lead hostess resume example with 15+ years of experience

Jessica Claire
Montgomery Street, San Francisco, CA 94105 (555) 432-1000,

Highly motivated [Job Title] with talent for coordinating services for property guests. Qualified to multi-task in many different areas of [Industry] management with specialties in conflict resolution, team coordination and customer support.

Focused [Job Title] with knowledge of customer service, time management and effective planning. Skilled at handling phone duties and reservations. Experienced in coordinating large-scale events and intimate dining. Proactive and friendly with over [Number] years of experience in [Industry] industry.

Remarkable [Job Title] providing superior level of customer service to guests and prospective guests. Proven ability to run [Type] front desk, keep customers satisfied and resolve any conflicts that may arise. Technically-savvy, friendly, punctual and always prepared for any challenge.

Hardworking [Job Title] ready for new challenges and career growth with [Type] establishment. Familiar with organizing seating for individuals or parties to maximize satisfaction. Excellent communication, planning and problem-solving abilities.

Skilled [Job Title] motivated to enhance customer loyalty with exceptional service. Keep stations well-stocked, organized and ready for any need. Proficient in safe food handling, allergies and special dietary restrictions.

Results-driven serving professional familiar with daily operations of dining room and kitchen areas, restaurant maintenance procedures and quality standards. Reliable, customer service-driven team player with [Number] years of restaurant experience and drive for performance in all areas.

Enthusiastic host with [Number] years of experience assisting guests in [Type] setting. Talented at welcoming guests, [Task], [Task] and [Task]. Willing to go extra mile to exceed customers' expectations.

Cheerful [Job Title] with [Number] years helping customers while supporting teammates and managers. Friendly and conversational when welcoming guests, [Task] and [Task]. Expert at prioritizing guest needs and stepping in to help [Job title] during busy hours with [Task].

Forward-thinking Host with distinguished history of reorganizing systems for streamlined services. Trained in [Type] customer service with knowledge of [Area of expertise]. Outgoing and personable individual willing to take initiative for excellent work.

Self-motivated and dependable [Job Title] capable of achieving high performance with minimal supervision. Proficient in assisting guests with reservations, takeout orders and general inquiries. Offering [Number] years of experience working in [Industry].

Friendly Host with [Number] years of [Type] experience. History of maintaining counter cleanliness, financial accuracy and best-in-class customer service. Skilled at [Skill] with training in conflict resolution and [Area of expertise].

Dynamic restaurant professional with [Number] years in FOH and BOH functions. Diplomatic and engaging communicator with exceptional customer service and food handling expertise. Skilled at memorizing menu items and orders, upselling additional products and taking accurate drink and food orders.

[Job Title] with talent for [Task] and [Task]. Strong knowledge of [Area of expertise] and [Area of expertise]. Communicative and team-oriented with proficiency in [Software]. Proven history of fostering [Action] to meet team, individual and management objectives.

Motivated to apply education and [Type] abilities to enhance [Type] operations. Eager to learn new skills and advance knowledge with hands-on experience. Proficient in [Software] and [Software] with advanced interpersonal abilities.

Results-focused [Industry] professional with strength in [Skill], [Task] and [Task]. Proactive leader with strengths in communication and collaboration. Proficient in leveraging [Area of expertise] and [Area of expertise] knowledge to promote [Result]. Adept at managing concurrent objectives to promote efficiency and influence positive outcomes.

Ambitious student pursuing [Area of study] degree eager to contribute developed knowledge in [Job Title] role. Skilled in [Skill] and [Skill] in [Type] settings. Adaptable and driven with strong work ethic and ability to thrive in team-based or individually motivated settings.

Talented [Job Title] and team leader offering [Number] years of success in [Type] environments. Strategic thinker with [Area of expertise] proficiency. Offers proven ability to build effective teams and [Task]. Committed to identifying and leveraging opportunities for growth. Certified in [Area of certification].

[Job Title] with demonstrated command of [Area of expertise]. [Type] expert with developed aptitude for [Action] and [Action]. Multilingual and fluent in [Language] and [Language], offering solid comprehension of cultural diversity.

Hardworking and reliable [Job Title] with strong ability in [Task] and [Task]. Offering [Soft skill], [Soft skill] and [Soft skill]. Highly organized, proactive and punctual with team-oriented mentality.

[Type] executive offering [Area of expertise] expertise gained through [Number] years of [Industry] successful contributions. Motivating leader with history of building and managing [Type] teams. Proficient at identifying [Type] issues and integrating [Type] solutions to achieve [Result]. Strong relationship builder works well with stakeholders and corporate teams.

[Area of study] student seeking internship in [Area of expertise] to gain hands-on experience. Strong technical proficiency with work history in [Area of expertise]. In-depth knowledge of [Software] coupled with [Task] and [Task] abilities. Proven history of [Soft skill] and [Soft skill].

