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To land the position you’ve had your eye on, the right professional documents must first be in order. Your resume should reflect your highest accomplishments and strongest skills right off the bat, letting your employer know a bit about you and how you can benefit the company or team. With our housekeeper resume template for Word, you can slow down and get the basics, as well as acquire some useful writing tips to keep in your back pocket. Read on to better present your summary statement, skills, work history and education sections.

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Writing Your Summary Statement

Think of your summary statement as the center of attraction of your resume. It is a point at which you can share top professional features about yourself that may stand out from the rest. Critically engage with your job listing so you can most accurately use keywords and phrases found within.

As seen in our housekeeper resume template for Word, a summary statement should be written in either three bullet points or sentences. Don’t forget to also include the following:

  • A few major skills, along with some valuable soft skills and traits

  • Your professional title

  • Correct grammar (for example, be sure to write “years’ experience” instead of “years experience”)

Stay on track by using some example summary statements:

Example 1

  • Hardworking housekeeper with eight years’ experience in house cleaning

  • Familiar with up-to-date cleaning equipment and methods

  • Attentive and professional demeanor

Example 2

Competent housekeeper determined to grow and learn in the industry. Observant of details and the security of guest property. Excellent communication skills, with ability to establish interpersonal relationships.

Example 3

  • Housekeeper with 10 years of experience

  • Knowledgeable of deep cleaning procedures

  • Fluent in Spanish and Japanese

Example 4

Energetic housekeeper with five years’ experience. Capable of multitasking and quick to learn new cleaning and organizational strategies. Maintain a positive work environment.

Writing Your Skills Section

Your skills section is a place where you can show off abilities learned from your professional experiences thus far and reveal your expertise to hiring managers. Pay close attention to keywords found in the job listing — employers look for these in your resume sections! The housekeeper resume template for Word and following tips can help you navigate through your skills to best arrange ones useful for the position:

  • Format your skills in short phrases, and don’t use periods at the end

  • Consider transferable skills (in the case that you are lacking in experience)

  • Give a list of 5-7 relevant skills

Below is a list of typical skills in housekeeping that you may find useful:

  • Strong multitasking skills

  • Familiar with inventory management software

  • First-rate customer service

  • Active, punctual and goal-oriented

  • Outstanding judgement and decision-making skills

  • Acute eye for cleanliness and knowledgeable of innovative cleaning tools

  • Understanding of clients and team members

Writing Your Work History Section

A considerable amount of time should be spent constructing your work history section. This part of your resume is a deal-breaker for many employers, as it shows how qualified you are for the position. Back up the information you referenced in earlier sections by listing actual work experiences and specific achievements. Following our housekeeper resume template for Word, put those experiences into action, and don’t forget a few quick tips:

  • Begin with your most recent job and work backwards

  • Be accomplishment-oriented when giving descriptions — these are much more exciting than simple lists of responsibilities

  • List 5-8 bullet points for job descriptions

  • Think variety when giving descriptions (a thesaurus can help spice things up)

  • Give metrics when you can to let employers know specific achievements

Need more help? Here are some great examples of descriptions in a housekeeper work history section:

  • Performed various housekeeping duties, including the cleaning of linens, rooms and hallways

  • Restocked bathroom items and other supplies in hotel rooms

  • Deep-cleaned windows and walls in the building

  • Followed team procedures and completed tasks in a timely manner

Writing Your Education Section

The importance of an education section can vary depending on the type of job, but it is always a good idea to keep this section as polished as other parts of your resume. Similar to the education section in our housekeeper resume template for Word, arrange your education in a way that is quick and easy for employers to read, and keep the following tips in mind:

  • Gather all the information you can that applies to the job (special awards, certificates and other academic achievements)

  • Start with your highest level of education

  • Put “in progress” if you are in the process of completing a degree

Here are some ideal entries you might find in the education section of a housekeeper resume:

Example 1

Associate in Applied Science: Hospitality and Tourism – 2015

St. Louis Community College – St. Louis, MO

Courses included: Safety and sanitation, workplace learning: hospitality

Example 2

Certification: Certificate of Specialization, Hospitality Customer Service – 2014

Metropolitan Community College – Lee’s Summit, MO

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