
  • Customer Service
Work History
Nov2009 to Dec2010 Veteran Services Program Support Specialist Department Of Defense | Syracuse, NY,
  • Assessed cognitive abilities and physical and emotional needs of clients to determine appropriate interventions.
  • Counseled individuals and families regarding mental health, substance abuse, physical abuse and rehabilitation issues.
  • Delivered comprehensive therapeutic services to children, adolescents and adults to support child welfare and prevention services.
  • Visited individuals in homes and attended group meetings to provide information on agency services, requirements and procedures.
  • Provided social work services to [Type] groups, including psychosocial assessments, individual and family therapy, case management, discharge planning and referrals.
  • Delivered exceptional level of service to each customer by listening to concerns and answering questions.
  • Resolved problems, improved operations and provided exceptional service.
  • [Type] hardware proficiency
  • Maintained excellent attendance record, consistently arriving to work on time.
  • Led projects and analyzed data to identify opportunities for improvement.
May2005 to Nov2010 Front Desk Clerk/Night Shift Manager The Mentor Network | Tallahassee, FL,
  • Planned coverage needs and organized services to support incoming special events.
  • Performed concierge services for guests as needed.
  • Provided responses to guest reviews on TripAdvisor, and other websites within 48 hours.
  • Protected guest valuables with main safe or in individual boxes to maximize security.
  • Provided guests with above-and-beyond service, including making outside venue reservations and setting up tours.
  • Held quarterly office meetings with staff to answer questions, resolve issues and keep employees informed of changes.
  • Resolved guest complaints by addressing issues with rooms promptly.
  • Investigated auditing discrepancies by reconciling cash drop and credit card transactions.
  • Coordinated with room service, housekeeping, maintenance and security to meet all guest needs.
  • Ran reports detailing daily actions, including guest numbers, accounting expenses and income and room service usage.
  • Oversaw fast-paced front desk operations at busy [Type] facility with as many as [Number] nightly guests.
  • Explained details regarding property, including restaurants, pool area, spa and fitness center to acclimate patrons to resort environment.
  • Maintained financial accuracy by collecting deposits, fees and payments.
  • Immediately contacted housekeeping staff and maintenance department regarding guest room issues, including [Type] and [Type] to promote quick remediation.
  • Balanced hotel accounts at end of day.
  • Kept accounts in balance and ran daily reports to verify totals.
  • Oversaw all front desk operations with eye for hotel reputation, staff productivity and operational efficiency.
  • Promoted local entertainment and sporting events and offered details to assist patrons.
  • Anticipated guests' needs and responded to all requests within reasonable amount of time.
  • Entered customer data using [Type] software and updated information whenever patrons changed rooms.
  • Checked guests in out of hotel, made reservations and processed payments.
  • Conducted financial audits on scheduled basis.
  • Maintained transaction security by verifying payment cards against identification.
  • Answered multi-line phone system to respond to inquiries and transfer calls to correct departments and personnel.
  • Attended staff meetings on [Timeframe] basis and brought issues to attention of upper management.
  • Resolved guest issues with rooms or reservations with knowledgeable and friendly service.
  • Responded to telephone, email, and in-person inquiries regarding reservations, hotel information and guest concerns.
  • Increased customer service ratings through personable service.
  • Provided hotel guests with information regarding property including casino, gift shop, restaurants and fitness center.
  • Handled tasks and responsibilities for front office employees during periods of understaffing.
  • Arranged accommodations and travel plans for visitors and presented updated itineraries.
  • Updated customer accounts with add-on room charges, including minibar use and room service bills.
  • Collaborated with [Type] and [Type] team members to handle guest requirements from check-in through check-out.
  • Performed daily inventory for keys and linens and detailed all information in audit reports.
  • Followed company security and check-in policies and procedures and reported suspicious activity to [Job Title].
  • Used quick response and dynamic service skills to build relationships with patrons, improving customer retention rate.
  • Greeted visitors and customers upon arrival, offered assistance and answered questions to build rapport and retention.
  • Provided services efficiently and with high level of accuracy.
  • Created lasting relationships with guests that built loyalty and drove hotel revenue.
  • Managed all front desk tasks, including maintenance of client records and lab data.
  • Trained front office staff in fire, life and other emergency procedures.
May1993 to Jul2005 Medical Support Assistant Veteran's Medical Center | City, STATE,
  • Prepared patients for X-rays, electrocardiograms, suture removal and dressing changes.
  • Educated patients by providing medication and diet information and clarifying physicians' orders, answering questions thoroughly.
  • Oriented and trained new staff on proper procedures and policies.
  • Updated inventory, expiration and vaccine logs to maintain current tracking documentation.
  • Supported duties for diagnostic and technical treatment procedures, such as setting up and operating special medical equipment and apparatus.
  • Maintained detailed records of test results by entering data and patient information into computer.
  • Completed clinical procedures and gathered patient data for interpretation by physician.
  • Conducted preliminary evaluations, including measuring weight, temperature and blood pressure, and documented results with accuracy.
  • Enhanced patient outcomes by providing knowledgeable education on procedures, medications and other physician instructions.
  • Communicated clearly and effectively with patients to verify information, determine purpose of visit and record medical history.
  • Kept medical supplies in sufficient stock by monitoring levels and submitting replenishment orders before depleted.
  • Collaborated with medical and administrative personnel to maintain patient-focused, engaging and compassionate environment.
  • Sanitized, restocked and organized exam rooms and medical equipment.
  • Obtained client medical history, including medication information, symptoms and allergies.
  • Implemented care and efficiency improvements to support and enhance office operations.
