Driver CV Example

You’re sure to encounter plenty of competition out there in job market. To get ahead, you need a well-crafted curriculum vitae that’s designed to help you stand out in the eyes of recruiters. By using the driver CV example like the one shown here, along with the tips included in this writing guide, you’re sure to create a document that will give you a leg up in your job search. You can also use the tips given here to develop your own custom CV or to craft a job listing.

Tips for Writing Your
Driver CV

  • Driver Overview

    One of the most exciting aspects of a career as a driver is the flexibility that it provides. Almost all industries require some element of delivery and/or transportation. Thus, qualified drivers are almost assured to constantly be in high demand. Given the many different business sectors that need drivers, your duties are sure to vary depending on which you find employment in. Some may require you to deliver products to clients or other offices and even ask to you assist with unloading and setup. Others may ask you to transport coworkers or clients to different destinations. Regardless of which industry you end up in, there will almost assuredly be subtle nuances to the position that you’ll be expected to learn. That’s why you see an emphasis placed on the ability to acquire new skills throughout the driver CV example.

  • Skills and Knowledge to Include in Your Customer Service Representative CV

    Creating an effective CV for a driver position can often be a challenge as there are so many different business sectors that require drivers. However, the basic skills required for driver positions in each of them are often the same: a good driving record, knowledge of vehicle maintenance, and the ability to lift and carry heavy objects. Beyond that, each industry may have its own unique requirements. For example, food and grocery delivery services may require you to have a food handler’s permit or know proper food storage techniques while a freight or mail carrier may mandate that you are familiar with standard shipping rates. Such resources can be secured through local agencies or technical schools or provided through on-the-job training. Be sure to include any experience or skills related to these areas in the same manner as has been done in the driver CV example.

  • Tips for Writing an Excellent CV

    Having looked over the driver CV example, you should now have a good idea of what such a position entails and how to create a document that portrays you as the ideal candidate to fill it. All that’s left is to optimize your CV content to make the finished product even better. Consider the following tips:

    • Every section is placed where it is for a reason. Avoid thinking that you need to completely rearrange the given example in order to make your CV your own. Following the basic structure given above helps you maintain a reader’s interest throughout your CV. Don’t worry; your personality will have its chance to come through.
    • Maintain a sense of professionalism throughout. While you do want to put a bit of yourself in your CV, don’t go so far overboard as to cause readers to label your personality as excessive.
    • Avoid including any language that is politically or religiously charged. This could alienate certain prospective employers right from the get-go.
    • Format your document to avoid widows and orphans, which are cases where the last line of a paragraph is found at the top of the next page, or the first line is at the bottom of a prior page.

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