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Professional Profile

Wild land fire fighter with management experience and exceptional people skills. Well versed in Fire Suppression, Prevention and Emergency Medical Services. Desires a challenging role as a career Fire Prevention Officer and Fire Fighter position in a progressive Emergency Services Agency.

Highly motivated Fire Fighter, effective at assessing and managing emergencies of all kinds, including hazardous materials, neurological issues, Advanced Life Support, Wildfire and Structure fires. Exceptional problem solver and decision maker.

Former Nationally registered Paramedic/EMT with 14 years as a EMTand firefighter. Extensive hands-on medical experience in high energy on-call environments. Highly skilled emergency services professional with extensive background in pre-hospital emergency care and services. Adept at calmly and quickly assessing emergency conditions and responded appropriately.

Prevention Technician that is adept at successfully managing large classrooms of young children. Patient educator who collaborates successfully with children, parents and staff. Talented early education professional with diverse experience in planning and implementing various activities for promoting physical, social, emotional and intellectual growth of children.

  • Quick learner
  • Results-oriented
  • Operations management
  • Proficiency in fire suppression
  • Good communicatorFirst Aid training ([2013)
  • AED training (2012)
  • Fundraising background
  • Human services professional
  • Crisis intervention and resolution
  • Complex problem solving skills
  • Fluent in sign language
  • Safety-conscious
  • Medical records and documentation
  • Strong decision maker
  • Decisive problem solver
  • Motivated team player
  • Managing large crews
  • Expertise in emergency services
  • Troubleshooting
  • Flexible work schedule
  • Establishing goals and setting priorities
  • Good verbal/written communication skills
  • Staff development
  • Inventory control
  • Calm under pressure
  • Maintains strict confidentiality
  • Extensive anatomy/physiology knowledge
  • Public speaking
  • HAZMAT training
  • Airway management techniques
  • Adept at multiple revival techniques
  • Cool and collected under pressure
  • Advanced medical terminology knowledge
  • EKG expertise
  • Completed earthquake response training
  • Risk management
  • Leadership mentoring
  • Sports enthusiast
  • Excellent analytical skills
  • Outstanding interpersonal skills
  • Microsoft Office, Excel, PowerPoint proficiency
Chemeketa Community College Salem , OR Expected in 2004 Associate of Science : Paramedic - GPA :

Participated in Hospital rotations. Administered emergency care in Operation Rooms, Emergency Rooms, Pediatric wards, Trauma Rooms, O.B.G.Y.N, Burn Units and Critical Care Units.

Practiced as a Paramedic on two full time ambulances in St Helens and Portland, Oregon. I was in charge of patient care, documentation, transfer of care, medical assessment, intubation's, administering Intravenous Canalization and Medication drip maintence. I was trained in Advanced Cardiac Life Support and Pre-hospital trauma life support. I graduated in February of 2004 with my Paramedic Degree and National Paramedic Certificate in 2005.

Chemeketa Community College Salem , OR Expected in 2002 Associate of Science : Fire Science - GPA :

Graduated with a 2.8 GPA in which many of my classes were held to a higher standard. You need a 94% for an A and 78% or less was considered an F. Completed 127 Units for college credit. Worked with Marion County Fire Department and Salem Fire Department as a student fire fighter. Conducted search and rescue missions, high and low angle rescue, confined space rescue, fire suppression, hazardous materials response and medical aids. Acted as a engine operator on a type 1 fire engine. Maintained maintenance records and daily log of incident responses. maintained fire equipment and finished daily apparatus checks. Participated in daily fire training and assisted in its facilitation. Prepared reports for incident response tracking and quality improvement. Designed night drills for new recruits as a second year fire fighter. Cleaned and maintained fire station. Assisted in public relations and crisis intervention. Inspected homes and other various structures to ensure that they were adhering to Fire Codes. Lead nightly study groups. Assisted in multi-agency prevention program.

I was a Designated Campus Senator for campus activities at the same time, and was voted in by my school members and peers. Organized and coordinated a multitude of events for both students and the general public. Oversaw and managed all budget aspects of public affairs within the parameters set forth by my supervisor.

