Inventory Supervisor Resume Example

As an inventory supervisor, you have a track record of experience in the warehouse or distribution facility, and you know how to rotate stocked items and handle complex logistics. You’re also well prepared for a management position, and you know how to train, coach, and schedule teams of direct reports. So as you complete your resume, you’ll need to emphasize the credentials your employers will value the most. Use this inventory supervisor resume example and highlight the details of your career that can help you stand out. Keep in mind that your language and formatting decisions can mean the difference between landing an interview and slipping through the cracks.

Inventory Supervisor Advice 

An inventory supervisor oversees shipping, receiving and inventory in a warehouse environment. If you want to apply for a job as an inventory supervisor, the job-specific resume examples we’ve created below can help. Click on any of the resume examples below to get a head start on building your own job-winning resume faster. Then, simply personalize the information as needed to create a resume in minutes.

Resume Tips for Inventory Supervisor 

Keep in mind that the local economy is shifting as it experiences continuous growth, and use some of these job strategies to help plan for the market for jobs as a inventory supervisor:
1. Organize around your network, and work on expanding it. Make sure you are active in any local professional organizations, to meet new people.
2. Make sure you organize a search strategy around your particular industry, and research the companies in your area so that you know which ones have openings that match your skill set.
3. Check multiple sources for new job leads, and include both locally-owned resources and national search services.
4. Remember that most people do get a job through someone they know, so you will want to keep in regular contact with your professional network to keep track of new developments.
5. Keep moving forward! This ensures you stay focused on your goal and that you show prospective employers and active, busy schedule that reflects your organization and professional manner.

Inventory Supervisor Job Seeking Tips 

Resumes are the key the landing your deal job, whether you’re searching for local jobs as a inventory supervisor or branching out to consider relocating. The fact is, employers simply view brilliant resumes as a basic requirement for an interview. Here are some Do’s and Don’ts to help you get ahead.
1. Do remember to use active language all over, including when you write your resume objective.
2. Don’t get bogged down explaining your skills, concentrate instead on showcasing what they are.
3. Don’t forget that the resume needs to be tailored to each individual job listing, and that means more than just rephrasing the objective. It means bringing an employer’s expectations to the front.
4. Do keep your resume lightweight by sticking to just your relevant skills and experience.
5. Do keep things positive by showcasing what you have done, including any special projects you finished for former employers.

Related Resumes:

Inventory Supervisor Resume

Company: MSC Industrial Supply Co.
Date Range: 02/2008 to 06/2012

Implemented the layout plan for the inventory items and their locations.
• Manage and implement all inventory function using DC Link barcode system
• Advised and setup the warehouse for inventory scanned material accuracy.
• Research variances, negatives and make necessary adjustments to correct inventory and report all inventory discrepancy and setup cycle count schedules
• Identify and reclassify slow moving inventory upon operational managers decisions.
• Issue any material that is defected and characterized as dead stock from inventory and recover inventory that can be reclassified.
• Generate inventory reports such as on hand, negative balance with follow up research for corrections, track movements of material through the plant, also reports of gains, losses, and aging inventory with direct cost according to unit cost per item.
• Customer Service duties handled all returns and credits of the customer base researching discrepancies for corrective action.

Inventory Supervisor Resume

Company: WIS International
Date Range: 42987

Responsibilities include: supervising inventories, training, qualified van driver.

Inventory Supervisor Resume

Company: WIS International
Date Range: March 2011 to Current

Manages crews of 25+ inventory associates, sound knowledge of inventory needs, dealt with classified financial data for numerous stores in the Treasure Valley and Magic Valley, customer oriented.
I have successfully driven our offices' Rates Per Hour up by 30%.

Inventory Supervisor/Dairy-Frozen Manager Resume

Company: Wal-Mart
Date Range: 09/2005 to Current

Inventory Supervisor in Mukwonago:
Manage a team of 6 inventory control associates.
Look up on computer associates working and assign job duties.
Look up important information to determine the set-up of incoming freight.
Prepare incoming trucks for unloading.
Get together with associates to inform them of their duties and let them know what freight we are receiving and how to separate it.
Assist in unloading trucks using electric pallet jack.
Deliver freight to assigned locations on the sales floor.
Use telzon to determine amount of picks and assign associates departments to pick.
Assist in picking and binning freight with forklift if needed.
If faced with associates calling out sick or on vacation devise a plan of action with other managers to ensure work gets accomplished.

Inventory Supervisor Resume

Company: Barbosa Cabinets, Inc
Date Range: Current

Keeping monthly and pre monthly inventory of all Granite,and Marble slabs in the warehouse, using a overhead Crane to move and prepare material to be fabricated or returned to Vender,unloading,and loading material daily from trucks,as well as Loading material to be delivered to various job sites around the Valley.I also relocate material into different areas of the warehouse.I Load granite slabs onto the Saws or Robosaw to be fabricated for different job sites Track homes throughout the valley Accomplishments Bringing the inventory up and Saving the Company money or helping with company Budget.

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