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A sharp resume is important for impressing anyone trying to hire a nanny. Working directly with children is a huge responsibility, one that is not and should not be taken lightly. Our nanny resume template for Word will help you get started in sculpting your own resume that reflects your value and qualifications. Read through our four steps covering each of the different sections: summary statement, skills, work history and education, to assist in your resume-writing process.

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Writing Your Summary Statement

A strong summary statement at the top of your resume will always help you stand out to the parents or organization hiring. This is just a short paragraph to explain who you are and why your audience should bother reading the rest of your resume. For an example of how to use the summary statement for this field, see our nanny resume template for Word. Keep to these guidelines to shape your own version:

* Use your most recent job title in your description

* Use first person, omitting all pronouns

* Use no more than three sentences/bullet points focusing up to three of your strongest attributes

Here are a few more samples of how to use this:

Example 1

* Knowledgeable nanny with over four years of experience

* Patient but firm, capable of working with children from multiple backgrounds

* Creative and adaptable to many situations and personality types

Example 2

* Skilled babysitter with 10+ years of experience in childcare positions

* Qualified professional, with recent and up-to-date certifications

* Compassionate mentor who is not afraid to be strict when necessary

Example 3

Certified nanny with a strong background in multiple childcare positions. Fun but structured, capable of keeping children engaged and actively learning throughout the day. Expertise in childhood health and nutrition.

Example 4

Reliable and proficient nanny with over 20 years’ experience in childcare. Passionate about instilling pride for hard work. Knowledgeable about child psychology and development, with current and continuous updates to the latest research.

Writing Your Skills Section

The skills section of your resume is probably the most straightforward; your goal is to illustrate your qualifications in a simple, informative format. Our nanny resume template for Word reveals how to use this in action. For your own skills list, remember to:

* Choose skills that directly complement your ability to perform the job as described

* Use words from the job posting that stand out to explain your skillset

* Keep it between three and eight bullet points, listed as short phrases

Deciding which skills to include in your resume can sometimes be tricky. The following list are skills commonly looked for in a nanny:

* Familiarity with basic mental and physical wellness and child development

* Experience teaching and leading children in one or more educational or physical activities

* Rudimentary knowledge of housekeeping, cooking and other ways to maintain the house and children properly, with or without supervision

* Expertise working in a specific area of childcare or with a specific age range, such as an early childhood or newborn care certification

* Service oriented and independent, able to anticipate areas to help

Writing Your Work History Section

Filling out the work history section can seem intimidating, but even those new to the field can use this section to their benefit. Always include relevant internships, babysitting or other childcare experience in this section. Add 5-8 bullet points after each experience to better explain your prior responsibilities and what you are equipped to handle. Here are some helpful hints on how to achieve that:

* Show you are an active childcare worker by using active verbs to start off your bullet points

* Focus on areas of increased responsibilities in your prior experiences

* The parents or organization hiring used certain words in the job posting that are important to them; try to use those same words in a way that flows naturally

The example below demonstrates the tips above in use, or check out our nanny resume template for Word to see our suggestions in action:

* Assisted the kindergarten teacher with lesson plans and maintaining the kids’ attention

* Instructed a group of 14 kindergarteners through their arts and crafts lessons

* Implemented a curriculum focused on teaching the children the importance of helping others

* Supervised outdoor and indoor recess, keeping the kids safe and engaged in activities

Writing Your Education Section

No degree is required for this job, but any childhood education, licenses and certifications will certainly be considered. Some certifications, like CPR and First Aid, will be required most of the time. See our nanny resume template for Word to get an idea of how to construct your own education section, and follow these tips:

* Include any pertinent coursework, certifications or licenses

* List your certifications and education in order of importance

* Don’t include high school graduation or GED if you have achieved any higher form of education

Here are a few more useful samples:

Example 1

American Red Cross:

First Aid, CPR and AED certified (through January 2018)

Water Safety Certified (through July 2018)

Professional Nanny Certified- January 2016

English Nanny and Governess School- Chagrin Falls, OH

Example 2

B.A. in Early Childhood Education (2011)

University of Northern Colorado – Greeley, CO

Licenses and Certifications:

First Aid, CPR and AED- recertified through March 2019

American Red Cross

Newborn Care Specialist- certified June 2012

Newborn Care Specialist Association- Colorado Springs, CO

Valid Colorado Driver’s License


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