Writing A Receptionist Recommendation Letter

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A huge part of the job market is built on trust. Employers trust that you’re being honest in your resume, and you trust that employers are reliable and straightforward themselves. However it always helps to have some corroboration, and that’s what a recommendation letter provides. With a good receptionist recommendation letter your job application is brought to another level, one where they can see what you’ve already done and accomplished in the workplace.

Felicity Weeks

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Felicity Weeks,

I’m writing this letter to recommend Stacey Miller for the position of receptionist at your business. Stacey was the office receptionist at my paper company for over five years, and she was one of my most reliable and beloved employees. A hard worker, tremendously friendly, and consummately organized, Stacey is suited perfectly for the job and never failed me.

Stacey covered general receptionist duties including greeting customers, completing scheduling and appointments, handling correspondence, among other tasks. She was noted for her friendliness and often had vivacious conversations with customers. However she always remained a complete professional, and her organization skills were critical in allowing my business to run smoothly for so many years.

Perhaps best of all, Stacey was the consummate team player. She was always willing to pitch in and help with something, and was very helpful in keeping the business running in other ways outside of reception as well. Stacey has initiative, and she’s willing to work very hard, so I recommend her very highly.


April Johnson

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