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Custodians are responsible for protecting and supervising facilities. Being alert and attentive is essential to prevent any damage to the facility. Their job involves cleaning, maintaining, repairing and arranging the facility appropriately. According to a 2018 survey by Statista, 3.24 million people worked in the cleaning industry in the United States.

Custodial workers are generally employed in the dwelling industry, elementary schools and secondary schools. Taking advantage of these sectors’ growth and the fact that cleanliness, safety and hygiene are gaining more and more importance, our custodian resume examples written by certified resume writers will help you highlight the specific skills and expertise required to help you land a job.


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What is a Custodian?

A custodian is more than just a cleaner. Their responsibilities range from building maintenance to office repairs, taking out the trash, arranging furniture, watering plants, trimming grass, sanitizing laboratories, washrooms, polishing woodworks, floors and more. While many may work for large companies or as a part of a team of other custodians, some work independently for buildings, office spaces and warehouses.

A custodian’s work is such that they need to be physically fit as they are often required to stoop, crawl, kneel or stand for long periods. They might also be required to carry and lift heavy objects, or push heavy equipment. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a formal education is not required to be hired for this role and they typically get on the job training.

What Makes This a Great
Custodian Resume Example?

If you are a custodian and looking to fetch a rewarding job, study our custodian resume examples, which will show you how to draft a compelling resume. Here are three ways our resume examples help:

  • Examples of strong content: Our team of certified professional resume writers know what recruiters look for in top candidates for custodian roles. Study our resume examples to learn how to incorporate the most sought-after skills and experience into your document. For more help, use our Resume Builder, which will suggest similar pre-written content for every section of your resume.
  • Effective resume formats: Choose a resume format that will highlight your most impressive experience and skills. The example above uses a combination resume format that puts equal emphasis on the candidate’s skills and work history. Job seekers applying for an entry-level custodian role might consider a functional format instead.
  • Appropriate templates: Our resume examples feature job-appropriate templates. Since custodians work in a variety of industries, choosing a versatile template, the one above, would be a great choice. Or, choose a more traditional or creative resume template from our library.

3 Custodian Professional Summary Examples

The professional summary provides hiring managers with a summary of your knowledge, expertise and qualifications. Our custodian resume example shows you one example of a professional summary that would compel a recruiter to keep reading.

Here are three additional examples:

  1. Meticulous custodian with six years of experience. Excellent team player who regularly coordinates with the janitorial team and supervisor to promote a clean and orderly school premise and playground. Maintain basic cleaning and maintenance tasks in the locker rooms and cafeteria.
  2. Safety-conscious custodian with a proven record of custodial skills and thorough knowledge of cleaning and maintaining buildings and grounds. Adept at handling a variety of cleaning equipment and products, including the safe handling of hazardous materials. Skilled at the quick cleaning of restrooms and common room facilities.
  3. Career custodian with 21 years of experience cleaning elementary and middle schools. Trained in safety procedures and the safe handling of toxic cleaning products. Awarded Custodian of the Year in 2018 for outstanding performance and work ethic. Fluent in both Spanish and English.

3 Custodian Work Experience Examples

The work experience section gives recruiters a clear picture of your abilities and achievements in previous organizations. Study our custodian resume examples to learn how to incorporate your most impressive accomplishments into your resume.

Here are three examples for a custodian work experience section to consider as your write your own:

  1. Coordinated with the office’s facility manager to undertake precautionary measures against water leakage and plumbing failures in 30 restrooms throughout the five-story office building.
  2. Provided cleaning services to an upscale SoHo-located residential tower. Maintained two clubhouses, and four swimming pools. Cleaned and sanitized the building’s health club and performed regular safety inspections.
  3. Supervise a team of 15 workers to manage an 850-student secondary school.

Top Skills for Your Custodian Resume

Skills are an integral part of any resume. Since custodians often work in a team, having a mix of hard and soft skills is critical to presenting yourself as a well-rounded candidate. Our custodian resume examples offer a balanced mix of skills to integrate into your resume, or choose from some of the following skills for your resume:

Hard Skills

  • Physical strength and stamina
  • Equipment expertise
  • Fire safety protocol 
  • Inventory control

Soft Skills

  • Time management 
  • Project management skills 
  • Teamwork
  • Communication

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Custodian FAQs

What kind of experience is required for a custodian to get a suitable job?

Custodians can apply for jobs with little or no experience, but they have to demonstrate that they can adapt to the working environment quickly to carry out tasks efficiently. At times, custodians must work with complex equipment and hazardous chemicals, so safety knowledge is essential. Applying for senior custodian roles requires more past work experience and some management skills.

What education is required for a custodian?

Typically custodians are not required to have an education beyond high school. Most of their knowledge comes through on-the-job experience and training. Knowledge of simple plumbing, electrical and equipment maintenance is an added advantage. Custodians who wish to work in large organizations or multispecialty hospitals, hotels, and casinos should have a higher education qualification, like a bachelor’s degree or diploma.

What are the essential topics to consider for the workplace safety of custodians?

Custodians are exposed to risks like exposure to hazardous chemicals, electrical accidents, overexertion and workplace safety. Custodial staff needs to be well trained and have experience with safety protocols. Also, a good knowledge of the landscape they are working in is vital to take the necessary precautions. Maintaining a good posture and taking timely breaks is important for the safety of custodians. Depending on the work environment, they may need to wear protective gear to protect themselves from accidents or hazards.