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Dispatchers are an important part of the team, as they are responsible for arranging repairs, servicing equipment and maintaining company records. When customers call with a problem, need service or request a product, the dispatcher will arrange to have a worker attend to the issue and/or schedule a work crew to help the customer.

Companies that want to hire a reliable and efficient dispatcher should create a dispatcher job description that lists essential qualities, including attention to detail, problem solving and organization.

These communication professionals must have great customer service skills, as they are often the ones who must attend to problems, answer questions and assist clients in a timely manner. Dispatchers should be efficient at typing and be able to multi-task, or successfully prioritize tasks.

Dispatcher Job Description Template

Job Summary

A dispatcher plays an important part in the process of serving and helping customers, because without a dispatcher, materials and personnel rarely get to where they need to be. Dispatching requires good communication skills, organization and a friendly personality. As a valued member of our team, your input is imperative to the success of any job that is done outside of the office or work site. If you enjoy working with people, pay close attention to detail and are skilled at compiling reports, then a dispatching job is just right for you. Without dispatchers working as the middle piece of the puzzle, jobs can’t get done on time.

Job Description

  • Arrange for repairs in order to restore schedules and services to vehicles and crews outside the office building.
  • Schedule equipment, work crews, service vehicles and workers to the appropriate locations when a job is requested.
  • Dispatch the correct equipment and work force to guarantee the job goes smoothly and the customer is happy. Relay messages, information and works orders from supervisors, field inspectors and work crews via several different forms of communication.
  • Address problems, questions and service requests for equipment in an efficient manner.
  • Confer daily with supervising personnel and customers to determine what needs to be done and where, and prepare work orders to guarantee that everything is in place when the job is scheduled to start.
  • Maintain records and files of services performed, customer requests, expenses, charges, inventory and additional dispatch information.
  • Develop new and innovative ways to organize information and cut back on wasted hours.
  • Handle broken or misplaced items quickly and appropriately to keep the job moving.

Job Skills & Qualifications

  • High school diploma or GED
  • Pass typing test and written exam
  • Pass background check, drug test, vision and hearing exams
  • Certification required by the state
  • Good communication, multitasking and problem solving skills
  • Associate’s or bachelor’s degree in communication related field

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