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Janitors maintain the cleanliness of commercial buildings. This entails emptying trash cans, cleaning restrooms, washing windows, cleaning up spills and vacuuming floors. Janitors are also responsible for ordering new supplies and tools, so a comprehensive inventory needs to be tracked.

Your janitor job description should focus on experiences and skills rather than any formal education. Prior experience cleaning buildings is beneficial, and past work repairing walls or fixing electrical issues can also be advantageous.

Janitors perform a lot of manual labor, so good physical strength and stamina is useful. Time management skills are also beneficial because they need to complete a variety of tasks during any given shift. Interpersonal skills should also be sought.

Janitor Job Description Template

Job Summary

Are “immaculate” and “well-kept” two of your favorite words? Are you known as the neat freak among your circle of friends? If so, you may be well-suited to become our next janitor. Our company will rely on you to provide our guests and employees with a spotless interior and exterior atmosphere where everything is well-ordered. You’ll become a critical component of upholding our company culture and image all while helping us to look and feel our absolute best through the ambiance of our office. You provide us with superior housekeeping and janitorial skills and we’ll provide you with a generous benefits package, paid time off and a competitive salary. When you become part of our team, we’ll be sure to take just as good care of you as you do of us.

Job Responsibilities

  • Clean and maintain designated spaces both inside and outside of the facility on a daily basis, which includes the lobby, restrooms, offices, conference rooms, parking lot and public areas.
  • Dust, vacuum, sweep, mop, polish, shampoo carpets, wash windows and empty trash on a daily basis, and wax floors on a weekly basis.
  • Report maintenance issues as soon as they come to your attention and help create a maintenance schedule for office equipment, fixtures and HVAC unit.
  • Maintain and stock supply rooms and bathrooms as needed.
  • Check for potential safety issues in all public areas on a daily basis and bring them to the attention of the office manager.
  • Make sure all doors, windows, entrances and exits are securely closed and locked when you’re the last person to leave the building.
  • Work with the groundskeeping team when necessary to remove debris, leaves, snow and other obstructions from company grounds.
  • Come to work with a great attitude and a sparkling smile!

Job Skills & Qualifications

  • A sense of hospitality, integrity, pride in your work and a love for cleanliness and organization
  • Extreme attention to the smallest detail
  • Initiative to take on tasks without being told and without being monitored
  • High school diploma or its equivalent
  • Knowledge of the latest OSHA safety regulations

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