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Executive Profile

 I am a highly motivated executive with outstanding leadership qualities, tactical experience and superb decision making skills. I develop new leaders by actions, instruction and supervision. I have a very strong work ethic and take great pride and initiative in all assignments. My versatility in an environment where others may hesitate or choose to avoid a difficult situation is often where I succeed. I have taken assignments that others wouldn’t and these occasions have developed me into the leader I am now.

Skill Highlights
  • Leadership/communication skills
  • Self-motivated
  • Employee relations
  • Trained in emergency response
  • Strong verbal communication
  • Operations management
  • Training and development
  • Skilled in conflict resolution
  • Natural leader
  • Investigative procedures

Nixon High School Nixon, TX Expected in 1983 High School Diploma : - GPA :
Core Accomplishments

I served in the United States Army on Active Duty from 1983 till 1991. I continued my military career as a reservist throughout most of my Bureau of Prisons career until 2007, when I retired honorably with 22 years of service and a combat deployment in the Army.  I started my Federal Bureau of Prisons Career in 1991 as a GS-6 Corrections Officer. I have been a supervisor since 1995 in the Bureau of Prisons and have worked some of the most challenging facilities in our agency. I achieved great success as a supervisor, but more as a leader and was subsequently promoted in to Warden in my agency and shortly after, I was selected as a member of the Senior Executive Service (SES) in the Department of Justice.   

Professional Experience
Federal Bureau Of Prisons - SES Warden (GS-15)
City, STATE, 11/2015 - Current

As the CEO of this facility, I provide oversight to 22 departments, executive staff, first line supervisors and line staff on a regular basis. I am responsible to set the tone with managing a very diverse institution population at a medium security facility. Staffing is key to the operations of the facility and I have focused on filling critical positions and evaluating every vacancy to determine mission need and cost. Since my tenure here, we have saved the agency significant funds through my direct oversight and guidance to fill necessary positions, manage the staff on hand and effectively implement programs. My overtime budget allotted is 6% below normal, staff attendance to work is above average and augmentation is not necessary. Our programming requirements for inmates are being exceeded in almost every area. I manage a budget of over 44 million dollars successfully, which includes Staffing, Salary, Security, Training, Inmate Programming and Community Relations. I have increased local training of leadership, which has positively impacted the staff. I demonstrate a positive working relationship between staff and inmates, as well as with the community and other law enforcement agencies daily. We have increased our public relationships here and have a significant amount of community awareness and involvement into the success of this facility. I determined by reaching out individually to all of the local leaders and personally introducing myself and inviting them to attend out Quarterly Community Relations Meeting, added the personal touch necessary to have numbers tripling what previously was attending our meetings. Staff morale is at the highest it’s ever been and many regional visitors and tours note that upon their departing the facility.

Federal Bureau Of Prisons - Warden (GS-15)
City, STATE, 05/2014 - 11/2015

As the CEO over two Federal Correctional Institutions, I supervise over 350 staff at two separate facilities with over 2500 inmates. I have over 20 departments that I am directly responsible for. I have decreased the overtime budget this year by over 17% compared to prior years. I have successfully managed a budget of over 42 million. I have increased Correctional Staffing and in turn significantly improved the morale of the facility. I provide clear and consistent leadership in all aspects of the operation, programming and expenditures of the institutions. My leadership has been responsible for over half of my departments being noted and recognized for achieving Superior Program Reviews. I have significantly increased the safety and security of the institutions by enhancing procedures, noted to be under performing since my tenure. I regularly interact with the public, outside agencies and political entities as part of my duties.

Federal Bureau Of Prisons - Associate Warden (GS-14)
City, STATE, 04/2012 - 04/2014

I provided invaluable oversight directly to 13 different departments including security staff and indirect oversight to all others. Pollock was a Federal Complex consisting of high, medium and minimum security facilities. Over 300 staff and supervisors were under my guidance and leadership. In this capacity, I was directly responsible for the safety and security of the facilities. I provided daily direction to the staffing, policy, discipline and management of inmates and staff. I was responsible for several budgets exceeding 24 million dollars, which I never exceeded. I coordinated and chaired meetings specifically meant to enhance the operations and safety. Due to my leadership abilities, I was often tasked to audit, train and develop a plan of action to enhance a department’s morale and productivity. I instructed many leadership courses for the complex as well as for the agency requiring frequent travel to other facilities and the central office in Washington DC. 

