legal secretary office administrator resume example with 10+ years of experience

Jessica Claire
Montgomery Street, San Francisco, CA 94105 609 Johnson Ave., 49204, Tulsa, OK
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I am punctual and always complete the required task. Is a team player and will go the extra mile. Always willing to learn something new. Can handle pressure and meet deadlines. Observant and pays great attention to detail.


Self starter

Quickly and efficiently handle problems in customer service resolving matter with as little inconvenience as possible to either party.

Proficiently can manage and run a office

Take care of any and all office matters

Can schedule clients for meetings

Correspondence of mail and email

Cater to the wants and needs if the boss

Take down minutes during meeting

Can accurately type 110 wpm

Knowledge of 10 key

Knowledgeable about microsoft programs

Can adapt quickly to specialized programs

Adapts quickly to change

Can work under pressure and meet deadlines

  • Maintaining accounting ledger
  • Microsoft Office
  • Planning events
  • Office supply management
  • Budgetary Planning
  • Accounts payable and receivable
  • Expense reporting
  • Project management
  • Event coordination
  • Banking operations
  • Customer relations
  • File and data retrieval systems
  • Scheduling and calendar management
  • Billing
  • Invoicing and billing
  • Report writing
  • Data entry
11/2019 to 10/2020
Legal Secretary /Office Administrator Caring Solutions San Antonio, TX,
  • Developed long-term budgets covering office supplies and equipment maintenance to meet organizational demand.
  • Handled requests-for-information, delegating tasks to appropriate employee to optimize customer service.
  • Coordinated schedules, administrative functions, quality assurance and process improvements to bolster operational output.
  • Oversaw project planning tasks, collaborating with Attorney to provide optimal coverage across operations areas.
  • Monitored and tracked project performance data with spreadsheets to generate reports and keep management informed of important trends.
  • Organized workloads to streamline tasks and efficiently oversee day-to-day operations under tight deadlines.
  • Provided employee onboarding services and supported department members to increase productivity and performance.
  • Supported office needs including taking messages, scanning documents and routing business correspondence.
  • Furnished educational services to promote optimal office workflow.
  • Sorted and distributed business correspondence to correct department or staff member, reducing dropped communications and enabling faster responses to key requests.
  • Interacted professionally with customers and inside personnel, answering questions and responding to phone and email inquiries.
  • Delivered in-depth research on accounts and contracts to assist sales team.
  • Replenished office supplies, placing new orders for restocking to maintain inventory.
  • Worked with vendors to obtain quotes, negotiate contracts and handle several shipments per week.
  • Made orders for new office supplies based on demand and budgetary restraints.
  • Coordinated travel arrangements, including booking hotel rooms, car rentals and airfare for staff traveling to domestic and international locations.
  • Disseminated reports and contracts to proper personnel, reviewing information prior to shipping to promote high-level accuracy.
  • Streamlined back office services for clients to promote proper functionality and positive user experience.
  • Liaised between internal and external stakeholders to provide updated project status and performance reports.
  • Assessed employee performance and capabilities, addressing uncovered weaknesses to promote staff growth.
  • Developed and implemented customer relations strategies, opening up communication to increase satisfaction scores.
  • Processed financial documents, including contracts, expense reports and invoices.
  • Recorded meeting minutes for documentation purposes and filed them.
  • Coordinated administrative operations to bolster workflows and improve productivity.
  • Updated databases with old data, verified changes in information and maintained 99% accuracy.
  • Backed up human resources department in handling benefits paperwork, employee incident reports and data entry to maximize team productivity.
  • Automated office operations by managing client correspondence, records, contracts and data communications.
  • Monitored calendars and scheduled appointments based on Attorney availability and established load limits.
  • Oversaw workforce management and staff scheduling to keep office operations smooth and efficient.
  • Maintained detailed administrative and procedural processes to improve accuracy and efficiency.
  • Communicated with customers regarding court processes to maintain satisfaction.
  • Reviewed documents and obtained additional information to complete accurate paperwork and avoid delays.
