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Pastry chefs are responsible for creating different desserts like pies, cakes, ice creams, chocolates, and pastries. They must have a creative and innovative approach to creating these desserts — and to crafting a resume. Our pastry chef resume example was written by a certified resume writer to show you how to craft a resume that best shows off your skills and experience.


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What is a Pastry Chef?

Pastry chefs are culinary professionals who specialize in preparing desserts. They often work with the head chef to create desserts that pair with the other menu items offered at restaurant, hotel or convention centers. Other pastry chefs work in bakeries.

According to Data USA, there are roughly 55,700 people employed in the baking and pastry arts industry. In addition to creating desserts, pastry chefs also keep stock of inventory, liaison with suppliers, train new chefs, test recipes and participate in menu planning. As of 2019, the average median pay for bakers was $27,700 per year.

What Makes This a Great
Pastry Chef Resume Example?

Submitting a well-written resume is the surest way to grab a recruiter’s attention. Our pastry chef resume example was crafted by a certified resume writer to include job-specific language to highlight your most critical credentials. Study our examples to learn how to write your own impressive resume.

Here’s how studying our pastry chef resume example can help get you hired:

  • Professional content: Our resume examples use industry-specific keywords, such as “conveyor equipment speed” and “pairing baked sweets,” and well-written content that can help show recruiters what you’ll bring to the table if hired. For more help, consider using our Resume Builder, which offers pre-written content for each section of your resume.
  • Appropriate format: Selecting the right resume format is critical to showing off your most impressive qualifications. The resume example above uses a combination format that gives equal importance to work experience and skills. This format is most suitable for a mid-level experienced professional. If you have more or less work experience, you can also select the chronological or functional format from our builder.
  • Suitable templates: Choose a resume template that appropriately represents the industry you want to work in and your personality. Pastry chefs are employed in a traditional yet creative field, and selecting a template that reflects that is critical. The example above features a straightforward design with a pop of color. Or, peruse our selection of resume templates for other options.


3 Pastry Chef Professional Summary Examples

Your professional summary should demonstrate your experience and abilities. Use our pastry chef resume example as a guide to draft a concise and compelling professional summary.

Here are three additional professional summaries examples to consider for your pastry chef resume:

  1. Experienced pastry chef with over eight years of experience creating distinct pastries in various eating places like bristos, cafes and restaurants. Expert in sourcing ingredients, inventory control and budget planning as per the policies of the restaurant. Adept at designing chocolate and ice-cream art.
  2. Dedicated pastry chef with over four years of extensive knowledge regarding menu preparation and plating. Conducted individual sessions with pastry interns and guided them to create their own variety and design of pastries. Effectively managed the pastry station, including interacting with vendors, bakery team and banquet staff as well as excellent guest interactions.
  3. Detail-oriented pastry chef with over 10 years of experience working in high-profile restaurants and hotels across the Miami area. Well-versed in maintaining compliance with organizational policies and federal regulations with regards to cleanliness, working condition of equipment, and organization of the pastry station. Supervised dessert menus and compiled recipes for fine dining and banquets.

3 Pastry Chef Work Experience Examples

Your resume’s work experience section should display the quantifiable achievements and responsibilities you have handled in your various roles. Our Resume Builder provides pre-written content suggestions for a pastry chef’s role that can be customized to suit your profile. Here are three work experience section examples out builder might offer for your pastry chef resume:

  1. Created international desserts for the annual conference of a large organization of 3500 people.
  2. Hired and trained junior staff of 15 employees within three weeks.
  3. Provided customized service to patrons and maintained excellent relationships, increasing the footfalls by 18%.

Top Skills for Your Pastry Chef Resume

Especially in large hotel and restaurant chains, employers are using applicant tracking systems to identify the most qualified applicants for the role. Your skills section is a key section for incorporating critical keywords an ATS might look for.

Study the example above to learn how to build your skills section or choose from the list below:

Hard Skills

  • Sanitation guidelines
  • Budgeting and cost control
  • Pastry designs and improvement schemes
  • HACCP guidelines

Soft Skills

  • Attention to detail
  • Conflict resolution
  • Effective interpersonal skills
  • Training and mentoring

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Pastry Chef FAQs

What are the traits of a successful pastry chef?

Cooking in itself is an art and pastry chefs need to apply creativity and innovation to designing and plating desserts. In addition to being creative, pastry chefs have to be patient and hardworking and well-organized, as they have to ensure the temperature, equipment and ingredients are all set to perfection and available before starting the cooking process.

What are the alternate career options for pastry chefs?

A pastry chef is also qualified to be employed in other roles that are related to this role. Some positions that pastry chefs can apply and work for include chefs, head cooks, cooks, as well as food preparation workers and as food processing workers.

What is the qualification to be a pastry chef?

There are various technical institutes, culinary schools and four-year university programs that offer formal training and certifications to be a pastry chef. These programs teach students to create cakes, bake bread, rolls and other pastries. There are no mandatory educational requirements required to become a pastry chef. Individuals with the aptitude and passion for pastry preparation can attend culinary schools or undergo internship under expert chefs to gain experience.