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If you have earned your credentials for piloting an airplane and are ready to apply for employment, it is imperative that you take time out of your schedule to practice your answers along with responding in a confident and professional manner. Due to the competitiveness of the airline industry, employers are looking for pilots with additional skill sets and the ability to think on their feet. If you are ready to hit the skies, take a look at these common airline pilot interview questions.

Technical Questions

Because flying an airplane entails great skills in technology, mechanics and hand-eye coordination, a large amount of airline pilot interview questions include questions about these abilities. To help you prepare for these questions, it is recommended that your research the answers, write them down on paper and practice speaking them out loud until they sound like a natural response. To start your research, here are some of the common questions asked about the technicalities of being an airline pilot.

· What is the process for take-off?

· What is the process for landing?

· How would you respond during an emergency during the flight?

· If needed, how would you modify a flight path?

· What is the SALR in meteorology?

· When should you increase your final reserve fuel to 45 minutes?

· Can you define V1?

· Can you define balanced field length?

· Can you define SOPs?

· Have you ever broken an SOP? If so, why and when?

· Have you ever flown an aircraft with mechanical problems? If so, how did you handle it?

· What would you do if you lost an engine during take off?

While there are many more questions to practice, this list provides a general overview of the technical questions you may be asked. When you practice your answers, remember to take a breath, pause, think and then answer. If you carry out this same process during your interview, you will be seen as a thoughtful and professional pilot who considers many things before answering.

Answering Personal Questions

While airlines want to know how vast your knowledge of flying, security and engineering is, they also want to get a feel for your personality, your life outside of aviation and why you chose to become a pilot. You will likely be asked to tell about yourself, your reasoning behind your chosen career field, where you see yourself in 5 years and what you can bring to their company that others cannot.

When it comes time to answer these questions, always remember that honesty and thoughtfulness are powerful virtues. It is also important to remain confident in yourself without coming across as arrogant or overly full of yourself. Your eye contact is also important during this time. If you are interviewing with just one person, remember to look them in the eye as much as possible, as this shows control, confidence and the ability to communicate. If there is more than one person, remember to make eye contact with everyone in the room.

If you are asked to tell about yourself and why you decided to become a pilot, take a look at this sample answer to help you prepare your own.

“I grew up in the mid-west near the airport where my father worked. He was a fighter pilot in the military and when he retired he worked for a commercial airline. As a child, I admired his passion for his career and his ability to solve problems. When it was time for me to choose my career, there was no doubt about becoming a pilot. I greatly enjoy the traveling, the physics behind flying and the opportunities for continuous learning and growth. “

No matter what kind of questions you are asked, remember to answer with poise, comfortable eye contact and the belief that you are the perfect candidate for the job.

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