Relevant Experience


  • Demonstrated strong communication skills through public interactions as a Prevention Technician.
  • Winner of "Crew boss of the year" Award in 2009.
  • National Inter-agency Prescribed fire training.
  • DPSST Apparatus Operator and Driver
  • DPSST Fire Fighter I and II
  • CPR/First Aid; First Responder
  • Emergency Response to Terrorism awareness
  • Fire Investigation Trainee
  • Major Emergency Strategy and Tactics
  • ICT 5 qualified and ICT 4 trainee
  • Engine Boss Qualified
  • Fire Boss Qualified
  • Task Force/Strike Team Leader Trainee
  • 3 years of French
  • 1 years of college Sign Language
  • Crewboss Trainee

Sherwin-Williams - Prevention Technician
Centerville, OH, 2011 - Current

Supervisor: John Toomey Warner Mountain Battalion Chief

Contact: 530.233.8874

As a Prevention Technition, I've inspected a variety of equipment, Documented any violations of safety and regulations, Patrolled the Devils Garden and South Warner Ranger Districts, issued welding and camp fire permits, and provided recommendations for structures protection in WUI areas.

The position requires me to inspect electrical sites, power lines, campsites and special risk areas. We are also responsible for validating hunting and fire wood tags on the Modoc National Forest. I have assisted in implementing and presenting educational programs for local schools and community events such as parades, fairs and festivals. I have participated in our recruiting efforts and assisted at job fairs. I am well versed in sign language and I help interpret for the Forest Service. Even though I am not considered fluent in sign language; I am well versed and can communicate with ease.

I am also responsible for maintaining a sign program and assists in implementation of a hazards fuels reduction plans. I frequently make public contact with visitors to the forest and inform them of recreational uses and fire restrictions on the Forest and maintain camp grounds. I fix and maintain our sign program across the Warner Mountain and Devils Garden Ranger Districts.

During my career I have also preserved, collected and identified evidence in the probable cause of wild land fires. I am also responsible for maintaining the inventory of Blue Mountain Lookout and the Fire Supply Cache for the Devils Garden and Warner Mountain Ranger District.

I frequently work within our fuels program and assist the project manager on design and implementation of controlled fires and fuels reduction programs. I am currently a member of our Safety, Taking Care of Our Own and Wellness committies. I am currently assisting in rewriting our Lookout Standard Operating Procedures and developing a training manual for all of the Lookouts located on the Modoc National Forest. I am also working on developing an orientation and training day for all of our Lookouts.

I've maintained updated knowledge with treatment protocols, response requirements and quality assurance procedures. Maintained a state of readiness and alertness for all assignments. Planned and assembled training and logistics packets for deployments and redeployment of emergency equipment. Responded quickly to dispatch and took appropriate action at crime and disaster scenes. Immediately reported fires, accidents and other safety hazards.

Coordinated with on site managers, liaison officers and other outside agencies regarding safety and preventive maintenance. Acted as first responder for medical emergencies, included incoming calls and code red situations. Protected federal employees and their property by monitoring all access to government-owned and leased properties. Maintained order, responded to emergencies and enforced federal and local laws. Called and coordinated with police, fire and EMT services.

Designed a Fire Safety awareness board which implements and self facilitated discussion on home fire safety for children and adults. It is a fun and inter-active game that allows children to demonstrate what they know about home fire safety. The Fire Safety Awareness Board is engineered to engage adults in conversation about fire safety through child interaction. The board illustrates the dangers of flue fires, tall grass and heavy fuel loading, exposed vents, wood decks, propane tanks, pine needles in gutters and wood piles adjacent to structures.

I assist in the design and execution of joint programs in fire prevention. Attend fairs, parades and other events as a representative of the Forest Service. I have made extensive public contacts in regards to fire prevention and coordinates with other local agencies to implement fire prevention programs.

Responsible for setting up and winterizing of Blue Mountain lookout. Maintain inventory of Lookout supplies and cache. Order equipment and perform repair work as necessary.

Omni Hotels - Hotshot Squad Boss
Pittsburgh, PA, 05/2010 - 11/2010

Supervisor: Robert Crowder Division Chief (Retired)

Contact: John Toomey Battalion Chief


I was a Hot Shot Squad Boss that was in charge of overseeing crew functions and monitoring for quality assurance. Maintained equipment up to national standards and made repairs as needed. Responded as a highly trained fire fighting unit on multiple large fires nation wide. Inventoried supplies coming in and leaving the fire cache. Monitored crew progress and gave direction as needed. Motivated and trained fire suppression personal. Managed personal time and documented daily work assignments.

Conducted and oversaw the implementation of line construction and placement. Participated and conducted firing operations on large wild fires and prescribed fires as a fulling qualified firing boss. Trained and and assisted our fellers within our saw program as a "C" faller. Coordinated with air resources for bucket drops and retardant placement in adherence to Forest Service Policy in order to reinforce containment lines on large fires.