Adaptable [Job Title] offering extensive knowledge of hospitality etiquette, food preparation and superior customer service. Competent and capable team member in FOH and BOH operations. Bringing [Number] years of experience with [Type] food service.

Positive and upbeat restaurant professional able to make guests feel welcome while balancing diverse business requirements. Knowledgeable about server loads, kitchen output and customer preferences. Successful in maintaining efficiency and calm in fast-paced environments.

  • Menu memorization
  • Hors d'oeuvres service
  • Bussing expertise
  • Safe food handling
  • Wine pairings
  • Food inspection
  • Buffet setup and takedown
  • High-volume dining
  • Special dietary requirements
  • MS Office
  • Administrative support
  • RFI Scanners
  • Project organization
  • First Aid/CPR
  • Relationship development
02/2010 to 03/2020 Lead Hostess Neiman Marcus | Riverside, CA,
  • Worked within [Type] application to collect reservation information and communicate updates to guests.
  • Checked dining and serving areas every [Timeframe] to verify proper cleanliness and readiness for guests.
  • Upsold customers and optimized table-turns, outperforming wait staff average sales by up to [Number]%.
  • Managed closing duties, including restocking items and reconciling cash drawer.
  • Answered customers' questions about hours, seating, current wait time and other information.
  • Answered front of house phone to inform customers of wait times, take reservations and record to-go orders.
  • Maintained knowledge of current menu items, garnishes, ingredients and preparation methods.
  • Cleaned and restocked front counter areas, got change for register and checked server supplies.
  • Notified servers after seating parties in section for prompt service.
  • Scheduled reservations, notified servers and managers of large groups in advance and prepared seating ahead of guests arrival.
  • Completed opening and closing checklists, including emptying trash, safeguarding alcohol and polishing silverware.
  • Greeted guests entering restaurant and gathered information to seat groups or place on waitlist, distributing pagers to waiting guests.
  • Assisted kitchen staff with food counts by determining number of items required for complete service.
  • Helped to plan and execute parties for more than [Number] guests, including coordinating menus and preparing tables.
01/2008 to 12/2009 Cash Office Associate Nana Regional Corporation | Palmer, AK,
  • Reviewed financial totals, verified store-to-store transfers and checked price updates.
  • Fostered working relationships with banks, vendors and clients to facilitate communication on payment schedules and methods and prompt conflict resolution when problems occurred.
  • Trained sales associates on proper procedures for minimizing accounting discrepancies arising from human error, leading initial training sessions and supervising new associates on floor.
  • Balanced overall budget, measuring daily cash access needs against money safe contents and communicating with managers to replenish supply of cash on hand when necessary.
  • Investigated and solved account issues to maintain current and accurate money systems.
  • Maintained general inventory levels and informed supervisor of shortages or trends of changing demand to assist with acquisition of new inventory without outage.
  • Organized cash movements between offices and to or from banks.
  • Provided training to store employees covering areas such as cash handling procedures and security requirements.
  • Reduced project gaps and cross-trained management on financial processes.
  • Reported sales taxes by calculating requirements on paid invoices.
  • Resolved [Type], [Type] and [Type] discrepancies and documentation, saving company lost revenue.
  • Supervised employee petty cash drawer, documenting all transactions in [Type] report.
  • Designed financial projections for [Timeframe] and used data to suggest areas for financial improvement.
  • Mitigated financial discrepancies by preparing bank reconciliations, managing field audits and reviewing accounting records for accuracy.
  • Compiled budget documents and monitored costs to maintain control systems.
  • Coordinated budget information by assessing estimated income and expenses as well as historical budgets.
  • Analyzed account information and trends for financial estimation report preparation and adjustments.
  • Trained [Number] new clerks on [Task], checking for thorough comprehension for excellent work.
  • Assessed data and information to check entries, calculations and billing codes for accuracy.
  • Ran daily [Type] and [Type] reports to check data and address variances.
  • Verified vendor accounts by reviewing documentation, rectifying issues and contacting accountholders.
  • Suggested key operational changes to improve performance by extracting financial data from various reporting systems.
  • Maintained financial records for [Number] clients.
  • Streamlined A/P process, cutting vendor payment delays from [Number] to [Number] days.
  • Decreased liabilities and effectively cultivated customer rapport to drive successful payment collection processes and reduce outstanding balances.
  • Used [Software] to track all income and expenses for [Type] business.
  • Supported human resources by certifying and processing payroll, electronic deposits and pay adjustments while distributing checks with zero lag time.
  • Reconciled all bank and credit card accounts from [year] to [year].
  • Verified credit posting for [Type] and [Type] transactions and reconciled journal entries.
  • Analyzed cost control and provided timely financial information to support corporate goals.
  • Executed quarterly financial reporting on multiple properties.
  • Processed bank reconciliations and financial reports to verify practice of proper due diligence.
  • Decreased liabilities by preparing over [Number] tax bills and mailings while processing journal entries, online transfers and payments.
