Dishwasher CV Example

One of the biggest mistakes applicants make going into a job search is thinking the positions they’re seeking do not require a well-written curriculum vitae to impress prospective employers. The good news is that you can position yourself ahead of the crowd by creating your own employment reference document using the dishwasher CV example included here. By including information regarding where you worked in the past, professional skills you’ve developed, and even what your hobbies and interests are, you provide employers the opportunity to determine how good of a fit you would be with their companies before the interview.

Tips for Writing Your
Dishwasher CV

  • Dishwasher Overview

    Note how the dishwasher CV example provided here offers you multiple opportunities to share any related experience you have. Dishwashers are tasked primarily with the cleaning of dishes, glassware and flatware, as well as food prep items and storage containers. Some jobs may require this to be done by hand while others may utilize industrial dishwashing equipment. Once the job of washing items is done, dishwashers then store them in the appropriate areas. During periods of downtime when dish volumes are low, they help clean and maintain the kitchen, prep and food storage areas. At the end of every shift, they may also clean the kitchen floors and surfaces and dispose of trash. Along with the aforementioned duties, dishwashers may also need to register their dish volumes for their shift so that managers can reconcile those numbers with customer orders.

  • Skills and Knowledge to Include in Your Dishwasher CV

    For some, filling out the skills section of a CV is the most difficult part of the entire exercise, as they are not sure which of their skills apply to the jobs they are pursuing. As you can see in the dishwasher CV example given here, the ideal skill list is one that blends job-specific skills with more general professional attributes. For example, dishwashers tend to have to stay on their feet for long periods of time. Thus, listing skills such as endurance, coordination and dexterity can apply directly to this position. The atmosphere of a commercial kitchen can be quite hectic, so the ability to stay calm under pressure is also valued. General skills, such as being a good communicator and working well with others, are also applicable to this job, and therefore should be included in your list.

  • Tips for Writing an Excellent CV

    Remember that the dishwasher CV example provided is only to be a roadmap to help you reach the point of being able to create a strong employment reference document. You’ll need to research your CV once you have the basic information in place to improve it. When doing this, keep the following advice in mind:

    • Don’t go overboard in providing details in your professional summary, as you’ll repeat many of the same things when listing your work experience. Rather, this section is meant to be a brief snapshot of your working career to this point.
    • Try not to repeat yourself, if possible. If you’ve already used a word, consider alternatives with the same meaning in subsequent sentences.
    • If you have collegiate experience, list that instead of your high school education (even if you have yet to complete a degree program).
    • Don’t be reliant solely on programs to check for spelling and grammar issues. Read your document several times looking for errors.

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