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Bookkeepers record financial transactions and update statements to produce accurate financial records. They must be able to use bookkeeping software, online spreadsheets and databases to manage and post financial data. They create balance sheets, income statements and totals by account.

Your bookkeeper job description should reference the required educational background, which is usually a high school diploma and ideally some postsecondary courses in accounting, and certification, if required. Bookkeeping requires collecting, organizing and recording data, so ideal bookkeepers are detail oriented and possess analytical skills, as well as being skilled in arithmetic.

Your job description should also stress the importance of honesty and integrity. Bookkeepers handle cash and checks, make payments, do payroll, prepare invoices, and record overdue accounts. They must be trusted to keep sensitive financial information confidential.

Bookkeeper Job Description Template

Job Summary

If you enjoy working with numbers and finances, we have a great opportunity for you use your skills to make a difference for us and our clients as a bookkeeper. You will have the chance to work with a wide variety of financial documents as you verify and track financial transactions and create detailed expense reports. Form relationships with personnel in every department as you manage the payroll process, purchase orders and the petty cash fund. You'll learn from expert accountants and gain experience in corporate finances and compliance with industry standards. We're ready to help you reach your career goals through mentoring opportunities with senior account managers. If you enjoy a challenge and the satisfaction of a balanced budget, bring your skills to our enthusiastic team.

Job Responsibilities

  • Participate in the company's internal annual audit by collecting relevant data, recording it properly and creating required documents.
  • Track, process and document various financial transactions for multiple accounts on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.
  • Perform payroll duties in a timely manner every pay cycle, including data input, error checking and payment processing through specific software.
  • Provide administrative and clerical support such as record keeping and budgeting to various departments on an as-needed basis.
  • Complete regular accounts receivable and accounts payable duties, such as preparing financial reports, researching and reconciling discrepancies, and processing transactions.
  • Work directly with management to facilitate and manage grant proposals, purchase orders, and legal and governmental paperwork.
  • Communicate directly with clients to provide accurate and discrete financial services such as maintaining expense records, preparing and filing tax forms, and performing annual audits.
  • Maintain financial security by regulating all outgoing cash flow as needed, including petty cash funding and withdrawals, payment of supplier invoices and customer refunds.

Job Skills & Qualifications

  • Degree in accounting or equivalent work experience
  • Expert computer skills including Microsoft applications and at least one accounting program
  • Proficiency in mathematics, accounting practices and bookkeeping
  • Self-motivated with excellent time management skills
  • Proven experience using multiple types of accounting software
  • Prior experience in a similar work environment

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