Welder Recommendation Letter

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The Welder Recommendation Letter should discuss the applicant’s technical skills for the position. A Teacher of Welder would be the best judgments of the abilities of an individual to perform the required tasks. The Hiring Manager will closely evaluate the skills detailed in the Welder Recommendation Letter.

Brady Kline

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Felicity Weeks,

I would like to recommend Mr. Seamus O’Malley to fill your Welder position. Mr. Seamus O’Malley has learned all of the skills needed to perform the Welding functions at the East Flood Gates Technical College. I was his instructor learning my own skills from the Company Name. I trained Mr. Seamus O’Malley and we even worked at a local auto repair shop for hands-on experience.

Mr. Seamus O’Malley has a good eye for welding. He reviews the structures and can find any broken joints. He has even been trained in using microscopic lens, cameras and computer imaging software to find micro-cracks in the metal structures. He is ready for all that the industry has in store for him. He can life more than 200 pounds also.

Seamus O’Malley is an expert at efficiently welding brackets together. He knows the perfect angle and parts placement to effect the strongest adhesion. He carefully cleans the pieces before welding them to create a better edge. I know that Seamus O’Malley would be a good Welder for your Welding Operations firm.


Scooter Johnson

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