Admin Resume Examples

Administration & office support jobs include a number of positions such as marketing assistants, executive assistants, administrative assistants, and more. All of these roles require a great resume. The resume examples below have been designed to help you in writing yours. Focusing specifically on the skills and experience employers are looking for in administration & office support employees, these resume examples are a valuable resource. We've included a range of templates so you can find the one that works best for you. Click any of the resumes below to start now!

Administrative Assistant: Resume Example  

Administrative assistants keep the company running. They organize appointments, direct internal communication, serve as the point person in external communication, plan meetings, and much more. They are often the first person you see when you visit a company’s headquarters.

A great administrative assistant resume should demonstrate exceptional organizational and communication skills. It’s also important to specify the type of support you’ve provided in the past, as needs differ among companies.

Don’t forget to name the software programs you have used. At this point, it’s assumed that job seekers know MS Office. Add this, but also name drop any newer programs you might now, including Adobe Photoshop, Concur, Nextgen, WordPress, Google Drive, and so others.

Data Entry: Resume Example 

Data entry clerks enter and update information for a company’s database. They must verify that the data is correct and up to date. Some data entry clerks work part-time or in contracted positions.

If you want your data entry resume to get noticed, make sure your typing speed is easy to see at a quick glance. It’s also important to highlight your precision. This means that you should list “precision” as a skill, then edit your resume three times to ensure that you hold true to your word.

Don’t forget to name the various computer programs you’ve mastered! You can also include programs with which you have experience, not expertise.

Executive Assistant: Resume Example 

An executive assistant caters to the needs of executives. Though needs differ from company to company, executive assistants generally oversee office projects, manage executive appointments, and often manage some employees. They usually need more experience than an administrative assistant.

An outstanding executive assistant resume details the high-level duties that you have performed. Don’t just state that you “made appointments;” rather, stress the high-level tasks you performed with a statement like, “coordinated appointments with Silicon Valley tech executives.”

It’s also important to include accomplishments. Consider the ways your assistance helped the company achieve a major goal. Include this in your executive assistant resume.

Office Assistant: Resume Example 

Office assistants primarily facilitate internal and external communication in order to keep the company operating smoothly. They might also help with data entry. Ultimately, the duties differ from industry to industry.

If you want to make an office assistant resume that gets noticed by hiring mangers, consider including the number of customer complaints you resolved weekly, the rate at which you solved internal issues, and the overall number of successes you routinely experienced.

But don’t stop there! Also, include your level of familiarity with major software in your industry. Hiring managers will be elated to learn that you don’t need additional training.

Office Manager: Resume Example 

The office manager oversees an array of duties that keep employees happy. Office managers are responsible for overall administrative duties, including reception, maintenance, office equipment purchases, and day-to-day operations.

A great office manager resume demonstrates a range of talents and skills. Be sure to include evidence of strong customer service skills, solid negotiation capabilities, and outstanding managerial talents.

In addition, remember to share professional achievements, including awards you have earned, how much money you saved the company, and any major problems you solved.

Receptionist: Resume Example 

Receptionists play a big part in keeping an office or business running smoothly. Receptionists are responsible for a wide range of duties, including greeting clients, receiving delivered items, serving as the main contact for the organization, and managing the phone system.

This winning receptionist resume example highlights skills such as multi-line phone system knowledge, vendor coordination, security processes, data entry, and document management.
To create a receptionist resume that will win you the interview, be sure to focus on your unique set of skills, including your software knowledge, such as Microsoft Word and Excel; any accounting skills you have; and any relevant administrative skills that relate to the position you are applying for.