Housekeeper Resignation Letter

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Writing a resignation letter may be more important than you think. Your housekeeper resignation is a simple courtesy that says a lot about you by leaving a professional and favorable impression with your boss. A few paragraphs are all you need to make your employer aware that you will be leaving and when to expect your last day will be.

Brady Kline

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Cell: 000-000-0000

Dear Ms. Callahan,

Please accept this letter as my resignation from my position as housekeeper with New Parkland Inn and Suites. My last day on the job will be April 28, 2015 due to personal family reasons.

I have enjoyed working for you, and everyone here has been incredibly nice and helpful. I’ve learned a great deal. Thank you so much for the chance to work for such a great employer.

I will work hard in the next two weeks to ensure that all of my duties are completed, and I’m more than willing to help train someone to take my place. Please let me know if you require any additional assistance. I can also be reached at 000-000-0000 if you have any questions after I have moved on.


Beth Randall

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