Machine Operator Resume Objective Example

A machine operator has experience operating specialized machinery and may be proficient with multiple types of machines. Customize your resume to the specific job you hope to attain by highlighting your experience and ambitions in your objective statement. The objective is the first section an employer will read and will determine whether they continue to consider you for the position.

What the Machine Operator Resume Objective Should Tell Prospective Employers

Machine operators work in a variety of industries, including mining, construction, and factory production. They operate specialized equipment such as bulldozers, pumps, derricks, scrapers, lathes, and front-end loaders to excavate and grade earth, extract minerals, produce materials, pour concrete, and demolish and erect structures. Operators must be able to follow through on written and verbal instructions, and the ability to read plans may be required. They must be able to coordinate movements to preserve the safety of workers, structures, and other machines. They should adapt operation to accommodate a variety of terrains and materials. Other duties may include repairing and maintaining equipment. Resume objectives should include experience with specific machinery and should highlight skills, job record, and safety record.

Sample Machine Operator Resume Objectives

Include the name of the potential employer in your objective. Focus on what you have to offer their company, rather than what you hope to obtain from them.

1. Looking for a position as machine operator for ABC company that utilizes experience operating and providing routine maintenance for heavy mining equipment.

2. Seeking a machine operator position for ABC company to use 12+ years of experience calibrating, operating, monitoring, and troubleshooting high-speed production packaging equipment.

3. Hardworking quick learner with clean driving record and experience with agricultural machinery seeks to adapt skills to machine operator position with ABC company operating construction machinery.

4. Obtain a machine operator position with ABC company and contribute punctual, reliable reputation operating heavy civil machinery with a perfect safety record.

5. Searching for a machine operator position with ABC company to operate and maintain factory equipment, plan tasks, and perform work to meet production goals efficiently.

Skills to Put in a Machine Operator Resume Objective

On average, employers spend six seconds looking at a resume. Your resume objective is the first thing read, so it needs to stand out and provide as much pertinent information about you as possible. This means including relevant hard and soft skills that will catch the eyes of hiring managers and make them continue reading.

Industrial machine operation requires a lot of physical skills and abilities, so your submission needs to impart that in written form. This could mean mentioning your stamina, dexterity, or strength. You can also check your skills against the ones listed in the job description to determine the best ones to shine a light on.

Here are some hard and soft skills to consider when writing your machine operator resume objective statement:

  1. Understanding of metalwork best practices
  2. Competent working with metal, plastic, and wood
  3. Good eye for detail
  4. Excellent manual dexterity with a steady hand
  5. Ability to focus on one task at a time
  6. Logical thinker able to solve complex physical problems
  7. Able to read and understand technical manuals
  8. Familiar with industrial safety practices
  9. Mental flexibility to adapt to situations quickly
  10. Able to inspect equipment for defects, errors, and worn-out parts
  11. Great oral comprehension and expression

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