Nanny Resume Example

When you write your resume, focus on one core goal: convincing employers to trust you. Whether you submit your resume to a family or an agency, an exceptional resume is critical for your success. In your summary statement, briefly address your past experience as well as your certifications and licenses. When you write your work history section, detail the care you have provided and the ages of the children you’ve cared for in the past. Include your experience working with special needs children, if applicable, and any fun activities you’ve implemented. Read the nanny resume example for more help.

Nanny Advice 

If you’re patient, enjoy working with children, and are responsible, you could be the ideal candidate to become a nanny. The resume examples below have been designed to show you what a high-quality nanny resume should look like. With these resume examples as a guide, you can start building your own professional nanny resume faster and more easily. Don’t wait any longer to get the career you want--click below to start on your resume today.

Resume Tips for Nanny 

Here is how you can connect to jobs as a nanny:
1. Find some training or professional development opportunities in the area. Adding skills to your resume helps, and often times larger employers will pay attention to these sessions as they recruit.
2. Look for job fairs and other local events. Metropolitan areas usually have quite a few opportunities for local employers, and connecting in person helps you get more mileage out of your effort.
3. Seek out professional organizations for the same reason. Getting involved with others who do the same work you do is a great way to find out about opportunities for jobs as a nanny.
4. Make a plan and have a goal, even if that plan is specific, like seeking to work with a particular employer.
5. Set aside administrative time to keep track of your search, and hold yourself to it. The more organized you are as you look for work, the more likely you are to project and organized and professional aura when you walk into an interview.

Nanny Job Seeking Tips 

Even though the opportunities for jobs as a nanny are pretty plentiful, employers do expect that prospective hires show a set of basic job skills. Having a solid, well-presented resume is a big part of showing you have those skills. Here’s what to do and what to avoid when you update yours:
1. Sharpen your objective, and make it specific to each new employer you encounter.
2. Use specific language that paints a vivid but concise picture of your past experience.
3. Organize the flow of your skills and past projects so that the ones each new prospective employer will look for find their way to the top when you submit.
4. Stay away from buzzwords, but do try to mirror the language used to describe the skills and traits the employer is looking for.
5. Remember, only relevant experience needs to make its way to the resume.

Related Resumes:

Nanny Resume

Company: Self-employed
Date Range: January 1998toJanuary 1999

Supervised children while parents were at work, and date nights. Affectionately cared for 3 children, ages 5 to 9 for 3 years. Changed bed linens, including kids laundry. Physically and verbally interacted with children throughout the day. Engaged children with games and puzzles. Promoted good behaviors by using the positive reinforcement method. Maintained a child-friendly environment with engaging activities and continuous access to the outdoors.

Nanny Resume

Company: Rebecca Judge
Date Range: 42744

Promoted good behaviors by using the positive reinforcement method.Engaged children with games and puzzles.Dressed children and changed diapers.Administered medication and minor first aid to sick and injured children.Physically and verbally interacted with children throughout the day.

Nanny for a 1 year old boy Resume

Company: Hollee Winder
Date Range: 02/2013 to Current

Make healthy snacks and meals for child.
Always make sure child's diapers are changed.
Make sure child is bathed and in bed on time, along with taking naps on time.
light housekeeping, cleaning up after child's play time, doing his dishes, putting away his clean clothes.
Take child on walks in wagon/stroller, take child to the park to play.
Make sure child has bottles throughout the day on time.

Nanny Resume

Company: Self-employed
Date Range: 09/1992 to Current

Redirected children to encourage safe, positive behaviors.Taught children safe behavior such as seeking adult assistance when crossing the street and avoiding contact with unsafe objects.Modeled appropriate social behaviors and encouraged concern for others.Supervised children while parents were on vacation, business trips and weekend getaways.Affectionately cared for triplets and children ages new born to 14 years of age.Administered medication and minor first aid to sick and injured children.Dressed children and changed diapers.Engaged children with games and puzzles.Offered detailed daily reports that outlined each child's day.Maintained accurate daily records of children's individual activities, behaviors, meals and naps.Sparked creativity and imagination by helping children discover new things each day.Maintained a child-friendly environment with engaging activities and continuous access to the outdoors.Scheduled doctor, dentist and haircut appointments.Physically and verbally interacted with children throughout the day.

Nanny Resume

Company: Molly Otto
Date Range: 11/2013 to 05/2014

Affectionately cared for two children ages 7 and 19 months.
Performed light cleaning for the children such as laundry, toy and bottle sanitation and loading and unloading of dishwasher.
Organized activities that enhanced children's physical, emotional and social well-being.
Communicated with parents about daily activities and behaviors.
Coordinated trips to local parks, libraries and museums.