  • Maintained company accounting records by entering accounts payable, accounts receivable, invoices and expense reimbursements.
  • Recorded meeting minutes for documentation purposes and disseminated to Client folders.
  • Scheduled alloted time with clients for Attorney.
  • Processed, tracked and pursued resolutions to keep records and accounts current.
  • Updated databases with digital data, verified changes in information and maintained 99% accuracy.
  • Monitored calendars and scheduled appointments based on Attorney availability and established load limits.
  • Prepared packages for shipment by generating invoices and setting up courier deliveries.
  • Communicated with customers regarding legal processes to maintain satisfaction.
12/2015 to 12/2019
Personal Assistant Lighthouse Academies Jacksonville, AR,
  • Created repeat business by developing long-term relationships with regular customers to increase client base 20%.
  • Communicated client project requirements to vendors and contractors to ensure client satisfaction.
  • Handled all aspects of vehicle maintenance.
  • Devised and maintained office systems to efficiently deal with papers.
  • Assisted CPA with allocating small expenses to prepare and assess budgetary needs.
  • Screened telephone calls and inquiries and directed as appropriate.
  • Checked and opened mail, including bills and invoices.
  • Created presentations using Microsoft PowerPoint.
  • Researched topics of interest and culled gathered information to produce concise reports.
  • Checked mail, shopped for groceries and handled bill payments.
  • Worked closely with high-profile clients to provide one-on-one administrative support, including estate management, household management and property management.
  • Attended business meetings and took meeting minutes.
  • Authored and maintained household office and operations manuals to define staff expectations, confidentiality requirements and household and office procedures.
  • Opened, sorted and responded to routine correspondence on behalf of business leaders to facilitate communication and streamline processes.
  • Traveled with OWNER to take notes and dictation at meetings.
  • Conducted extensive online and phone research.
  • Typed documents, updated websites and compiled information for meetings.
  • Organized and prepared residential properties prior to high net worth clients' arrival.
  • Organized work projects around client's house.
  • Prioritized timeline-driven items to complete projects promptly and within budget.
  • Researched and collected options for best pricing on hotels, flights and home furnishings.
  • Handled incoming and outgoing correspondence, including mail, e-mail and faxes.
  • Managed household inventory and maintenance schedules.
  • Processed and tracked medical insurance claims.
  • Scheduled conferences and associated travel arrangements, including hotel, airfare and ground transportation.
  • Managed incoming and outgoing correspondence, including mail, email and faxes.
  • Organized personal and professional calendars to streamline office communications, scheduling and initiatives.
  • Organized personal and professional calendars, including reminders for upcoming meetings and events.
  • Cared for family dogs, including feeding and walking 7 animals several times per day.
  • Oversaw, directed and hired household staff, including nannies, housekeepers and chefs.
  • Traveled with manager to take notes and dictation at meetings.
  • Provided care to client pets, including feeding, walking and grooming.
  • Restocked office and break room supplies to maximize team productivity.
  • Secured travel accommodations for Advisor and scheduled or booked appointments for upcoming events and meetings.
  • Planned and coordinated travel arrangements and logistics for out-of-town functions.
  • Created expense reports using Microsoft Excel spreadsheets.
  • Coordinated out of town travel arrangements and accommodations on behalf of clients.
  • Prepared and updated office records, spreadsheets and presentations to support executive needs and enhance office efficiency.
  • Devised and maintained office systems to efficiently deal with paper flow.
01/2010 to 01/2011
Office Manager Law Office Of James T Reich City, STATE,
  • Culled knowledge of federal and state-level mandates to assess compliance across areas of operation.
  • Solicited vendor quotes to determine optimal material purchase pricing.
  • Increased office organization by developing filing system and customer database protocols.
  • Handled scheduling and managed timely and effective allocation of resources and calendars.
  • Wrote professional business correspondence to maintain strong line of communications.
  • Planned and executed successful corporate meetings, lunches and special events for groups of up to 20.
  • Mitigated regulatory risks by to keep program requirements in line with Administrative Office of Court's compliance standards.
