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The Bureau of Labor Statistics notes that despite a recent downturn in these types of job openings, the retirement of older assemblers is expected to soon create new opportunities for up-and-comers in the field. To help you prepare for when this chance arrives, our assembler resume examples can get your own page into top-notch shape. Read on to learn about how each individual resume section contributes to your application’s success and how our resume examples can help you optimize each of these areas.


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What is a Assembler ?

Assemblers’ main job objective is putting together finished products and parts using various tools, equipment or their hands. The job requires them to read schematics and blueprints, complete quality control inspections and remain current on the latest manufacturing technology. Recently, assemblers have come to handle more product development, allowing them to work closely with engineers and designers to boost product reliability and efficiency. There are several specialties for this role, such as electrical and electronic equipment assemblers, team assemblers, engine and machine assemblers and aircraft systems assemblers.

What Makes This a Great
Assembler Resume Example?

A well-written resume can make a world of difference when vying to stand out in a pool of equally qualified applicants. Our assembler resume examples, crafted by our team of certified resume writers, can immediately place you closer to landing that interview and scoring a job offer. Learn the basics of how these examples are so effective:

  • Professionally crafted content: To make your resume even more appealing, take inspiration from the specialized keywords and phrases put together by our team of resume writers. In this example, “my dexterity, technical skills and stamina allow me to assemble with speed and accuracy,” clearly describes the job seeker’s strengths as an assembler.
  • Resume format suggestions: If you are an experienced assembler with in-depth knowledge of industry regulations and inspection procedures, consider taking a cue from the above example and make use of a chronological format. Alternatively, if you’re just starting as an entry-level assembler, a functional resume format might best emphasize your transferable skills.
  • Templates options: Your resume’s template determines its visual style, so be sure to use one that’s appropriate for the job you’re after.  This example uses color and capital letters to draw the eye, allowing hiring managers to easily identify important sections. This template is well-organized and appropriate for most industries.

3 Assembler Professional Summary Examples

Use our resume examples as inspiration to craft your assembler professional summary, and take advantage of our resume builder if you’d like more hands-on assistance. Here are three professional summary samples like those our resume writers may suggest for your resume:

  1. Diligent electronic equipment assembler with six years of experience assembling electronic control devices, sensing equipment and electric motors. Familiar with using and maintaining a variety of hand tools. Committed to safety, accuracy, quality results and efficiency.
  2. High school graduate seeking on-the-job training to become an assembler. Background working as an ironworker for seven years, developing transferable skills. Knowledge of work injury prevention methods to maximize safety. Interested in earning certification from the Fabricators & Manufacturers Association, International.
  3. Dexterous assembler seeking to specialize in fiberglass laminating and fabricating. Judgment and decision-making skills help me quickly understand schematics and blueprints and minimize mistakes (worked three consecutive years without accident or injury). Focused on keeping my work area, equipment and tools clean and well-organized and adhering to the latest safety regulations.

3 Assembler Work Experience Examples

With our resume examples, you’ll have an ideal starting point to draft your assembler work experience section. Our resume builder also provides pre-written content for each job title that you can use directly or personalize to your specific needs, which can include adding metrics. Here are three bullet points our resume writers may suggest:

  1. Studied and interpreted diagrams, schematic drawings, reports, work orders and specifications to understand assembly instructions and materials requirements.
  2. Used paint sprayers to paint structures according to requirements and specifications.
  3. Assembled support structures and electronic/electrical systems, and installed units, components, assembly casings and subassemblies.

Top Skills for Your Assembler Resume

You should never have to delay in submitting your resume because you’re not sure you have the right skills employers desire. Our resume examples and builder offer numerous skills specific to assemblers, and you’re free to include your own. Check out these examples:

Hard Skills

  • Calibration software
  • Production control software
  • Dassault Systemes SOLIDWORKS
  • Electrical power management systems

Soft Skills

  • Manual dexterity
  • Problem sensitivity
  • Oral comprehension
  • Inductive reasoning

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Assembler FAQs

How much does an assembler make?

Assembler duties depend on whether the person has a specialty, such as electronic equipment, aircraft structures or timing devices. General duties include using machines and hand tools to put parts together according to diagrams, cleaning tools and manually positioning parts and components. Recently, the switch to lean manufacturing systems has shifted assemblers’ job duties to involve more work in teams, where assemblers switch between different tasks rather than have a permanent, specific task.

How much does an assembler make?

In 2019, assemblers and fabricators earned a median yearly wage of $33,710. The top 10% took home more than $54,660 while the lowest 10% earned less than $23,000. Wages depend on the industry an assembler works in, with transportation equipment manufacturing earning the most ($38,820) and temporary help services earning the least ($27,390)

What is light assembly work?

Light assembly work consists of the same basic duties as other industrial jobs but is done on a smaller scale, often with smaller goods or parts and less involved production. These positions still require basic assembler responsibilities, such as reading work orders and blueprints to understand work specifications, completing product quality checks, using equipment to assemble pieces and packaging completed products.