Social Worker Resume Example

Help people solve and cope with problems in their everyday lives by creating a standout social work resume. Social workers are employed in a variety of settings, so be sure to include relevant experience working in mental health clinics, schools, human service agencies, hospitals, and other environments. Next, since social workers must be licensed in all 50 states, be sure to list your education and licensing information so that employers know you meet the criteria. Also, list any special training you’ve received such as grief counseling or emergency response training. Finally, soft skills such a stellar communication can help boost your resume. For more ideas, use our social worker resume example.

Social Worker Advice 

As a social worker, you'll be working not just to make money, but to improve the quality of people's lives. We've created the social worker resume examples you see below to help you write a better resume in less time. These resume examples include language that employers are looking for, as well as the proper formatting recommended for this type of resume. Improve your chances of getting the job--click on any of the examples below to take the next step.

Resume Tips for Social Worker 

There are some skills to keep in mind when it comes to looking for jobs as a social worker. This list contains five of the most important job searching skills.
1. Your job search may take a while and there’s no reason why it shouldn’t! View your search as a marathon rather than a race, and you will start to find results.
2. Think of how you can market your abilities to really help the company you’re applying for. This entrepreneurial mindset will go a long way in helping to improve the way you sound to job candidates, especially if you have a more general skillset.
3. There are all kinds of resources available to you so hunt deep. Try out your local American Job Center for job search help.
4. There are also job clubs in your area where those looking for work can get together to pool their resources and create a network.
5. Consider taking assessments that will identify your skills, interest, values, or other traits. The Myers-Briggs personality type indicator is a great example of one of these that can help give you direction.

Social Worker Job Seeking Tips 

One of the worst things you could do to sabotage you own search for jobs as a social worker is to neglect your resume. Your resume is the first impression you make to any potential employer. Use these tips in writing your resume and you will achieve better results.
1. Try to describe yourself as an active and unique worker. Don’t use phrases like “duties included” or “responsible for” when you talk about your previous experience. Go beyond providing a mere job description.
2. Personal pronouns should not be found anywhere on a resume. Think of statements in your resume as first-person sentences with the personal pronouns removed.
3. You want your resume to be as organized and easy to read as possible. In order to achieve this, make sure you use bullet list format. Sections should have one or two columns with four to eight points per column.
4. Make sure to include the information for you previous employers that you describe in your Experience section. You should have an employer’s name, city/state, dates of employment and the title of the position.
5. While the templates provided by Microsoft Word may be a good starting point, you will definitely want to tweak things up a bit for your final product. This way, your resume won’t be in the same format as all the others that use the same template.

Related Resumes:

Social Worker Resume

Company: DPSS
Date Range: January 1993 to July 1998

Interviewed and selected providers of in home care for clients who were affiliated with the In Home Supportive program.
Assigned hours of care and time availability of providers to ensure safety and continuous medical care and medication administration for these clients who were discharged patients.
Assigned paramedical services, protective supervision as needed.
Processed requirements to facilitate in some cases hospice care as needed by clients.
Coordinated with family members training needed for this type of in home care.

Sr. Social Worker Resume

Company: Mecklenburg County DSS
Date Range: 10/2002 to 06/2012

Provided ongoing protective services to families whose children are abused, neglected or dependent while remaining in their homes.
Trained, recruited and mentored new Social Workers in District two.
Provided counseling services with the client and the family, serve as backup coverage in initiating Mecklenburg County conflict of interest cases including initiation of Child Protective Services to assure safety of all victims and make safety protection plans contacting Reciprocal County with all referral information and manage paperwork.
Worked with community leaders throughout Charlotte and surrounding areas.

Social Worker Resume

Company: State of Alabama
Date Range: February 2007 to Current

Directed all protective placement, case management, parent education and family reunification activities.
Advised clients on community resources, made referrals and devised realistic treatment plans.
Wrote petitions, court reports, case plans and other legal documents.
Interviewed clients in their home for home study assessments to assist the courts with custody decisions.
Communicated with public social and welfare agencies to obtain and provide information.
Maintained a caseload of 18 clients, working under strict deadlines.

Social Worker Resume

Company: Indiana University Health
Date Range: 06/2010 to Current

Completed psychosocial assessments on patients and families in the Emergency Room, Maternity Unit, Newborn ICU, Pediatric ICU, and Pediatric Unit.
Provided crisis intervention and short term counseling to patients and families.
Served as point person for all cases of child abuse/neglect, elderly abuse and neglect, institutional abuse, and domestic violence.
Appointed liaison between IU Health and state and county and adult protective units and law enforcement agencies.
Partnered with Forensic Nurse to provide care for sexual assault victims and victims of violence.
Conducted mental health/safety assessments on patients. Linked patients and families with community resources.
Provided intervention in foster care, adoption, guardianship, and advance directives.
Worked on multi disciplinary team to assist with safe discharge planning on all units.

Medical Social Worker Resume

Company: Home Health Care Solutions
Date Range: 03/2013 to Current

PRN contractual position.
Assessed social and emotional factors related to patient illness, need for adjustment to care, and response to treatment in currently living environment.
Conducted financial assessment for qualification of community resources.
Provided short term therapy for coping, compliance, relief/resolution of feeling which exacerbate medical condition, chronic disease, disability and terminal illness.
Provided assistance with placement and referrals for community resources.
Worked on multi disciplinary team to provide and formulate comprehensive treatment plan.

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