  • Recruited, trained and developed dynamic administrative team, supporting all corporate growth and productivity objectives.
  • Spearheaded special projects through effective emergency resolutions.
  • Aided senior leadership during executive decision-making process, meeting with clients to research case, collect data, prepare settlement packages and interpret information for daily report generation.
  • Communicated with patients to resolve inquiries, schedule appointments and address billing questions.
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction ratings by resolving account issues efficiently.
  • Maintained impeccable office organization to support efficiency, professionalism and performance objectives.
  • Managed office inventory by maintaining documentation of stock.
  • Automated office operations, managing client correspondence, payment scheduling, record tracking and data communications.
  • Enhanced trial proceedings by organizing evidence and scheduling witnesses to optimize case preparation for successful outcomes.
  • Strengthened community outreach by coordinating fundraisers, including managing marketing, vendor relations and volunteer supervision processes.
  • Supported Attorneys and Assistants with smooth and efficient clerical support.
  • Performed billing, collection and reporting functions for the office generating over $150,000 annually.
  • Cultivated community relations and worked with teams to optimize programs.
  • Developed long-term budgets covering office supplies and equipment maintenance to meet organizational demand.
  • Supervised whole office with four employees, consistently cultivating productive and positive work atmosphere.
  • Streamlined back office services for clients to promote proper functionality and positive user experience.
  • Developed and actualized plans to streamline patient flows, increase office and patient care efficiency and generate new revenues.
  • Oversaw day-to-day office operations, including receiving and organizing correspondence, answering and forwarding calls and creating business letters and records.
  • Directed team of 4 administrative professionals to meet team needs in fast-paced environment.
  • Automated office operations, managing client correspondence, record tracking and data communications in database and case management software.
  • Greeted visitors promptly and directed to correct locations.
  • Managed $2000 office budget to handle all needs, including inventory, postage and vendor services.
  • Entered invoice data into company database and updated details, including customer contacts and delivery dates to keep information current.
  • Optimized traceability, developing organization systems for court documents and exhibits.
  • Conferred with business leaders to evaluate needs and strategize operational improvements to boost productivity.
  • Liaised with court personnel, city magistrates, police departments and bank administrators to promote successful office operations.
  • Handled supply purchases and inventory management for office operations and equipment maintenance.
  • Updated employee paperwork and records.
  • Maintained office supplies inventory by checking stock and ordering new supplies as needed.
  • Streamlined operational efficiencies by providing timely computer diagnosis and repair.
  • Managed and controlled office supply inventory to secure timely ordering or requisition of depleted or low-level stock.
  • Prioritized project components and organized scopes.
  • Proactively identified and solved complex problems that impact management and business direction
  • Elevated customer satisfaction ratings by resolving client and case issues effectively.
  • Reduced financial discrepancies by accurately managing accounting documentation in QuickBooks while maintaining case costs and billing processes.
  • Monitored office inventory to maintain adequate supply levels and order products.
  • Completed quarterly employee performance evaluations to identify deficiencies and recommend improvement strategies.
  • Interviewed, onboarded, developed and oversaw daily activities of 4 clerical and administrative office personnel.
  • Coordinated office activities and operations to secure efficiency and compliance with company policies.
  • Developed and administered department budgets.
  • Improved operational efficiencies, managing work requests, new orders, pricing and changes while coordinating logistics to verify delivery dates.
  • Distributed company correspondence, including memos and updates to reinforce and apprise departments and divisions of corporate objectives and developments.
  • Managed office inventory and placed new supply orders.
  • Trained and mentored administrative staff members in company policies, daily task execution and industry best practices.
  • Improved productivity initiatives, managing accounts, coordinating itinerary and scheduling client/leadership appointments.
  • Oversaw office inventory and timely reordering of supplies.
