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When looking for new employment opportunities, it is crucial to have a professional and impressive resume on hand, one that displays all of your best professional attributes and capabilities. It should grab the attention of employers and leave them so eager to learn more about you that they ask for interviews. To craft such a document, use our cashier resume template for Word, and read on to learn the do’s and don’ts of each part of your resume, including the summary statement, skills, work history and education sections.

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Writing Your Summary Statement

Your summary statement is your first chance to introduce yourself to hiring managers. This is the first part of your resume they see, so it’s important to take great care when writing this section. When creating your summary statement, be sure to use important keywords that will encourage employers to read the rest of your document.

When filling out the cashier resume template for Word, make sure this section is short and to the point. Write no more than three sentences or three bullet points. Include the following:

  • The title of the position to which you are applying

  • A couple of skillsets that apply to the job

  • Relevant experience or personality traits

For more help, check out these examples:

Example 1

Diligent cashier with a passion for mathematics and customer service. Skilled in marketing, record-keeping and cash handling. Friendly and helpful worker who utilizes extensive product knowledge to boost sales and increase company profits.

Example 2

  • Qualified cashier with 10 years of experience in register balancing and management

  • Professional and effective interpersonal communication skills

  • Capable of multitasking customer service duties in store and on the telephone

Example 3

Experienced cashier adept at cash management and inventory control. Respectful professional practiced in time management, cashier reports and register balancing. Passionate about providing the highest quality of customer service.

Example 4

  • Enthusiastic cashier with superb interpersonal communication skills

  • Proficient in mathematics and business administration

  • Experienced in complaint resolution and product promotion

Writing Your Skills Section

The skills section of your resume often comes after your summary statement, as you can see in the cashier resume template for Word. Because hiring managers usually prefer to skim through resumes at first, this part of your document is formatted with bullet points and short, general phrases that do not go into too much detail. However, by using impressive industry keywords, you can stop readers in their tracks and make them take notice. To stand out, follow these tips:

  • Begin your list with your most impressive and relevant skills, and organize the rest accordingly

  • Keep this section honest and accurate by claiming only the skills you actually have

  • Aim to include your top six to eight skillsets, and make sure each one is applicable to your desired job

Consider including in your skills section some of these commonly sought-after cashier skillsets:

  • Mathematics

  • Customer service and complaint resolution

  • Cash handling

  • Register balancing

  • Product and promotion knowledge

  • Inventory management

  • Cashier reports and record-keeping

Writing Your Work History Section

The work history section is your resume’s main exhibit. The other sections are important, but this is where hiring managers determine what you are really made of. That is why it is crucial to display your top professional assets and accomplishments. To make your work history section the best it can be, follow the guidelines below when filling out the cashier resume template for Word.

  • List your most recent position first and continue in reverse chronological order

  • Use action verbs to make each description more impressive

  • Give employers a better understanding of your capabilities by using metrics whenever you can

  • Incorporate keywords from the job listing to show you are the best candidate

For a better idea of what to include in this section, look at these examples:

  • Managed an average of 120 customer transactions per day, ensuring accurate payments and change every time

  • Answered customer inquiries and resolved complaints with professional and respectful customer service

  • Balanced the cash drawer at the end of shifts with a record of 100 percent accuracy

  • Promoted company credit cards and special products, exceeding company profit goals by 10 percent each month

Writing Your Education Section

The purpose of your education section is to provide a brief description of your academic background. This final part of your resume will vary in importance depending on which jobs you apply for. Nonetheless, make this section as impressive as you can by following the helpful tips below when filling out the cashier resume template for Word.

  • Begin with your most advanced education and continue to list accordingly

  • Include academic honors, but do not include your GPA unless you recently graduated

  • Mention your high school only if you do not have a college degree

When constructing your education section, consider these examples:

Example 1

Associate of Science in Business Administration – 2009

Community College of Denver, Denver, CO

Courses included: Principles of management, mathematics

Example 2

Associate of Arts in Customer Service Management – 2008

Community College of Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA

Courses included: Principles of customer service, marketing

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