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To get noticed by hiring managers, you need a resume that paints a bright portrait of you as an employee. It should go over your most impressive skills and accomplishments and be formatted in a way that is simple to read. You want your job application to look like the resume pictured, and an easy way to do that is to use our welder resume template for Word to guide your writing. Also provided here are some guidelines for creating each individual section, including the skills, work history, summary statement and education sections.

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Writing Your Summary Statement

The main goal of the summary statement is to encourage hiring managers to continue reading. Employers are busy, so you want to make it clear from the very beginning your resume is worth reading. You can do that by following a few important tips.

First, you want to keep this section short. It only needs to be three lines long, and you can either format those lines as a paragraph or in a bulleted list. The other thing to bear in mind is to put this information within the section:

* Your professional title

* Some key skills you possess

* Areas of expertise or achievements you have earned

Land an awesome interview with the help of our welder resume template for Word.

Example 1

Hardworking welder with eight years of experience. Skilled in using a variety of tools, including drill presses, heliarc welding equipment and swing stages. Successful history leading a team to complete projects.

Example 2

Motivated welder with six years’ experience working in shops. Able to find creative solutions to problems. Exceptional physical prowess to lift over 60 pounds and stay on feet for hours during a shift.

Example 3

* Welder with 10 years of experience working in the manufacturing industry

* Highly deadline-driven and customer-oriented

* Committed to the safety of everyone working in the shop

Example 4

* Fabricator welder working for over four years

* Capable of creating and reading blueprints

* Familiar with quality control processes to guarantee quality of every item produced

Writing Your Skills Section

After the summary statement on the welder resume template for Word is a list of important skills. While you want to use a bulleted list, you want to keep every point short and sweet. This section should quickly go over skills you will regularly showcase in a welder position. While you may know how to play a musical instrument, you would not want to put that kind of material in this area. Some other tips to remember while writing include:

* Finding skills to mention by reviewing the company’s job description

* Mentioning between six and eight skills

* Using short phrases that do not have periods at the end of them

Provided here are some skills that would feel right at home on a welder’s resume.

* Expertise with gas welding apparatuses

* Knowledge of scientific software

* Arm-hand steadiness and control precision

* Familiarity with geometry and statistics

* Proficient with inventory management

* Able to operate a forklift

* Great attention to detail

Writing Your Work History Section

In the summary statement and skills sections, you have provided brief overviews of what you are capable of. In the work history section, you can really get into the details of why you deserve this job. It is the biggest section on the welder resume template for Word, and it is long for a reason. You should include as many details as you can about what you accomplished. Here are several general tips you will want to follow:

* Do not mention supervisor’s name or salary information

* Do mention dates of employment and location

* Show how your responsibilities have grown throughout the years

* Get between five and eight bullet points for each job

* Do not start a point with a passive phrase such as “Responsible for;” use action verbs instead

While you will want to customize your resume based on your experiences, here are some examples of what could be included.

* Used flame-cutting equipment to weld components in overhead, vertical and flat positions

* Ensured everyone remained in compliance with safety guidelines by creating safety manuals

* Developed templates for items that needed to be created and communicated information to team

Writing Your Education Section

Welders have a dangerous job. Therefore, hiring managers want to be certain you possess a certain level of education so you will be able to handle the workload appropriately. Although it is the last part of the welder resume template for Word, it is by no means the least important. In fact, it can put your application over the edge.

* You can decide whether you want to include the date of graduation if you left school a while ago

* GPA is not mandatory, but you can include any academic honors, such as summa cum laude, if you have them

* Leave out information from high school if you went to college

Example 1

Associate’s Degree in Welding Technology – 2014

South Bay Community College

Courses include: Engineering, computer-aided design

Graduated magna cum laude

Example 2

Certification in Pipe Welding

American Welding Society


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