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Aspiring restaurant managers are likely to have significant amounts of experience in the food service industry. Your resume is the perfect place to impress restaurant owners looking for strong leadership with your skills, training and proven management capabilities. Take a look at our restaurant manager resume template for Word as well as the following tips and examples for writing each section of your document from a summary statement to lists of skills, work history and education or training.

RestaurantManager Resume Example

Writing Your Summary Statement

The summary statement is the first major section on your resume and can be a great place to mention highlights of your career that qualify you for a restaurant manager position. This brief statement should describe three important aspects of your skills, experience or training that set you apart from the competition as the perfect candidate for the job. Briefly describe these key points and format the statement as a series of short phrases or use bullet points. Check out the sample summary statement on our restaurant manager resume template for Word for an example of formatting. A competitive applicant for a restaurant manager position might bring up:

  • Years of experience and roles filled

  • Qualifications for a management role

  • Hard or soft skills that they bring to a position

Example 1

Front-of-house manager with seven years of restaurant experience. Skilled manager of hosts and waitstaff also capable of filling any role. Expertise in customer service and hiring.

Example 2

  • Three years of experience as an assistant restaurant manager

  • Scheduling daily operations and collaborating on promotional specials

  • Adept at communicating with kitchen, bar and waitstaff

Example 3

Experienced manager who has worked in restaurants for more than 10 years. Familiar with operational standards in front and back-of-house. Current Foodservice Management Professional certification.

Example 4

  • Lead server and closing manager with eight years of restaurant experience

  • Skilled at overseeing hosts and waiters, working with kitchen staff, and interacting with customers

  • Current ServSafe Food Manager Certification

Writing Your Skills Section

The skills section of your resume is a great place to communicate your abilities to lead others and fulfill the responsibilities of running a restaurant. Restaurant manager positions usually require a number of skills ranging from general management methods to familiarity with restaurant operations. You may want to include exact words or phrases from the description of the restaurant manager position for which you are applying in your list of skills. See our restaurant manager resume template for Word for a sample skills section in context and keep a few general pointers in mind.

  • Describe six to eight skills in a few words or short phrases without periods at the end

  • Format the skills section using bullet points so that it is easy to read

  • Prioritize the most relevant skills for a restaurant manager position

An applicant for a restaurant manager position may include:

  • Leadership

  • Collaboration and teamwork

  • Verbal communication

  • Planning and organization

  • Scheduling

  • Problem solving

  • Conflict resolution

Writing Your Work History Section

The work history section is a chance to demonstrate your capacity to fulfill the duties of a managerial position. The best candidates for this level of position will likely have a track record of assuming roles characterized by increasing levels of responsibility and achieving results at every stage of their career. Including metrics or figures that demonstrate the positive impact of your management skills can help you to make a great impression. Refer to our restaurant manager resume template for Word as well as the following helpful guidelines.

  • Begin your work history section with your current or most recent position

  • Include the role you filled as well as your employer and dates of employment

  • Each position listed should include a bullet pointed list of general requirements and personal accomplishments

  • Start each line in these lists with a strong action verb

Look over the following sample entries that could appear in the work history resume section of a restaurant manager:

  • Managed a staff of five hosts and 15 waiters, waitresses and busboys

  • Organized weekly hour-long staff meetings to discuss menu developments

  • Ordered all bar supplies and placed some food orders

  • Mediated and resolved conflicts in front and back-of-house

Writing Your Education Section

The education section of your resume is where you should list degrees, coursework, certifications and other training relevant to a restaurant manager position. This section can be important for communicating your full background, particularly if you are trained in any aspect of business management or have pursued other professional development opportunities. View our restaurant manager resume template for Word to see a sample education section in context in addition to these general tips:

  • List your most recent certification or degree first and proceed backward through previous positions

  • Include details about specific coursework or training relevant to the restaurant manager job description

  • There is no need to include your GPA unless you are a recent graduate

Example 1

Foodservice Management Professional Certification – 2017

Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Administration – 2016

Boston University – Boston, MA

Courses included: Food Production Management, Hospitality Marketing Principles

Example 2

Bachelor of Business Administration in Food Business Management – 2017

Culinary Institute of America – Hyde Park, NY

Courses included: Managerial Accounting, Human Resource Management

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