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The manufacturing industries have traditionally been the backbone of the American economy. While they have been changing, that truth has not been, and that means the positions that exist in today’s technological production environments are highly competitive. To get the best chance at a position, you need a job application built to impress. Follow along with this production supervisor resume template for Word to see how to optimize the sections of your resume, including the summary statement, skills section, work history, and education section.

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Writing Your Summary Statement

The summary statement is your space for first impressions, coming as it does at the top of your resume page. To make sure you have all the information you need without going long, you will want to organize your summary as a three-sentence paragraph or a short bullet list. Follow these other best practices and the production supervisor resume template for Word to finish your summary statement:

  • Include your most relevant and well-developed skills

  • Provide your biggest accomplishment as an example

  • Make sure you avoid an objective statement and focus on summarizing yourself

Here are some examples to work with as you craft your summary statement:

Example 1

  • Experience leading a production team of seven on an aluminum extrusion line

  • Developed safety processes to streamline work and improve worker health

  • Strong communicator and detail-oriented shift leader

Example 2

  • EMT-certified field medic and production supervisor for heavy equipment manufacturing

  • Executed custom designs for deep earth mining equipment via hand fabrication

  • Developed strongly delegated team environments to streamline fabrication efforts

Example 3

Production supervisor with experience leading a floor shift of 60 workers spread over 15 production lines. Safety record includes a 20 percent reduction in annual casualties over the course of my time with my last employer. Detail-oriented problem-solver.

Example 4

Experienced production supervisor with hazardous material handling certification. Prior work experience includes plastics and ceramic extrusion work. Strong verbal communicator, very team-oriented in the workplace.

Writing Your Skills Section

Experienced production supervisor with hazardous material handling certification. Prior work experience includes plastics and ceramic extrusion work. Strong verbal communicator, very team-oriented in the workplace.

The skills section can be relatively short, but it needs to be carefully cultivated. That’s because it represents your opportunity to make sure prospective employers can readily see how your skills line up with what they are seeking. As you look at the production supervisor resume template for Word and you consider your options, keep these best practices in mind:

  • Order your skills from most vital to the position to least

  • Make sure you match key terms from the job description to make yourself look like a match

  • Include a comprehensive list of skills, but keep individual items short

Here are a few skills that are relevant to many production supervisors. Adapt them to your resume as necessary:

  • Team management and leadership skills

  • Evaluation and heuristic assessment skills

  • Knowledge of relevant workplace safety regulations

  • Proficiency with industrial control and workflow management software

  • Quantitative reasoning skills

  • Strong verbal communication skills, including instruction-giving skills

Writing Your Work History Section

Your work history is your chance to ground the skills in the previous section by introducing accomplishments that illustrate them while providing insight into your behavior as an employee. As a result, you will find that this section is where the reader’s image of you as a worker comes into focus. Follow these best practices as you look at the production supervisor resume template for Word and revise your own resume:

  • Keep everything in reverse chronological order so that the reader sees your most recent and relevant accomplishments first

  • Use five to eight bullet points per occupation to provide a broad range of examples of your accomplishments

  • Use metrics to explain exactly how effective your workplace efforts were

Here are a few examples of the kinds of entries you might include for various production supervisor positions. Adapt them as needed.

  • Supervised a first-shift operation that included 50 workers over 20 production lines

  • Led safety initiatives, establishing a more efficient reporting and response system for accidents

  • Reduced workplace injuries requiring medical attention by 15 percent over three years

  • Delegated line maintenance responsibilities and followed up on repair requests to monitor progress

Writing Your Education Section

The education section is frequently the briefest section on the resume, but that does not mean it is unimportant. Depending on the credentials needed to do the job, there are varying levels of emphasis placed on this part of the document. Here are some tips you can use as you review your own materials and the production supervisor resume template for Word:

  • List only relevant credentials; leave off your high school if the position requires a degree or if you have one

  • Include all relevant credentials, including certifications

  • Make sure you include any honors or related accomplishments with your entry

Here are a couple of example entries for the education section you can model:

Example 1

Bachelor in Fabrication Technology – 2015

Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, MI

Cum laude

Example 2

Bachelor in Business – 2013

Davenport University, Warren, MI

DECA president

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