Federal Bureau Of Prisons - Associate Warden (GS-14)
City, STATE, 03/2010 - 04/2012

Beaumont was unique in nature as the complex consisted of 4 facilities ranging from high to minimum security in one location. One of the challenges was supervising as many as 600 staff in many different disciplines, but over 300 correctional staff. Correctional staff were assigned under my area of oversight. They were directly responsible for the security and safety of each facility. My significant experience in this discipline allowed me to excel when others had failed in management of a department of this size. I was directly responsible for minimizing complaints regarding staffing, shift coverage and the simple logistics of a department of this size. I provided regular and frequent training to my supervisors in order to enhance their effectiveness. During my tenure here, I was able to use my correctional knowledge to enhance the safety and security for everyone, preventing loss of life and serious assaults. As a leader that is very visible, my actions and communication were instrumental in this succeeding and enhancing the safety of a potential volatile environment.

Federal Bureau Of Prisons - Correctional Services Administrator (GS-14)
City, STATE, 08/2007 - 03/2010

I provided professional oversight to over 22 Correctional Facilities, Detention Centers, Contract Facilities and other Law Enforcement agencies in the South Central Region on a frequent basis. I provided expert advice, training and resources specifically regarding the safe and secure operations of every facility in my region. I was responsible to write procedures to be implemented in order to enhance organization security and staff safety. I developed and wrote lesson plans used to train staff and tactical teams on a regular basis. This required creating templates, standards, lesson plans and slideshows used to improve emergency operations and agency readiness. I completed numerous After Action Reviews, Investigations and Analysis of significant incidents at facilities which included riots, suicides, attempted escapes, shooting incidents and homicides. I completed Security Assessments and Audits meant to enhance institution operations and staff safety, but also provided input into the enhancement of them nationally. I developed and instructed and many tactical courses specifically meant to train emergency responders. This included tactical and precision shooting, planning and incident command structure for working through major incidents.

Federal Bureau Of Prisons - Captain (GS-13)
City, STATE, 09/2005 - 08/2007

I was responsible for the security and safety of a High Security Penitentiary. I supervised over 150 Correctional Staff including Correctional Officers and supervisors, as well as over 1000 high security inmates. As the chief of security, I monitor all aspects of the operational safety and security of the facility. I provided direct oversight and review of internal audits and operation of the facility. I was the Tactical Commander and responsible for the selection, training, certification and deployment of 5 tactical teams. Additionally, I was a regional tactical trainer and provided regular training to over 500 emergency teams and staff. I instructed extensive training to various levels of supervisors and executive staff including annual refresher training to staff, institution familiarization for new staff, firearms instruction and training, tactical training for operators and other agencies.

Federal Bureau Of Prisons - Captain (GS-12)
City, STATE, 08/2003 - 09/2005

I supervised a compliment of over 120 Correctional Staff including Correctional Officers, Lieutenants, Investigative Supervisors and Administrative Staff at a Federal Correctional Institution and a Federal Detention Center. I monitored all aspects of the security of the institution on a day to day basis, reporting and briefing Executive Staff regularly on the overall safety and security of the facilities. I was the subject matter expert in Security, Correctional Skills, Tactical Training, Firearms, Use of Force and dealing with disruptive inmates. I audited security and other department's operational procedures to evaluate potential security concerns and made recommendations to enhance procedures. I instructed numerous training classes to include Armed Prisoner Transportation, Tactical Training and certification and other Firearms related classes as a Firearms Instructor.

