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Your first chance to make a good impression on a potential employer is with a great resume. This document can be a powerful way to represent your hard work and preparation for the job you’re seeking. Use our healthcare resume template for Word and the included example as a starting point to create a great resume with summary statement, skills, work history, and education sections.

Healthcare Professional Resume Sample

Writing Your Summary Statement

Your summary statement is the first part of the document that potential employers will see. It is here that you will show that you are qualified for the position you hope to obtain. Be sure that the information contained in this section of your resume is focused on the qualities sought by prospective employers. Choose those words and phrases that are most relevant to the healthcare industry.

Your summary statement should be brief, just three bullets or sentences long. It should include your professional title, your skills that pertain to the job, and your certifications or relevant education. Use the examples below and our healthcare resume template for Word to guide you in the creation of an informative summary statement.

Summary Statement Example 1:

  • Healthcare social worker at Samaritan Hospital

  • 13 years of experience providing patient counseling and arranging outpatient case management

  • Advocate for patient in crisis resolution

  • Board certified as clinical healthcare social worker

Summary Statement Example 2:

  • Certified home health aide with 4 years of experience

  • Provided basic care for homebound patients in Benton County

  • Familiar with glucometers, patient lifters, and other relevant technology

Summary Statement Example 3:

  • Director of Nursing at Providence Willamette Falls Medical Center

  • Introduced new software program for tracking patient records

  • Maintained accuracy in administration of medications

Summary Statement Example 4:

Certified healthcare professional with 10 years of midwife experience. Organized licensing courses for volunteers/lay midwives. Proficiency in both English and Spanish. Caring individual with excellent organization and leadership skills.

Writing Your Skills Section

Rather than creating a paragraph of information, give potential employers a quick and encompassing glance at your healthcare abilities. This section should provide a list of the skills that you would prefer to discuss with interviewers. Consider using the following best practices to create a skills section that represents you well:

  • Separate skills and accomplishments from interests and then list a few of your top skills.

  • You should only include information that is directly relevant to the job for which you are applying. Use keywords and phrases focused on your specific area of healthcare.

  • It is okay to use sentence fragments in this section.

Choose some of the examples below if they are relevant as you fill out the healthcare resume template for Word.

  • Use of logic and reasoning to create patient plans

  • Weigh costs and benefits of various types of service

  • Effective communication with patients and professional peers

  • Coordination of services for discharged patients

  • Interview clients to gather intake information

  • Collaborate with peers to assess client treatment plans

  • Counsel clients with substance abuse issues

  • Transcribe information into electronic form

Writing Your Work History Section

Your work history section offers valuable information about your past experience and career accomplishments. Use the best practice guidelines listed below and the healthcare resume template for Word to make sure you are representing yourself as well as possible.

  • It’s usually best to begin with your most recent positions and achievements and move backward.

  • Stick to job positions and achievements in your recent past. Anything beyond the last 15 years is probably too old.

  • Don’t list information such as contact information for supervisors, the number of hours you worked, and your previous salaries.

  • Be sure to list locations and dates of employment.

  • Only use abbreviations that are very common.

Consider these examples of healthcare work history sections:

Healthcare Social Worker at Samaritan Albany General Hospital / Albany / 2000-2013

  • Provided in-house patient counseling

  • Coordinated resources for discharged patients

  • Patient advocate during crises

  • Board-certified clinical social worker

Certified Home Health Aide (CHHA) for Intermountain Home Health / Benton County / 2012-current

  • Maintained records of patient care and progress

  • Assisted with personal care and hygiene

  • Negotiated reduced costs for bulk purchase of home health equipment

Director of Nursing at Providence Willamette Falls Medical Center / Oregon City / 2010 – 2016

  • Supervised nurses providing medical attention

  • Reviewed written and online documentation for accuracy

  • Collaborated on creation of patient care plans

  • Analyzed test results to make diagnoses and treatment plans

Writing Your Education Section

Make this section of your resume easy to read, so that potential employers can glean information with just a quick glance. Use the following suggestions to create a strong section, as shown in our healthcare resume template for Word.

  • Include any degree programs or classes that you are currently attending and include your anticipated graduation date.

  • Provide your certifications and licenses in this section, as well as ongoing professional development courses and trainings.

  • Offer current professional memberships and affiliations, especially if you hold a leadership position.

Example of Education Section for Healthcare

City University of Seattle / Healthcare Administration MA / 2013

Washington State University / BSN / 2011

Membership in American Association of Healthcare Administrative Management / current

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