  • Assisted senior leadership by processing [Type] documents, ensuring timely completion.
  • Reviewed purchase documents and company receipts to complete [Task], resulting in [Result].
  • Helped change from [Software] to [Software], transferring data and double-checking for accuracy.
  • Paid [Type] vendors for [Product] regularly, maintaining relationships with sellers.
  • Tracked expenses and entered deposits into [System] while reconciling monthly bank accounts to verify accuracy.
  • Researched and resolved collections and billing disputes with tact and efficiency.
  • Streamlined operational efficiencies, using accounting software to record, store and analyze information.
  • Maintained current understanding of state and federal accounting procedures to prevent any legal or compliance issues.
  • Sent detailed daily bank reports to [Type] agency, restarting [Software] for next days use.
  • Assembled [Type] and [Type] reports to show [Type] information.
  • Analyzed day payments and created detailed reports to identify and suggest remedies for areas of improvement.
  • Implemented [Type] program to streamline [Task] and increase support for [Job title].
  • Executed on-time, under-budget project management on complex financial issues for senior leadership.
  • Communicated with [Job title] about discrepancies and devised plans to reconcile financial issues.
  • Implemented [Type] program to streamline [Task], resulting in [Result].
  • Prepared and mailed client invoices within expected timeframes to promote likelihood of on-time payments.
  • Completed payroll for [Number] employees in [Software], keeping detailed records for long-term accuracy.
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction ratings by resolving [Type] tax filing issues efficiently.
  • Reconciled monthly checks for accurate bank statement distribution.
  • Decreased time and costs while increasing efficiency by introducing new accounting procedures.
  • Switched from [Software] to [Software], modernizing processes and digitizing over [Number] [Type] documents.
  • Mitigated annual audit risks, audited financial information utilizing QuickBooks to implement corrective action.
  • Operated [Software] to enter financial data and compile reports.
  • Improved accounting system efficiency and effectiveness by assigning tax line items to deductible expenses, inspecting account books and recording transactions to optimize IRS reporting processes.
  • Automated office operations, managing client correspondence, record filing and data communications.
  • Prepared accurate financial reports each [Timeframe] by collecting, analyzing and summarizing account information.
  • Entered weekly sales and customer count sheets for review by management.
  • Updated [Type] documents using [Software], consistently checking for accuracy and fixing errors.
  • Researched and resolved collections disputes to maintain customer relationships.
  • Collaborated with bankers to prepare [Type] paperwork for [Task] with speed and accuracy.
  • Updated confidential employee banking information with accuracy and speed.
  • Organized and filed federal and state tax returns, paying close attention to deadline dates.
  • Processed end-of-day paperwork using [Software], verifying deposits and rectifying discrepancies.
  • Verified, allocated and posted transactions in journals and computerized systems from documents such as invoices, receipts and reports.
  • Designed [Timeframe] budgets worth over $[Amount] for [Number] person company.
  • Increased efficiency and alleviated work loads by creating new Excel-based financial recording system.
  • Processed payroll, electronic deposits and employee pay adjustments.
  • Processed [Type] and [Type] documents by verifying entries and comparing system reports to balances.
  • Automated document flow, accurately maintaining financial tracking in [Software].
  • Managed over [Number] accounts worth over $[Amount] with accuracy in [Software].
  • Investigated and resolved collections and billing disputes with tact and efficiency, reducing outstanding accounts receivable by [Number]% over [Timeframe].
  • Kept supply in line with demand by effectively managing inventory control to reduce work flow gaps.
  • Supervised team of [Number] accountants for [Type] company, training employees on best practices and cultivating strong financial forecasting.
  • Identified major accounting errors by creating automated cross-referencing processes.
  • Calculated and verified all figures, calculations and documents.
  • Checked [Type] company financial documents, verifying amounts to accurately analyze financial statuses.
  • Suggested key operational changes to improve performance such as extracting financial data from various reporting systems.
  • Processed incoming payments worth up to $[Amount], confirming information to maintain [Number]% accuracy.
  • Maintained detailed and accurate ledgers and [Type] documents to accurately communicate payment needs to clients.
  • Followed detailed end of month accounting procedures to verify proper balancing of all accounts and readiness for new month.
  • Assisted [Job title] with [Task], successfully achieving [Result].
02/2004 to 11/2008 Front of House Manager Resturante Carmelo | City, STATE,
  • Handled guest complaints quickly using [Skill] and [Skill], maintaining positive dining experience for everyone.
  • Partnered with [Job title] to identify new ways to improve restaurant service.
  • Delegated tasks to [Job title]s to maintain optimal workflow.
  • Promoted improvements to customer service by implementing [Action].
Education and Training
Expected in to to High School Diploma | Klein High School, Klein, TX GPA:

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Resume Overview

School Attended

  • Klein High School

Job Titles Held:

  • Lead Hostess
  • Cash Office Associate
  • Front of House Manager


  • High School Diploma

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