Writing A Housekeeper Recommendation Letter

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Providing someone with a meaningful and effective recommendation can do wonders for their job prospects. These days, with stiff job competition, employers want more than just claims, they want evidence, and they want to see results. A housekeeper recommendation letter allows you to communicate this, and if done right it can have a significant impact on a job application.

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Felicity Weeks,

I am writing this letter to recommend Amber Villalobos for the position of housekeeper at your business. Amber worked for my home cleaning business for over eight years, and she grew into perhaps the most reliable and hardworking housekeeper that we had. she’s highly dedicated, dependable, and a diligent worker, so she’s truly an excellent housekeeper.

Amber completed general housekeeping duties at residential homes, doing everything from scrubbing and vacuuming to dusting, mopping, doing laundry and taking out the garbage. She was perhaps the most dedicated and diligent of our housekeepers, always made it to work on time, always did a good job and left customers happy.

Amber often had some tough clean up jobs to deal with, houses with children and giant messes, but she worked as quickly and efficiently as anyone, and was able to do more cleaning in one day than any other housekeeper that worked for us. Because of her hard work, and her energy, she comes very highly recommended.


Justin Miller

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