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You may think that the format for a professional security officer resume includes a resume objective, but that’s no longer the case; today’s standard is writing a resume summary statement. Placing a resume summary statement underneath your contact information provides the prospective security department with a quick overview of your qualifications. A well-written summary statement will emphasize what you have to offer the security company, how your professional skills will benefit the workplace, and why you’re a great fit for the position.

What to Include in a Professional Security Officer Resume Summary Statement

As a professional security officer, you may have completed training and education in security or criminal justice, or you may have military and law enforcement experience. When writing a resume summary statement, let the employer become familiar with your background. Include years of experience, types of organizations you’ve worked with and any special skills you’ve acquired. Also, include your different skill sets. These may include:

  • Ability to conduct security patrols on physical premises
  • Remaining calm in stressful and life-threatening situations
  • Firearm training for armed security positions
  • Knowledge of non-lethal weapons and their use
  • Technical skills required for use of surveillance equipment
  • Report writing and communication skills

How to Format a Professional Security Officer Resume Summary Statement

Writing a resume summary statement should be a practice in brevity. The goal is to quickly show the reader that you have valuable skills as a security professional and leave the hiring manager wanting more information. When you’re writing a resume summary statement, use a paragraph format. The paragraph should only be four to six lines. In this section, sentence fragments are permissible, but remember to separate each line with a period.

Tips for Writing a Professional Security Officer Resume Summary Statement

Some professional security officer positions are armed positions and require additional certifications. When writing a resume summary statement, provide brief information about your certifications or licenses. Use this to draw the reader to further details in the certifications section. If you’re in the process of obtaining a required license or certification, note the expected date of completion in the certifications section.

Examples of a Professional Security Officer Resume Summary Statement

Gaming Security Officer

Four years of experience in a multi-million dollar gaming facility with a hotel on premises. Expertise in closed-circuit surveillance equipment. Adept at report writing and evidence handling procedures. Supervisory shift responsibilities overseeing staff of 15 security officers.

Retail Security Officer

Ten-plus years of experience in a supervisory position for a large chain store. Worked in a variety of store settings, including freestanding and mall-based environments. Certified as armed security officer in multiple states. Experienced in several report writing and evidence cataloging systems.

Executive Level Security Officer

Worked as personal security liaison for CEO of a Forbes 500 company for seven years. Headed the security team for multiple international marketing and administrative summits. Served five years as an investigator for a federal law enforcement agency. Certified to carry firearms in all 50 states.

Retired Police Officer Seeking Security Position

Twenty-plus years’ experience as a law enforcement officer. Excellent verbal and written communication skills. Certified to carry firearms. Also trained in the safe use of pepper spray, beanbag guns and Tasers. Conducted many investigations resulting in offender capture and prosecution.

Writing a resume summary statement is your key to standing out above the rest of the security officer resumes on an employer’s desk. You might find the tips and suggestions on LiveCareer helpful when it comes to landing your ideal security officer position.

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