Drug And Alcohol Counselor Resume Example

Becoming a drug and alcohol counselor isn't just a job, it's a mission – and improving your resume should be one as well. As a drug and alcohol counselor, your resume should showcase your experience with helping those struggling with addiction. List all of your experience as a drug and alcohol counselor and give details about your duties in each role, whether it be offering group or individual therapy or teaching about harm reduction practices. Soft skills such as patience, compassion and leadership will go a long way toward making you stand out from the competition. For more ideas about improving your resume, use our drug and alcohol counselor resume example.

Drug And Alcohol Counselor Advice 

Becoming a drug and alcohol counselor isn't just a job--it's a mission. To get a job as a drug and alcohol counselor, you'll need patience, toughness, and the right resume. The resume examples below are designed to help you create a better resume. These resume examples will show you the type of language that will be effective, and the proper formatting to use. Click on the templates below to view the samples, then start building your own job-winning resume.

Resume Tips for Drug And Alcohol Counselor 

Finding jobs as a drug and alcohol counselor means having the right mindset and putting to use a certain set of job seeking skills. The following tips should help keep you on track during the job hunt.
1. Stay focused. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed with your temporary unemployment, but staying focused on the task ahead can help you view your predicament as an opportunity to find the career you want.
2. Connect with others. Joining a support group is a great way of meeting other people in the same situation. These groups can offer advice and tools for navigating unemployment.
3. Set goals for yourself. Breaking the process down into manageable steps can help maximize your productivity. For example, you might try sending out a certain number of resumes per week.
4. Keep up with your network. Don’t hesitate to reach out to personal or professional contacts that could lend advice about the job market. You never know where your next lead could come from.
5. Make use of social media. Websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are great tools for expanding your network, and also help potential employers access your professional profile.

Drug And Alcohol Counselor Job Seeking Tips 

When it comes to finding jobs as a drug and alcohol counselor, your resume can make an excellent first impression. Be sure your resume stands out from the others by following the tips below.
1. Don’t exceed two pages. Unless you are an academic or doctor using curricula vitae (CVs), there is no need to write more than two pages. Keep you resume writing consise and relevant.
2. Do use bullets for listing items and align the text flush left. These formatting standards will immediately improve the readability of your writing.
3. Don’t use generic language. Avoid the overly used phrases such as “hard working” and “detail oriented,” as these will detract from your authentic tone.
4. Do introduce your work history section with a “Summary of Skills” that can offer your reader an overview of your professional qualifications.
5. Do list your work history in the following suggested order: title of position, employer, city and state of employer, and employment dates.

Related Resumes:

Drug and Alcohol Counselor Resume

Company: Recovery Management Services
Date Range: 03/2000 - Current

Interviewed and assessed 2 to 4 new clients each week.
Worked with a lot of clients with co-occurring disorders.
Completed documentation for all clients attending group sessions.
Selected and recommended new instructional materials and programs for use in the substance abuse program.
Facilitated a weekly discussion group about relationship issues for men and women.
Supported residential clients in completing tasks such as toileting, brushing teeth and general hygiene.
Cultivated positive relationships with other mental health professionals, programs and associations.
Administered discipline appropriately and set limits for behavior.
Built positive rapport with law enforcement officers, court officials and community service agencies.
Referred clients to other mental health resources in the community for further services.
Communicated regularly with family members and significant others during the treatment process.
Referred family members to outside support options to help them cope during times of increased stress.

Drug and Alcohol Counselor Resume

Company: The Wedge Recovery Center
Date Range: 02/2012 to Current

Managed a caseload of up to 40 dual diagnosis, addicted and forensic patients in an intensive outpatient setting.
Observed and monitored client behavior and responses to treatment.
Conducted therapeutic individual and family therapy sessions.
Led therapeutic recovery groups focused on 12 Step, Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) and Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) principles.
Developed and implemented treatment plans and modified them when needed.
Presented case history material to review and discuss with other staff members.
Trained in substance abuse, co-occurring disorders, and the effect of employment and housing issues on mental health.
Displayed sensitivity to the cultural and linguistic needs of the clients and families served.
Kept abreast of new and developing information in the mental health field by regularly attending professional conferences and workshops.

Drug & Alcohol Counselor Resume

Company: Progressive Medical Specialists
Date Range: 12/2012 to Current

Counsel individuals with drug and alcohol dependency.
Preparation of intake and assessment reports.
Coordinate a treatment plan with rules to obtain drug freedom.
Private service regulated by the Federal/State Agencies associated with Bureau of Drug and Alcohol Programs.

Drug & Alcohol Counselor (Spanish Speaking) Resume

Company: Town of Babylon
Date Range: 01/2015 to Current

Conducted therapeutic individual and family therapy sessions.
Developed and implemented treatment plans and modified when needed.
Directed family-centered, strengths-based, culturally competent and individualized intakes and assessments.
Connected clients with community service and resource agencies.
Guided clients in effective therapeutic exercises integrated from Cognitive Behavior Therapy and Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT).

Alcohol and Drug Counselor Resume

Company: A A & Associates Court Referral Services Incorporated
Date Range: 06/2007 to Current

Screening and Assessment of court ordered offenders of DUI, Domestic Violence, Probation/Parole.
Treatment Planning.
Individual and Group Therapy.
Clinical Education.

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