Writing A Residential House Cleaner Recommendation Letter

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There’s a big difference between a mediocre recommendation letter and one that can actually influence an employer’s decision to hire someone, and this difference will be largely determined by how convincing and effective the writer can be while still maintaining professionalism. The best residential house cleaner recommendation letters are able to praise adequately while still maintaining oneself as a reliable source.

Breanna Wallace

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Felicity Weeks,

I am writing this letter to recommend Natasha Korsinsky for the position of residential house cleaner at your cleaning company. Natasha worked for me as a house cleaner for six years, and she was likely the most dependable and efficient house cleaner that we had. She worked very quickly with lots of energy, and was also well-liked by clients.

Nathasha handled general housecleaning duties including sweeping, vacuuming, scrubbing and dusting, doing laundry, making beds, taking out garbage, and various other things. It was important for her to work quickly so that we could complete as many cleanings as possible, and she was often the fastest and most efficient of our housecleaners.

The thing we most valued in our housecleaners was showing up every day and working with efficiency, and she was probably the best employee we had in both of these areas. Add to that her friendly and sociable personality and likeability, and she was in many ways the ideal employee, so she comes with my highest recommendation.


Ivanka Stephens

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