Observed and evaluated crew skills. Prepared and lead tail gate safety meetings. Assigned work to subordinates based on priorities, difficulty and capabilities of employees. Directed line placement and over saw sawing operations. Directed firing operations on large wildfires and managed spot fires accordingly. Managed Safety issues in a timely manor and reported incidents accordingly to supervisors. Documented injures and coordinated with OWCP as a point of contact for crew personal.

Syracuse City - Squad Boss
Syracuse, UT, 05/2007 - 05/2010

Supervisor: Manny Ortiz Crew Boss

Contact: 541.591.4197

Recruited and met with prospective employees to discuss their experience and goals. Helped develop each participant’s physical and psychological fitness. Fostered a culture of good sportsmanship, cooperation and responsibility.

Provided instruction to crew members on specific tasks and techniques; conducted on-the-job training; distributed and controlled work assignments among employees. Assured timely accomplishment of assigned tasks. Maintained work notes and records. reported work accomplishments and ensured work is carried out safely and on time.

Reported performance problems and issues. Served as a supervisory wild land fire fighter on prescribed fire crew. Directed and performed prescribed fire operations including preparation, ignition, monitoring, holding and mop up procedures. Monitored fire behavior, fire effects, and fire weather on prescribed fires and wild land fires.

Used specialized fire equipment such as chain saws, fuses, drip torches, ATV, helicopters, Dozers and air craft. Designed a training aid that is used to continuely reinforce and facilitate training by use of the IRPG.

United States Forest Service - Assistant Engine Operator
City, STATE, 05/2009 - 09/2009

Supervisor: Jose Castillo Engine Boss

Contact: 208.921.8590

Worked as an Engine Boss and ICT 5. Operated a type 6 engine with 2 crew members. Instructed multiple classes and taught crew members fire fighting strategy and tactics. Worked as a C-faller on multiple falling assignments and camp site hazard tree removal projects. Operated a Fire Engine used to pump and distribute water necessary to the suppression and extinguishing of wild land fires.

Assisted with fire dispatch through operations of radios, telephones and other necessary equipment to exchange information for fire weather and other forest suppression activities. Drove the fire engine to wild land fire locations safely and positioned it accordingly. Participated in fire management program operations, such as technical and analytical work involving wild land fire suppression and prescribed burning operations.

Performed tasks dealing with fire management projects such as hazard fuel reduction projects, wildlife habitat improvement and enhancement, watershed management, pre-commercial thinning, timber sales, stand conversions, and range improvements. I also served as initial attack incident commander on multipule wildland fires as an ICT 5 and ICT 4 Trainee.

United States Forest Service - Hotshot Crew member
City, STATE, 04/2007 - 05/2007

Supervisor: Kendal Wilson Crew Boss

Contact: 435.755.6320

I transfered to the Logan IHC in May so that I could have the opportunity to fight fire in a different geographic area. My stay was cut short due to a permanent job offer on the Bly Ranger District in Southern Oregon. During my brief stay, I was on a saw team working on obtaining my C-falling Certification. My duties were to maintain crew inventory and crew carrier operations. Operated chainsaws and other specialized equipment to construct fire lines, restore critical eco-systems, removal of hazard trees in camp grounds. Assisted in training crew members and organized crew events.

Ensured that Crew carriers were inspected and repaired. Notified supervisors of issues and suggested possible solutions. Repaired chainsaws and assisted the cache manager in ordering and inventorying supplies.

United States Forest Service - Hotshot Crew member
City, STATE, 04/2004 - 04/2007

Supervisor: Dan Forito Union Hotshot Superintendent

Contact: 541.786.1089

Acted as the crew paramedic and treated injuries and illnesses on a highly specialized fire fighting crew. Managed inventory of Emergency Medical Supplies. Provided leadership as a working leader for up to 7 temporary employees when assigned. Performed prescribed burning crew duties in order to reduce fuel hazards and disease while protecting wildlife and sensitive eco-systems. Constructed fuel breaks, participated in controlled burning operations and fire suppression.

Directed hose lays and the use of water; moved dirt, chopped brush, fell trees in order to construct fuel brakes for the proposed fire line. Used various hand tools such as axes, shovels, pulaskis and other specialized tools used to construct fire line. Chopped, carried and piled logging slash. Searched out and extinguished burning materials by moving dirt, applied water or helicopter bucket drops. Patrolled fire line to locate and extinguish sparks, flare-ups and hot spots that may threaten fire lines. Cleaned, reconditioned and stored fire equipment and tools.

