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A receptionist serves as the face of a business and does a lot of behind-the-scenes work as well. On a daily basis, receptionists greet clients or customers in person and on the phone. They direct visitor and caller inquiries and may do some filing and computer work.

Your receptionist job description likely needs to emphasize transferable skills, such as good organization and an ability to remain professional in all situations. Many positions do not require advanced education, but always point out minimum requirements, such as a high school diploma or GED.

The job description may attract a higher caliber of candidates if it discusses advancement potential. Quite a few receptionists aspire to become administrative assistants or office managers.

Receptionist Job Description Template

Job Summary

Rock-star receptionists have to juggle several tasks at once while maintaining a customer service-oriented attitude. This is because they serve as the first impression most customers and vendors have of a company, both in person and on the phone. If you have the focus and the organizational skills needed to track and set appointments, manage scheduling changes, and coordinate office communications, then this job could be the perfect fit for you. While you perform various administrative duties, we’ll depend on your pleasant demeanor and beaming smile to serve as the first point of contact for customers, vendors, job seekers, and other visitors to the office.

Job Responsibilities

  • Greet visitors to the office in a professional manner while notifying the appropriate staff members to facilitate timely meetings and appointments.
  • Operate the company’s phone system to route incoming calls to the proper location.
  • Perform typing and data entry, filing, and other administrative duties as assigned by your supervisor and other senior office staff members.
  • Maintain the office calendar and conference room schedule while coordinating catering and other resources needed to fulfill client requests.
  • Sign for incoming packages and route them efficiently, so the office functions more smoothly.
  • Learn the requisite office technology, such as scanners, fax machines, copiers, and printers, and remain up to date on their operation as technology changes.
  • Keep the reception area, guest areas, and conference room orderly and clean on a daily basis so they are always ready for the next meeting or guest.
  • Perform other duties as assigned to help with the efficient functioning of the office and the coordination of communications between employees, outside vendors, clients, and job-seekers.

Job Skills & Qualifications

  • Highly developed written and verbal communication skills
  • Proficiency in Word, Excel, and other office applications
  • High school diploma
  • Previous customer service experience
  • Prior experience with office technology, such as phone systems, copiers, and fax machines

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