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Superintendents perform the difficult but important task of managing every school in their respective school district, according to their school board’s policies. These roles are found all over the United States, and according to the National Center for Education Statistics, there are more than 13,500 school districts in the country.

Superintendents serve in a highly influential position, and are responsible for implementing educational policy on a large scale. Those who meet the impressive qualifications for this type of role can use our superintendent resume example to optimize their resume-writing and get hired faster. Read on to learn how LiveCareer’s experts can help.


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What is a Superintendent?

A superintendent is the chief executive of a school district. They oversee the performance of all schools in their district, as well as the hiring and supervising of staff, drafting district policy, managing budgets, and ensuring all educational standards are adhered to.

Superintendents report to a local education board and help achieve its vision for each school. They also make recommendations for improving the school system as a whole, and keep the board informed about any significant developments or incidents at each campus. Across all parts of the country, superintendents engage with all stakeholders in their school system, like parents and teachers, to address their concerns.

What Makes This a Great
Superintendent Resume Example?

Our superintendent resume example, drafted by our team of certified resume writers, puts on display what goes into a strong resume. Job seekers in all industries can refer to our resume examples to learn how to draft a dynamic resume that will impress recruiters.

Here are three reasons to follow our resume examples in your own resume writing:

  • Professionally written content: Each of our resume examples use the kinds of role-relevant terms and phrases that catch a recruiter’s attention, such as “designing a strong policy framework” and “experienced in lobbying,” like in the example above. For extra guidance, you can use our Resume Builder’s pre-written content suggestions for every section of your resume.
  • Using the best format: Your level of industry experience determines your ideal resume format. This example uses a chronological format, which makes the most of an experienced candidate’s long work history by fully displaying it in reverse-chronological order. For those less experienced, a skills-focused functional or a combination format may work just as well.
  • Smart template selection: Recruiters have keen eyes for spotting candidates with a sense of their industry and its norms, and a superintendent’s job lies in a relatively conservative industry. This means selecting one of our Traditional resume templates may serve you best, but our builder offers options for every scenario.


3 Superintendent Professional Summary Examples

A professional summary must concisely display your most role-relevant expertise and skills to quickly convince recruiters you have the capabilities to take on the job. You can learn to write a powerful professional summary by referring to our examples or using our builder.

Below are several example summaries to use as reference:

  1. Ambitious school superintendent with over eight years of experience. Strong leadership and decision-making skills with a proven track record of strategic planning and implementation of educational programs to improve enrollment rate by a 12% annual average. Effective communicator with strong time management skills.
  2. AASA-certified superintendent with over 11 years of experience. Expert in developing target-specific guidelines that complement policies for overcoming growth-inhibitive problems in the district. Possess strong negotiation and lobbying skills that help secure funding and drive policy changes for the benefit of students.
  3. Dedicated school superintendent with five years of experience. Track record of improving districts by proactively assessing performance and hiring suitably qualified staff. Experienced maintaining top-notch facilities and assets like sports stadiums, buses and cycling paths for students within limited budgets. Possess strong leadership skills and comfortable working for long hours in a demanding environment.

3 Superintendent Work Experience Examples

Recruiters expect a succinctly crafted work experience section that offers a bird’s-eye view of your past work and specific accomplishments. You can easily draft this section by customizing our Resume Builder’s content with your own metrics, or simply using our examples as inspiration.

Here are three work experience examples you might consider:

  1. Awarded additional $17 million in state funds for implementing cutting-edge staff-training programs.
  2. Introduced innovative curriculum for STEM subjects, which saw a 67% reduction in failing grades for students.
  3. Amended transportation policies to facilitate student convenience, which led to a 20% decline in the student truancy rate.

Top Skills for Your Superintendent Resume

Your skills section plays a key role in making a great first impression on recruiters. You can draft a solid skills section by referring to our resume examples or borrowing our builder’s suggestions.

Here are some hard and soft skills our builder might recommend for a superintendent’s role:

Hard Skills

  • Financial management
  • Policy planning and implementation
  • MS Outlook, Frontline software
  • Staff coordination

Soft Skills

  • Strategic thinking
  • Excellent communication
  • Networking
  • Leadership

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Superintendent FAQs

What does a day in the life of a superintendent look like?

School superintendents typically juggle many different responsibilities and encounter new issues every day. They attend meetings concerning school programs and activities, read reports daily, and dedicate a fair amount of time to monitoring progress on new programs. Superintendents also deal with the media to promote or field questions about their district and its policies.

What are some leading superintendent organizations?

There are three prominent organizations for superintendents. These include the School Superintendents Association (AASA), the National Association of School Superintendents (NASS), and the National Alliance of Black School Educators (NABSE). The NASS mainly focuses on meeting the requirements and needs of school superintendents across the U.S. and resolving their grievances. Meanwhile, AASA and NABSE aim to help superintendents achieve public education goals and promote children’s causes to foster their academic development.

What are the educational requirements for becoming a school superintendent?

Candidates seeking to become a superintendent should have a graduate degree, like an MS in education administration, for example. Although certification requirements for superintendents differ from state to state, the programs offering courses on school superintendent certification are similar. These candidates also usually need to have at least two to five years of school administration experience before qualifying for these roles.