Acted as a Squad Boss and lead fire fighter as needed. Obtained by Fire Fighter one certification through the Union Hotshots. Managed and oversaw crew operations and fire suppression implementation. Documented and corrected safety issues, managed crew time and met incident priorities in a safe and timely manor.

United States Forest Service - Assistant Engine Operator
City, STATE, 05/2003 - 10/2003

Supervisor: Jeff Bishop Battalion Chief

Contact: 541.480.1361

Acted as a squad boss on multiple hand crew fire assignments. Managed inspected and operated fire apparatus. Qualified B-Faller that worked on C tree under close supervision. Organized training activities and assisted in program implementation. Inspected tree stands and fuel loading for prescribed fire and eco-system rehabilitation. Served as a lead fire fighter on a type 3 engine. Assisted my supervisors during initial attack and prescribed fire activities.

Provided daily leadership and training for crew members. Provided instruction to crew members on specific tasks and techniques; conducted on the job training; distributed and controlled work assignments among employees. Assured timely accomplishment of assigned tasks. Maintained work notes and records and reported accomplishments, issues and problems.

Ensured that work was carried out safely and reported any issues to the supervisor. Supervised wild land fire fighters on prescribed fires. Directed and performed prescribed fire operations including preparation, ignition, monitoring, holding, and mop up activities. I monitored fire behavior, fire effects, and fire weather on prescribed fires and wild land fires. Participated in public relation activities, patrolled camp grounds, ensured public safety and assisted in prevention activities.

United States Forest Service - Assistant Engine Operator
City, STATE, 05/2002 - 08/2002

Supervisor: John Thornhill Battalion Chief

Contact: 541.481.6907

Worked as an EMT and Assistant Engine operator on a type 3 engine. Assisted, over see and participated in training activities. Maintained, restored and inventoried fire apparatus. Constructed hand lines, operated portable pumps and participated in structure protection. Directed hose lays, restored hose packs and assisted in a variety of training. Patrolled camp grounds and areas of high recreational use. Educated forest visitors on geographic area and fire severity.

Managed water handling operations on 3 different divisions of the Biscuit fire. Managed a heli-well and numerous air craft utilizing the dip site. Supported air craft rescue units and other fire suppression personal. Assessed homes and coordinated fuel removal in advance of the fires progression. Protected lookouts and historical points of interests. Utilized simple tools in order to remove dirt and debris. Operated a chainsaw and trained with C fallers on falling operation.

Frito Lay Inc. - Warehouser
City, STATE, 04/2001 - 04/2002

Managed the receiving and distribution of over 200 products. Operated fork lifts and hand carts. Loaded and unloaded supply trucks and tracked inventory. Maintained accurate stock records and schedules. Resolved service issues in a timely manner, including coordinating and processing returns.

Selected products for specific routes according to pick sheets. Oversaw special orders and after-hours, urgent shipping jobs. Unloaded, picked, staged and loaded products for shipping. Conducted monthly, quarterly and yearly inventories of warehouse stock. Received incoming shipments and reviewed contents against purchase order for accuracy. Rotated stock by code and receiving date. Followed proper selection procedures as established by the company. Installed protective bracing, padding and strapping to prevent shifting and damage to items during transport. Worked at a rapid pace to meet tight deadlines. Banded, wrapped, packaged and cleaned equipment. Operated powered lift trucks, floor sweepers, pallet jacks and forklifts safely, with a 0% incident rate. Cleared damaged items and loaded freight.

Applegate Fire Department - Apprentice Fire Fighter
City, STATE, 04/2000 - 06/2001

Supervisor: Brett Fillis Fire Chief

Contact: 541.899.1050

Worked as a EMT/Fire fighter while going to college. Provided life support services during medical emergencies on scene and en route to the hospital. Maintained a state of readiness and alertness for all assignments. Collected pertinent information from the patient, family and friends, medical records and prescriptions.Rapidly assessed whether life threatening criteria was present and took immediate action. Initiated plans of care based on patient assessments. Operated and maintained emergency vehicles in a safe, efficient manner while obeying all traffic laws. Completed all mandatory education and training classes. Maintained updated knowledge with treatment protocols, response requirements and quality assurance procedures. Interacted with patients, families, hospital staff and the general public.

Inspected and tested machinery to diagnose malfunctions. Routinely checked fluid levels and replaced filters. Requisitioned supplies and equipment for cleaning and maintenance. Completed routine preventative maintenance. Notified managers of major repairs or additions needed. Completed daily rounds to inspect facilities equipment. Maintained restroom facilities such as snaking drains and replacing urinals.