Federal Bureau Of Prisons - Emergency Preparedness Officer (GS-12)
City, STATE, 06/2002 - 08/2003

My responsibilities included assessing, training, writing and testing procedures regarding all aspects of crisis management readiness of a High Security Penitentiary. I developed training curriculums and guidelines for emergency response teams and the facility. This included management of the teams, physical security, information protection, incident management and risk assessments. I created lesson plans, certification guidelines as well as tracked training and certification for all team members. I conducted frequent and irregular audits, test of procedures and mock exercises to test vulnerabilities of the facility and procedures. I regularly communicated and trained with other law enforcement agencies and government organizations in order to consolidate resources, conduct unified training and to create Memorandums of Understanding between our agencies. I often provided expert advice in resolution of several real world situations. I completed certification in numerous Incident Command Structure (ICS) courses to enhance my own value to the agency and to benefit the agency.

United States Army - Military Policeman/Tactical Trainer
City, STATE, 09/2001 - 06/2002

I was activated in support of Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF) and deployed to Afghanistan. Some of my responsibilities prior to my deployment included tracking Military Police Assets in the theater of opertion, as units were deployed to Pakistan and Afghanistan. I periodically worked in the Crisis Action Center (CAC) and my duties consisted of communicating with all assets through telephone and secure networks. I was responsible for maintaining a log of activities that were used to brief the senior leadership twice each day regarding potential threats against U.S. Forces. My responsibilities also included coordinating logistical supplies being ordered, tracked and delivered to units who were in direct contact with enemy forces. Upon being deployed, I directly assisted in processing enemy combatants, enhancing procedures and evaluating site security at several detention facilities in Afghanistan. I was one of two certified instructors for the Army, in theater, certified to instructed Less Lethal Tactical Training and Combatives. I personally trained over 650 servicemen and women in a field environment and sometimes while on mission. I led Military Police patrols in combat operations, including provided invaluable tactical guidance, around the bases I was deployed too. Other duties included managing receipt, storage and issue of ammunition, less lethal weaponry and chemical munitions regularly. I directly supervised operation and organizational maintenance of weapons systems and specialized equipment on a daily basis. I conducted operation reviews of procedures and several missions, specifically in order to provide Army leadership recommendations that were instrumental in the implementation and operations of several detention centers used for enemy combatants.

Federal Bureau Of Prisons - Lieutenant (GS-11)
City, STATE, 06/1998 - 09/2001

I was responsible for the security and safe operation of a shift and the entire institution. I wrote policy, post orders, memorandums, incident reports, emergency plans and strategic plans in the department. I communicated and interacted with staff and inmates daily. I responded to disruptive inmates and had an ability to always remain calm and professional sometimes quelling the incident with no harm to staff or inmate. I was responsible for enforcement of institution and agency rules and regulations, evaluating security procedures and conducting written audits while enhancing procedures regularly. I instructed firearms training for all staff, and was the Assistant Team Leader on a Special Operations and Tactical Team. As a Tactical Trainer/Instructor, I was used frequently within the agency to train, certify and evaluate other teams throughout the country. I wrote lesson plans and created a Tactical Guidebook for leaders in the agency. This was to ensure consistency in the agencies initiative to make tactics and training universal to help teams when deployed together. I participated in Program Reviews and Emergency Preparedness Assessments of other facilities on a frequent basis because of my knowledge in Correctional Services, Emergency Preparedness and Tactics.

Federal Bureau Of Prisons - Lieutenant (GS-9)
City, STATE, 08/1995 - 05/1998

I was directly responsible for the security of the institution on all shifts worked. I enforced all rules and regulations using my vast correctional experience and training, always referencing policy. I regularly evaluated and counseled staff always monitoring procedures and post orders. I communicated with and responded to disruptive inmates on a day to day basis, using professionalism in an attempt to deescalate volatile situations. I completed audits, memorandums, counseled staff and inmates, wrote investigative reports, and provided day to day training on correctional skills and techniques. I instructed firearms training to all staff annually and provided tactical instruction to emergency teams on weapons safety, handling and employment regularly. As the team leader of a Special Operations Response Team I conducted frequent tactical planning and training on high risk situations to include hostage rescue and disturbances. Some of the classes included blue print reading, reconnaissance, tactical planning, rappelling, building entry tactics, high risk subject controlling techniques, marksman observer skills, physical fitness and advanced weapons skills. I completed extensive investigations directly affecting successful prosecution of inmates conducting illegal activity and serious incidents in the institution.

