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Personal care assistants are trusted with the care of vulnerable demographics with specialized healthcare needs on a daily basis. Understandably, employers are looking for evidence that job candidates are reliable and professionally skilled. A strong personal care assistant recommendation letter gives potential employers insight into your capabilities through an objective source who can vouch for your past performance.

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Felicity Weeks,

I am writing as the personal care supervisor of the Palm View Care Facility to recommend one of our personal care assistants, Shana Wilson, for a similar position at your facility. Shana has worked for us for three years and in that time, she has proved herself to be a highly conscientious, and diligent employee.

Shana has worked as a personal care assistant for both our residential patients as well as home care patients, so her on-the-job skill set is quite diverse. She is a flexible employee who is always willing to work with the scheduling needs of her patients if possible, which has made her invaluable to Palm View.

Most importantly, Shana has demonstrated great concern and care for her duties as a personal care assistant. She is respectful and courteous to all patients and has a gift for explaining home care procedures in a way that is accessible to their at-home caregivers. I have no doubt that Shana will be an excellent addition to your personal care assistant team.


Matt Logan

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