Responded quickly to dispatch and took appropriate action at crime and disaster scenes. Directed traffic during emergency and congested situations. Mediated domestic-related disturbances and protected victims from harm. Organized and recorded facts to prepare incident reports. Immediately reported fires, accidents and other safety hazards. Communicated with supervisors regarding any issues that occurred while on duty. Acted as first responder for medical emergencies, included incoming calls and code red situations. Maintained order, responded to emergencies and enforced federal and local laws. Conducted fire watch patrol and asset protection during fire investigations. Called and coordinated with police, fire and EMT services.

Mount Ashland Ski Patrol - Ski Patrol
City, STATE, 11/1998 - 03/2000

Supervisor: Doug Volk Ski Patrol Manager

Contact: 541.535.5441

Trained in extreme weather survival and avalanche rescue. Patrolled the mountain for unmarked obstacles, assisted in Emergency Medical care as an EMT Basic. Aided in opening and closing operations for the ski resort. Inspected chair lifts for safety issues, maintained safety barriers on ski trails. Assisted in avalanche hazard removal. I was the first snowboarder to pass the ski patrol tests on Mount Ashland Ski Resort.

Trained in low and high angle rescue, winter survival, advanced wilderness first aid, search and rescue and avalanche rescue.

Oregon Department Of Forestry - Engine Crew Member
City, STATE, 06/1998 - 07/1999

Worked as a crew member on a type 3 engine. Suppressed wild land fires and responded to car and dumpster fires. Assisted in code enforcement, prevention duties, engine maintenance and repair. Patrolled areas of high recreational use, cleaned camp sites and repaired damaged recreational sites. Assisted in traffic control and rendered first aid as needed. Constructed fire line, directed income resources, operated fire suppression equipment, constructed fire line and participated in fire watches.

Grayback Forestry - Wild land Fire Fighter
City, STATE, 04/1998 - 07/1998

Supervisor: Ed Floate CrewBoss/Instructor

Contact: 541.476.0033

Participated in wildland fire suppression, forest conservation, slash piling, controlled burns. Operated chainsaws for thinning operations and fire line construction. Piled wood debris, constructed fuel breaks, hose lay operations and assisted in rehabilitation projects. I left Grayback in August for a job with the Oregon Department of Forestry.

Rural Metro Fire Department - Fire Fighter
City, STATE, 1998 - 05/1998

I was hired as a student fire fighter for Rural Metro Fire Department in 1998. I responded to wild land, structure, medical emergencies and vehicle accidents. Assisted in facility maintenance, apparatus checks and regular maintenance. Tested hose for malfunctions, checked equipment for needed repairs. Participated in public relations, home inspections and attended weekly meetings. Responded to EMS calls and assisted as a medical provider. Performed auto extrications, mass casualty triage, search and rescue, Hazardous material operations, structure fire suppression and other various emergency related activities.

Oregon Park And Recreation Dept - Park Care Taker
City, STATE, 04/1997 - 08/1997

Assisted in camp site construction, maintenance and restoration. Improved recreational trail systems and cleaned out flood debris for recreational area. Operated hand tools, chainsaws and specialized mechanized equipment. Restored broken water systems, cleaned park facilities, parking lots and shops. Participated in public relations, set up and tare down of park events. Maintained vehicles, weed eaters and lawn mowers.


Fire Safe Council (2011-Current)

Wellness Committee (2011-Current)

Taking care of our own Committee (2012-Current)

Safety Committee 2011-Current)

Search and Rescue (1998-2004)

Josephine County Sheriff K-9 Unit club (1996-2000)

Ski Patrol (1999-2001)

Tutoring for the Deaf (05/2002)

Giving Tree Program (4/2002)

Story Teller Program (2/2002)

Youth in Government (2001-2003)

Designated Senator for Campus Activities (2002-2003)

Southern Oregon Youth Mentor Program (1997)

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Resume Overview

School Attended

  • Chemeketa Community College
  • Chemeketa Community College

Job Titles Held:

  • Prevention Technician
  • Hotshot Squad Boss
  • Squad Boss
  • Assistant Engine Operator
  • Hotshot Crew member
  • Hotshot Crew member
  • Assistant Engine Operator
  • Assistant Engine Operator
  • Warehouser
  • Apprentice Fire Fighter
  • Ski Patrol
  • Engine Crew Member
  • Wild land Fire Fighter
  • Fire Fighter
  • Park Care Taker


  • Associate of Science
  • Associate of Science

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