Federal Bureau Of Prisons - Senior Officer Specialist (GS-8)
City, STATE, 07/1993 - 08/1995

I supervised inmates in a High Security Facility under many different circumstances and positions. I was the Senior Correctional Officer in the Special Housing Unit which housed the most violent inmates in the population. I was responsible for the record keeping, movement, shakedown and safety of all staff. I also worked other critical post in the facility such as the General Housing Units, Control Center, outside Medical Escort Officer, Perimeter Tower, Vehicle Patrols and Shakedown Officer. I was a tactical operator team member and designated Marksman Observer on the Special Operations and Response Team for the complex. I assisted in responding to several significant disturbances and fights with weapons and making decisions based off of correctional expertise and trained tactics preventing further damage or significant injury to staff and inmate. I participated in numerous high risk escorts which included reconnaissance, planning and movement of high security inmates as a team member.

Federal Burea Of Prisons - Senior Officer (GS-6/7)
City, STATE, 05/1991 - 07/1993

I supervised inmates in a Medium Security Facility under many different circumstances and positions. I worked all critical post in the facility such as the Special Housing Unit, Control Center, General Housing Units, Medical Escort Officer, Vehicle Patrols and Shakedown Officer. I was a team member and designated marksman observer of the Special Operations and Response Team for the institution. I responded to several significant disturbances and fights with weapons during my time in this position. I was deployed to Los Angeles, California, as a tactical team operator due to major riots breaking out in the city. I conducted presence patrols on foot to prevent looting, while also being responsible to detain and arrest looters. Additionally, we secured critical sights and conducted live shooter building entries in the prevention of crimes. I was also deployed as a federal law enforcement officer to Miami Dade County Florida after Hurricane Andrew devastated a federal correctional facility. My team was subsequently used as a Rapid Response Team for the local authorities to assist in securing supplies and rations being handed out to civilians due to continued threats from looters.     

United States Army - Soldier (Sgt/E-5)
City, STATE, 06/1983 - 05/1991

I enlisted in the Army after High School and my first assignment as a Military Policeman. I was assigned to the United States Disciplinary Barracks in Leavenworth, Kansas. My duties consisted of working shifts as a Correctional Officer, supervising all levels of offenders to include death row inmates. I conducted many escort duties which required prisoners to be taken to outside the secure confines of the institution under armed escort. I completed many shakedowns and became a member of the Special Operations Team where I was taught advanced combatives, shooting, rappelling and other tactics. In 1987, I reenlisted to get Airborne School and changed my MOS to Infantry and subsequently was stationed at Ft Bragg, North Carolina. I completed extensive field operations, airborne operations, advanced weapons training and leadership development training. I was deployed to the Republic of Korea for 12 months, where I completed 2 rotations to the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ). I was assigned as a Squad Leader and completed Combat Patrols through the DMZ and worked on Guard Post, which was an American Base tasked with monitoring and prevention of infiltration of North Korean's into South Korea. I returned to the United States and was stationed at Ft. Chaffee, Arkansas, for my last year in the Army. I was assigned to the Joint Readiness Training Center (JRTC) as an Airborne Sniper, with the mission to aggress various units in a field and urban environment to better prepare them for real world and combat zones around the world. 

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Resume Overview

School Attended

  • Nixon High School

Job Titles Held:

  • SES Warden (GS-15)
  • Warden (GS-15)
  • Associate Warden (GS-14)
  • Associate Warden (GS-14)
  • Correctional Services Administrator (GS-14)
  • Captain (GS-13)
  • Captain (GS-12)
  • Emergency Preparedness Officer (GS-12)
  • Military Policeman/Tactical Trainer
  • Lieutenant (GS-11)
  • Lieutenant (GS-9)
  • Senior Officer Specialist (GS-8)
  • Senior Officer (GS-6/7)
  • Soldier (Sgt/E-5)


  • High School Diploma

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