Sous Chef CV Example

There isn’t a single job out there for which having a strong curriculum vitae won’t help get you noticed. The sous chef CV example provided and this accompanying writing guide will show you how to organize all the information related to your career and professional development in a way that is both interesting and engaging. These strategies are not only useful for creating your own CV. they can also give you a good idea of the type of candidate you should pursue if you happen to be preparing a job listing.

Tips for Writing Your
Sous Chef CV

  • Sous Chef Overview

    Having a strong understanding of the roles and responsibilities that come with a position is vital to completing an effective CV. As you can see in the sous chef CV example shown here, the skills and experience you list should be those that are most applicable to the job you are seeking. Sous chefs handle many of the managerial and administrative tasks in a kitchen. Thus, understanding leadership principles as well as ordering and inventory management processes is important if you’re to succeed in this role. You are also relied upon to provide instruction for the chefs on staff. That means you should know the working requirements and processes for each station. You may also be tasked with training kitchen employees in cooking styles and techniques as well as general food handling procedures.

  • Skills and Knowledge to Include in Your Sous Chef CV

    If a sous chef is to provide adequate leadership, he or she must have the right mix of skills and culinary experience. Therefore, you should list whatever cooking styles and techniques you’ve learned, along with whatever training you’ve received. The kitchen environment can become quite frantic during peak dining hours, so you should know how to manage difficult situations and help employees stay focused despite whatever external distractions may be present. A strong understanding of bookkeeping and accounting may also be helpful as you will often be charged with maintaining inventory records, handling supply ordering, and managing staffing, timekeeping and payroll. This is why you see so many references to leadership positions and opportunities throughout the sous chef CV example.

  • Tips for Writing an Excellent CV

    It’s important to remember that for all the guidance that the sous chef CV example given here offers, it is still only a tool to help you begin the process of creating your own employment reference document. You will need to consider the information you include and find a way to make that best fit into the framework provided. Keep the following best practices in mind as you complete your document:

    • Don’t emphasize one particular area at the expense of others. This example is designed to present you as being well-rounded by giving equal space to each topic.
    • When listing your educational background, only include schooling, special training and certifications that apply to the job you seeking; it is not necessary to include details of your high school experiences.
    • Maintain a good flow of information throughout the document by highlighting important details using bullet points.
    • When you’ve finished your CV, don’t rely solely on editing programs to check for errors. Re-read the document several times on your own, as well.

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