Housekeeping Aide Resume Example

If you need to tidy up your housecleaner resume, you’ve come to the right place. Our housekeeping aide resume example can help you get a leg up on the writing process and decide which of your attributes to highlight. Keep in mind that aside from emphasizing your work ethic and eagerness, it’s also important to include all previous housekeeping jobs in your resume. Your application should reflect that you can perform a variety of cleaning and housekeeping tasks and that you are eager to help and assist where necessary. Interacting with guests and fulfilling any requirements they may have is also a key function of this job.

Housekeeping Aide Advice 

The resume examples below are designed to help you in creating your own housekeeping aide resume. Housekeeping aides perform a variety cleaning and housekeeping tasks in a hotel or motel to make guests feel more comfortable. With these resume examples, it’s easy to build a better job-specific resume faster. Just click on any of the templates to get started.

Resume Tips for Housekeeping Aide 

As with other areas, looking for jobs as a housekeeping aide can be challenging. Taking the right type of action and having the right mindset can help make the search easier.
1. While the internet is a great tool when searching for jobs, you should also get out from behind your computer. Make a phone call to past colleagues and meet potential contacts for lunch or coffee. Connecting with people in these ways can really make a good impression.
2. It is important, however, to maintain a strong presence on social media. Set up or redo your LinkedIn account, use Twitter to help find your target positions, and use Facebook to your advantage. Make sure you always have a professional and positive presence.
3. If you are new to the job search, take assessments to find out what your interests and skills are so that you can narrow in on specific jobs.
4. Keep an open approach when looking for jobs as a housekeeping aide. Although you may want to stay in the same industry or same position, there may be more choices if you consider switching industries or learning new skills for a different job.
5. Update your resume, especially if it has been awhile since your last job interview. Make sure you have added any new accomplishments and skills and that it is easy to read.

Housekeeping Aide Job Seeking Tips 

You resume is one of the most important parts of finding jobs as a housekeeping aide. You want it to be focused and concise, and yet include enough pertinent information to land you a job. No matter what type of job experience you have or what occupation you are searching for, the following tips will help you write a top-notch resume.
1. Keep resumes at two pages or fewer. Ideally they should be one page, unless you have years of work experience that should be highlighted and a number of skills that will help your job search.
2. Don’t include outside interests or hobbies on your resume. This is considered to be fluff and filler that is unnecessary.
3. Don’t list references on a resume, but do have a separate sheet that lists them so that they can be provided quickly when requested. You also do not need to add the phrase ‘references available upon request’, as it is widely known that you will provide them when asked.
4. Employment gaps are not favorable on resumes, so try to deemphasize them as much as possible. If you are able to do so legitimately, highlight project work, consulting work, graduate school, or self-employment to help account for the gaps.
5. If you have no paid work experience, you can use applicable skills from volunteer work, internships, research projects, or campus activity positions.

Related Resumes:

Hotel Housekeeping Aide/Attendant/Assistant Resume

Company: whyndham
Date Range: 02/2004 to 03/2013

Dusted ceiling air conditioning diffusers and ventilation systems.
Cleaned and returned vacant rooms to occupant-ready status.
Stocked toilet tissue and paper towels, as well as other restroom supplies.
Kept utility sink rooms in clean, neat and orderly condition.
Supplied guests with extra towels and toiletries when requested.
Informed supervisor when supplies were low.
Removed trash and dirty linens from room attendant carts.
Swept and vacuumed floors, hallways and stairwells.
Stocked room attendant carts with supplies.
Cleaned rooms to the satisfaction of all clients.
Hand dusted and wiped clean office furniture, fixtures and window sills.

Housekeeping Aide Resume

Company: Chase Park Plaza Hotel
Date Range: January 2005 to January 2010

Cleaned the lobby by sweeping and mopping. Cleaned windows and window sills. Removed trash and replaced trash bags. Completed turndown services on a daily work day basis. Cleaned restrooms including toilets floors, mirrors, and sinks. Maintained the highest order or cleanliness at the hotel, many times earning high praise from both managers and other employees.


Company: Sheraton Hotel
Date Range: 11/2010 to 08/2013

Ensure a clean and safe environment for the hotel customers.
Responsible for the cleaning of the rooms, baths,.
offices, halls and other areas throughout the hotel and outside buildings.
Able to work with minimal supervision, yet also enjoy being part of a team.
Greeted and welcomed all hotel guests with a smile.
Accommodated guests' requests.
Escorted guests to their assigned rooms, including transporting their luggage.
Collaborated with maintenance and housekeeping to achieve Goals.
Resolved service-related problems in a timely manner.
Delivered messages, mail and packages left for guests and hotel facilities in a timely manner.

Housekeeping Aide Resume

Company: Renaissance Hotels and Resorts
Date Range: 09/2010 to 03/2011

Upkeep of luxury hotel.
Maintained clean rooms, halls, and public areas by vacuuming, dusting, mopping, etc.
Stocked supplies.
Assisted co-workers as needed.

Housekeeping Aide Resume

Company: Mennonite Home Communities Wood Crest Villa
Date Range: June 2009 to August 2012

I had 2 full wings to clean with about 12 resident houses to clean a week.
Hallways and sitting ares, high and low dust, sanitized handrails, pictures, lights in and out, wiped doors and knobs, polished all furniture, vacuumed, mopped floors, cleaned public restrooms, kept housekeeping closet and cart neat and organized, swept out trash rooms and entrances, cleaned guest rooms vacuum, high and low dust, polish furniture, cleaned kitchen, made bed, washed and dried linens, folded and put away, mopped floors. Cleaned residents apartments and villas, cleaned empty apartments- cabinets, appliances, bathrooms,bedrooms, closets,lights, outlets, porches, windows, screens, frames, washed and waxed floors,washed sheers, cleaned marketing villa, washed own rags, washed outside windows for residents in the fall and put the screen back in the villa windows in the spring. Used the carpet extractor. Ran for emergencies and fire alarms had to fill out paperwork. Drove a work van to villas. Cleaned dining room table legs and chairs and vacuumed and mopped floors cleaned out chandeliers. When I got my inspection sheets I got really high percents and I hit 100% a couple of times.

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