Delivery Driver Resume Examples

Deciding which delivery driver qualifications and skills to include on your resume can be difficult. LiveCareer’s example resumes show you how to write a resume that will best highlight your personal experience as a delivery driver. With some projects that there will be 120,700 new delivery driver job openings through 2028, studying our delivery driver resume examples can show you how to  boost your chances of snatching a coveted delivery driver role. We make it easy to see how to best package your qualifications to get the job you want.


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What is a Delivery Driver?

Delivery drivers pick up, transport and deliver shipments and packages within a specific area or region. Drivers operate vans or trucks along routes from distribution hubs to various locations.

While most delivery drivers have at least a high school diploma, some opportunities may exist for applicants who did not graduate from high school. No matter the driver’s level of education, they must have a current driver’s license and a spotless driving record. Drivers receive on-the-job training, which may include a ride-along with a driver-mentor.

What Makes This a Great
Delivery Driver Resume Example?

We provide solutions to two of the most common job seeker issues: Experiencing career satisfaction and finding the perfect position. LiveCareer’s resume examples help with both problems, and here’s how:

  • Format: Like this job seeker, you can use a chronological resume format to illuminate your job accomplishments and work history. A functional resume format, on the other hand, would spotlight your driver skills. You can also combine both formats if you feel a specific position calls for it.
  • Template: Employers notice a resume whose template fits their industry. This example resume is clean and straightforward and speaks to the job seeker’s professionalism. LiveCareer has a variety of templates to choose from, and our builder can help you find the right design for the job.
  • Pre-written phrases: Well-ordered words have power, so use our recommended phrases and keywords in your professional summary, skills section and work history. Don’t make employers struggle to find the details necessary to determine whether or not you make a strong delivery driver candidate.

3 Delivery Driver Professional Summary Examples

Use our delivery driver resume examples to compose your professional summary. Alternatively, you can use our Resume Builder to write your own. Here are three examples of summaries the builder might offer for a delivery driver resume:

  1. Delivery driver with four years’ experience driving various routes. Clean driving record and proven customer service skills. Thorough record-keeping and daily log skills. Willing to help load and unload truck when necessary (able to lift 120 pounds). Follows all driving laws and industry regulations.
  2. Transportation professional and former taxi driver with thorough knowledge of the geographic area. Keeps customers updated on expected delivery time and any anticipated delays. Dedicated to keeping truck interior clean and organized. Knowledgeable of minor auto repairs.
  3. Safe delivery driver with a background operating trucks and vans. Meticulously plans daily routes, thoroughly logging all activities. Familiar with which roads allow trucks and which do not. Securely stashes delivered packages when possible to prevent theft.

3 Delivery Driver Work Experience Examples

Need inspiration for your resume’s work experience section? Our delivery driver resume examples offer an ideal starting point, or you can use Resume Builder’s pre-written content to bolster your work history. Customize those suggestions to fit your needs, such as by adding metrics, or plug them in as-is.

Here are three delivery driver work experience examples our builder might provide:

  1. Designed delivery route with efficiency, traffic and construction in mind.
  2. Checked packages before leaving to ensure safe loading practices.
  3. Took pictures of delivery drop-offs and sent them to customers and dispatchers.

Top Skills for Your Delivery Driver Resume

Don’t scratch your head, wondering if your resume has each and every delivery driver skill that employers want most. Let our Resume Builder recommended popular industry-specifics skills, include your own list or utilize a combination of the two.

Following are soft and hard skills to consider for your delivery driver resume:

Hard Skills

  • Route navigation software
  • Inventory management software
  • Air Brake Certification
  • Traffic laws

Soft Skills

  • Time management 
  • Active listening
  • Spatial orientation
  • Far vision

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Delivery Driver FAQs

What skills do you need to be a delivery driver?

Delivery drivers should have the ability to interact with customers, the hand-eye coordination necessary to operate a delivery truck, the time-management skills needed to complete their route and the ability to endure traffic. Because streets may become crowded, delivery drivers must also have the skills necessary to navigate and park their trucks in tight confines.

How do I become a delivery driver?

Aspiring delivery drivers typically need to be high school graduates, although some positions do not require a diploma. Drivers must have a recent driver’s license and a clean driving record. Once hired, drivers undergo training, which may last as long as a month, and learn about specific company policies regarding drop-offs, returns, financial transactions and handling damaged packages.

How much does a delivery driver make?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics notes that in May 2019, the median yearly wage for delivery services drivers was $34,730. The utmost 10% made an excess of $65,400, and the bottom 10% took home less than $21,060. Salaries depend on the specific industry drivers operate in, with couriers and messengers earning the most, and retail trade drivers earning the least.