  • Drafted manuals and resources for identifying access to services.
  • Planned for major business changes, including system conversions and office moves.
  • Automated office operations to manage client correspondence, record tracking and data communications.
  • Coordinated travel arrangements, including booking hotel rooms, car rentals and airfare for staff traveling to domestic and international locations.
  • Managed daily operations within main office by supporting continuous delivery of excellent services and care.
  • Aided senior leadership during executive decision-making process, meeting with clients to research cases, collect data, prepare settlement packages and interpret information for daily report generation.
  • Organized patient files and streamlined operations to improve efficiency.
  • Collaborated closely with Attorney to effectively smooth and improve office operations.
  • Supported office needs including taking messages, scanning documents and routing business correspondence.
  • Quoted and prepared proposals for business services such as retainer and private investigator.
  • Elevated customer satisfaction ratings by resolving client and case issues efficiently.
09/2005 to 07/2010
Data Entry Floor Supervisor G&S Packing City, STATE,
  • Identified and corrected improper cases of data entry to prevent data redundancies and integrity failures.
  • Monitored remote contractors, terminals and offsite employees to support haste and precision of data entry.
  • Analyzed effectiveness of data entry equipment to secure data integrity across entire system.
  • Collaborated with external vendors to establish database specifications, data types and criteria for data acceptance.
  • Managed entire data lifecycle from creation to archiving processes, establishing protocols to speed data entry procedures.
  • Maintained employee attendance records to guarantee efficiency when meeting project deadlines.
  • Coordinated assignment distribution to facilitate smooth workflows.
  • Arranged production schedules to focus and guide data management team.
  • Scheduled and conducted remote trainings and orientations to assist human resources staff.
  • Interviewed and trained incoming data entry employees, assuring successful transitioning of trainees.
  • Completed over 11000 10-key actions per hour with 2% error rate.
  • Transferred completed work to Supervisors for review and approval.
  • Input client information into spreadsheets and company database to provide leaders with quick access to essential client data.
  • Organized billing and invoice data, prepared accounts receivable and generated revenue reports to provide controllers with vital financial information.
  • Identified errors in data entry and related issues by mentioning to supervisors for resolution.
  • Transcribed data after verifying information to deliver projects with 99% accuracy.
  • Coordinated, scheduled and executed in-depth data entry projects for orders.
  • Obtained scanned records and uploaded into company databases.
  • Updated departmental standard operating procedures and database to accurately reflect current practices.
  • Compiled statistical information for special reports.
  • Reviewed and updated account information in company computer system.
  • Accelerated paperwork processing 25% by developing more effective filing system.
  • Adhered to strict data confidentiality policies to prevent information leakage.
  • Verified and logged deadlines in response to daily inquiries and requests.
  • Prepared payroll documentation by entering data into cumulative payroll document.
  • Transferred written information into databases to maintain consistent, accurate client records and project details.
  • Entered data into spreadsheets, documents and databases, maintaining 99% accuracy rate.
  • Identified system and account issues to quickly and accurately resolve.
  • Translated written documentation and notes into emails and other types of correspondence.
  • Volunteered to assist with special office projects, successfully completing all tasks prior to deadlines.
  • Processed confidential tax form information with care and precision.
  • Proofread documents, editing materials to correct grammar and spelling mistakes.
  • Answered incoming phone calls and directed callers to appropriate departments and personnel.
Education and Training
Expected in 05/2005 to to
High School Diploma:
Umatilla High School - Umatilla, FL
Expected in to to
: Health
Utah State University - Logan, UT
Expected in to to
: History
Collage Of Central Florida - Ocala, FL

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Resume Overview

School Attended

  • Umatilla High School
  • Utah State University
  • Collage Of Central Florida

Job Titles Held:

  • Legal Secretary /Office Administrator
  • Personal Assistant
  • Office Manager
  • Data Entry Floor Supervisor


  • High School Diploma
  • Some College (No Degree)
  • Some College (No Degree)

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