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The primary role of a community support specialist is to create and provide programs for community members needing public assistance. This could include anything from child care services to programs for the mentally ill. Duties include transportation to and from appointments and activities as well as home visits. Properly maintaining program and client records is also a vital component of the job.

Minimum education requirements for a community support specialist job description are a high school diploma or equivalent with an associate or higher degree being preferred. Previous experience, usually one year, in a public assistance program and experience working with the mentally ill and individuals with substance abuse histories round out these requirements.

Community support specialists must have excellent written and verbal communication skills to interact successfully with clients, caregivers and medical personnel. A compassionate and caring spirit is a definite plus.

Community Support Specialist Job Description Template

Job Summary

As a community support specialist, you’ll have the opportunity to help and empower members of your community to improve themselves and their lives. We’ll depend on you and your caring spirit to create special programs designed for the mentally ill, individuals in need of child care services and other members of the community who require public assistance. While you’re providing clients and program participants with help, we’ll reward you with a generous benefits package, which includes a 401(k) and the satisfaction of knowing you’re making a positive difference in the lives of not only our clients and participants but their family and friends as well.

Job Responsibilities

  • Maintain proper client and program participant records, ensuring they contain current information and remain well-organized and categorized.
  • Provide information and assistance to individuals interested in emergency assistance, housing, financial help and other forms of public help (this might involve making home visits and attending group meetings).
  • Accompany clients to medical appointments and community activities when necessary to ensure their needs are properly met.
  • Interview potential clients and their family members, and use the information to compile a file related to their drug, social, financial, educational and criminal background.
  • Follow-up on appointments, community activities and forms to ensure they’re properly completed.
  • Offer clients advice and information regarding child care services, food stamps, proper financial management, housekeeping and cooking skills, and becoming and remaining self-reliant.
  • Work with supervisors, managers and other necessary department personnel to develop, review and refine current programs for families, single parents, mental health clients and other individuals in need.

Job Summary & Qualifications

  • High school diploma or its equivalent
  • Able to successfully pass a criminal background check
  • At least one year of experience in a public assistance program
  • Associate or higher degree
  • Experience working with mentally ill individuals and those with a history of substance abuse

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