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A resume is an important document that highlights the best assets you have to offer prospective employers. It can be the thing that makes or breaks your chances at employment. However, your game-changing resume won’t write itself. With our step-by-step guide and delivery driver resume template for word, you can enjoy resume-writing made easy. We’ll teach you how to write a summary statement, skills section, work history section and education section that will capture your prospective employer’s attention by effectively highlighting your unique skills and experience.

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Writing Your Summary Statement

Just as your resume acts as an important first impression with a prospective employer, the summary statement of your resume acts as the crucial first impression of your resume itself. Located at the very top of your resume, your summary statement introduces your skills and experience in a way that encourages the reader to keep reading. Here’s how to write a summary statement that draws in your recruiter:

  • Start with your job title and years of experience

  • Include skills and accomplishments that are relevant to the job listing

  • Use only 2-3 bullet points or sentences

You can use our delivery driver resume template for Word and the following examples to write a summary statement that demands attention:

Example 1

Experienced delivery driver with over 10 years of proven reliability in terms of completing shipments within strict deadlines. Extremely familiar with major delivery routes throughout the New England area.

Example 2

  • 10 years of experience in delivery

  • Organized worker who specializes in maintaining accurate and meticulous records in order to keep track of deliveries that are underway.

  • Excellent driver with a perfect driving record

Example 3

Delivery driver with eight years of experience conducting long distance deliveries on a tight deadline. Specialize in receiving and stocking with speed and safety.

Example 4

Speedy and safe delivery driver with three years of experience exceeding customer and employer expectations. Developed time management skills and enhanced customer service skills. Received top scores on all customer service surveys.

Writing Your Skills Section

The skills section of the resume should highlight your most important traits as a prospective employee. Follow our delivery driver resume template for Word and the following best practices to write a skills section that shows your recruiter what a valuable employee you would be:

  • List only skills that relate to the job listing, and don’t be afraid to lift keywords directly from the job listing

  • Back up your skills with proof when possible, such as spoken languages, perfect driving records etc.

  • Describe your skills within the context of the job listing. For example, describe your ability to meet delivery deadlines instead of simple referencing “time management skills”

Read through the following traits to see if they might add strength to your skills section:

  • Excellent driver with perfect driving record

  • Fluent in Spanish and English

  • Clean criminal record

  • Specialty in safe and timely delivery reception

  • Familiar with all major delivery routes in the state of Louisiana

Writing Your Work History Section

The work history section of your resume is where you list your past employment experiences and explain how they prepared you to succeed as an employee in your next position. A good work history section should accomplish the following:

  • List your relevant work history, starting with your most recent experience and moving backwards

  • Include your employers’ names and locations, your past positions and the period during which you were employed

  • Offer a brief summary of your tasks and responsibilities in each position

Use the following examples and our delivery driver resume template for Word to write a work history section that informs and impresses:

  • Worked alongside dispatch, following special instructions as required in order to execute timely and accurate deliveries regardless of delays or issues with equipment

  • Administered safety inspections on equipment to assure all procedures were being conducted in a safe and up-to-code manner

  • Applied comprehensive understanding of Missouri traffic and highway routes in order to avoid unnecessary delays

  • Maintained positive relationships with a wide customer base to ensure repeated business

Writing Your Education Section

Last but certainly not least, no resume is complete without an education section. Make sure that yours reflects well on you by being concise and well-organized:

  • Maintain consistent formatting

  • List the title, location and year of your education, beginning with your most advanced level of education

  • Don’t forget to include relevant certifications and trainings

With our delivery driver resume template for Word, formatting is a piece of cake. For further inspiration, check out these examples:

Example 1

High School Diploma – 2015

Mission Viejo High School, Mission Viejo, CA

Example 2

DOT Physical Certification – 2016

Partners in Safety – New York, New York

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