  • Explained procedures to patients to reduce anxieties and increase patient cooperation.
  • Used [Software] to maintain and record patient data and generate reports.
  • Organized patient records to research records, extract medical information and review records for completeness and accuracy.
  • Built positive rapport with patients to make patients feel comfortable during uncomfortable procedures.
  • Prepared treatment rooms for patient examinations through [Action] and [Action].
  • Assisted physician with diagnostic and therapeutic procedures by collecting laboratory specimens and changing wound dressings.
  • Provided backup support to office staff by completing billing and filing tasks, answering phones and scheduling appointments.
  • Used [Software] to compile and record medical charts, reports and correspondence.
  • Provided comprehensive medical care to over [Number] patients daily to promote overall wellness and prevention of illness.
  • Verified and updated clinical and demographic records though [Action] and [Action].
  • Determined nature and urgency of patient requests to refer patients to appropriate medical staff.
  • Obtained accurate medical histories from patients, highlighting critical information.
  • Collected histories, vitals and current complaints via patient interviews.
  • Prepared initial patient charts for admission.
  • Collected and documented patient medical information such as blood pressure and weight.
  • Arranged surgeries with surgical center, confirming times with patients and preparing admission and consent forms.
  • Conducted monthly and quarterly inventory of supplies using facility cost reporting records.
  • Obtained all prescribed laboratory testing.
  • Directed patients to examining rooms and coordinated transportation assistance as necessary.
  • Followed all appropriate procedures to minimize patient's exposure to radiation.
  • Collected all pertinent data and calculations to aid physician in interpreting results.
  • Documented all maintenance and repairs in timely fashion.
  • Ordered and prepared reagents and supplies.
  • Made appointments in IDX.
  • Report significant information and changes in patient condition to nurse supervisor.
  • Performed or scheduled preventive maintenance on equipment to promote longevity of use, troubleshooting technical issues and coordinating repairs.
  • Promoted office efficiency, coordinating charts, completing insurance forms and helping patients with diverse needs.
  • Reported any unusual or urgent circumstances in patients' condition or environment immediately to [Job Title].
  • Scheduled and accompanied clients to medical appointments.
  • Compiled necessary documents for surgical billing packages.
  • Called and faxed pharmacies to submit prescriptions and refills.
  • Performed clerical duties, such as word processing, data entry, answering phones and filing.
  • Offered age-appropriate patient care before, during and after exams.
  • Directed patients to exam rooms, fielded questions and prepared for physician examinations.
  • Submitted prescriptions to pharmacy via phone, fax or web.
  • Verified appropriate lab couriers picked up collected lab specimens by checking paperwork.
  • Gathered forms, copied insurance cards and [Action] to collect patient information for billing and insurance filing.
Mar1990 to Jun1993 Group Home Manager De La Salle High School | City, STATE,
  • Assisted residents at [Number]-person facility with basic hygiene and healthcare needs, including dressing and showering.
  • Scheduled physician and other appointments for residents, providing transportation to each visit.
  • Kept accounts, resident files and regulatory paperwork current and accurate with diligent attention to administrative requirements.
  • Organized entertaining recreational activities for home while staying within $[Amount] budget.
  • Helped individuals with moderate to severe developmental disabilities carry out daily living tasks by coordinating expert support.
  • Oversaw home inventory of supplies and groceries by tracking use and placing new orders.
  • Promoted residents' health and well-being by organizing diverse activities for physical, mental and social stimulation.
  • Offered learning opportunities to help residents develop important life skills.
  • Protected clients' monies and property, including tracking spending and reconciling accounts.
  • Monitored direct care activities for optimal patient protections and infection control standards.
  • Maintained adequate coverage for residents' needs without exceeding budget targets by coordinating efficient schedules and team workflows.
  • Assisted staff with maintaining residents' health by scheduling medical appointments and arranging transportation.
  • Mentored and coached staff to improve performance and interactions with residents.
  • Communicated effectively with residents, staff and other stakeholders by listening, being respectful and promoting positive demeanor.
  • Created all staff work schedules so each shift had appropriate number of employees for coverage.
  • Arranged for ongoing housekeeping to keep home areas clean, neat and properly sanitized.
  • Recruited, interviewed and hired staff members offering exceptional talent and brought great skills to team.
  • Coordinated individual referrals to obtain community services, advocated for client needs and resolved roadblocks.
  • Referred clients to appropriate team members, community agencies and organizations to meet treatment needs.
  • Conducted community workshops to promote different programs and educate public on available services.
  • Developed monthly schedules and assignments for volunteer staff.
  • Educated families and community members about domestic violence, including its impact on children.
  • Oversaw staff development through in-depth trainings, workshops, seminars and other learning opportunities.
  • Developed and implemented variety of innovative policies and strategies to promote client self-sufficiency.
  • Assisted [Job Title] with researching grants and grant writing tasks.
  • Referred families to shelters, legal resources and educational programs.
  • Developed and created programs and monitored effectiveness against individual participant needs.
  • Worked with senior case managers to coordinate team development activities and trainings.
Expected in 05/1970 High School Diploma | Lincoln Sr High School, Kansas City, MO, GPA:
Expected in 05/1980 Associate of Arts | Social Sciences Moberly Area Community College, Moberly, MO GPA:
  • Lions Club

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Resume Overview

School Attended

  • Lincoln Sr High School
  • Moberly Area Community College

Job Titles Held:

  • Veteran Services Program Support Specialist
  • Front Desk Clerk/Night Shift Manager
  • Medical Support Assistant
  • Group Home Manager


  • High School Diploma
  • Associate of Arts

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