Human Resources Assistant CV Example

A strong curriculum vitae can be the first step to drawing a hiring manager’s attention. A human resources assistant job at many companies is largely an administrative assistant position in human resources, so use your CV to highlight any relevant administrative and HR experience you have. You can do all this and more in sections such as Professional Summary, Work Experience and Interests. We have prepared a human resources assistant CV example to help you put your best foot forward with your next job application.

Tips for Writing Your
Human Resources Assistant CV

  • Human Resources Assistant Overview

    To write a strong CV, you must understand the position to which you are applying. Human resources assistants often perform duties similar to those of administrative assistants in company HR offices, handling personnel records, entering data and preparing reports. They may also be called upon to research and explain policies to employees and gather information. As you may have noticed in our human resources assistant CV example, not everyone who applies for such a job has experience in HR. This is especially true for entry-level positions. Some job descriptions may say that such expertise is preferred but not required; you can use online modules, many of which are free, or self-directed training such as reading to show that you do have some knowledge of HR.

  • Skills and Knowledge to Include in Your Human Resources Assistant CV

    The human resources assistant CV example demonstrates the fact that many administrative assistant positions are largely about your people skills, or soft skills. These commonly include communication, collaboration, patience and creativity. Employers tend to value these attributes more than hard skills like proven knowledge of HR processes because that can be taught more easily than, say, patience. So be sure to include soft skills throughout your CV. If you do have hard skills such as HR experience and proficiency in the software programs listed in the job description, mention them too. Just do not neglect your other attributes. Go through individual job postings to learn more about the characteristics that employers prioritize and ensure there is no confusion over what the phrase “human resources assistant” means for a specific opening. If you are limited in direct HR experience, try to pull from aspects of your previous jobs that relate to the field. In this example, the job candidate mentioned that he volunteered to led team-building activities and interacted with many kinds of people. He also wrote that he monitored employee absences so he could arrange for substitute personnel.

  • Tips for Writing an Excellent CV

    To go along with our human resources assistant CV example, we have written a list of tips you can use as you write a CV for any job. This advice is about general best practices, so you can use them for jobs other than human resources assistant.

    • Remember internships, volunteer work and association memberships if you are having trouble thinking of relevant work experience.
    • Include certifications under the Education section; if you have many certifications, a separate section labeled Certifications may be appropriate.
    • Skip listing your high school education unless it is the only type of formal education you have. In the case of some college classes but no degree, write something such as, “XX Studies, School Name, School’s Location” or “Coursework in XX, School Name, School’s Location.”
    • Proofread, and ask others to review your CV. Spellcheck is often a great help but by no means foolproof, especially with homonyms.

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