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It’s a good bet that any position advertised will have a huge response from all the other therapists looking for work, so it’s extremely important that you really put time and effort into your resume in order that you’ll make the cut. Our physical therapist resume template for Word is crafted to help you get through the resume writing process as painlessly as possible, ending up with the best possible job application as a result. As you’ll see, there are some basic sections that every resume should contain, such as the summary statement, skills section, work history, and education section.

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Writing Your Summary Statement

Many times, a prospective employer will use a summary statement as a way to weed out weak candidates, so it’s important to put in your best work with this particular section. This physical therapist resume template for Word will help you to write the best possible summary statement, enticing the reader to continue on.

You’ll want to include around three or four bullet points in this section. They can also be written out in paragraph format if you prefer. You’ll want to refer to the skills listed in the job advertisement where possible. Items to include can be:

  • How long you’ve worked in this career

  • Specific skills you have demonstrated and are required

  • Aspects of your personality that fit the position

Following are some samples of summary statements:

Summary Statement Example 1:

Physical therapist with five years experience in sports rehabilitation. Extensive experience with rehabilitation tools for use at home. Highly skilled at counseling new patients.

Summary Statement Example 2:

  • Physical therapist with six years experience in rehabilitation after surgery

  • Compassionate communication, taking patients through reasonable expectations

  • Extensive knowledge of alternative therapy options

Summary Statement Example 3:

Seven years of physical therapist experience in a pediatric hospital. Excellent communication skills with children and parents. Adept at making exercises fun and increasing patient compliance with home therapy.

Summary Statement Example 4:

Physical therapist with three years’ experience in working with geriatrics. Excellent communication, managing expectations, and motivating patients. Knowledgeable of safe limits to push this population for their own safety.

Writing Your Skills Section

In the skills section, list a few of your abilities that are most pertinent to the particular position for which you are applying. It is suggested to list them in a bullet point format so that they are easily found and read. Just as you can see in the physical therapist resume template for Word, this section will be located before your work history and, like the summary statement, encourage the prospective employer to continue on to read about your specific work experience. For this section, you should:

  • Keep the list to a maximum of seven entries.

  • Use keywords that relate to your industry.

  • Put the most important skills at the beginning.

There are several skills important in the physical therapy industry, including:

  • Creatively design an individualized program for diverse patients

  • Excellent attention to detail in documenting progress

  • Compassionate communication with patients

  • Thorough knowledge of appropriate physical testing

  • Detailed instructions and follow-up on home exercises

Writing Your Work History Section

Up to this point, the information on your resume is meant to give the reader a quick idea of your skill level at a glance. The idea is that, after scanning your summary statement and skill section, the potential employer will be anxious to find out more about your work history. Using the physical therapist resume template for Word as your guide, you will add in your experience, achievements, and accomplishments as they fit. Here are some tips you’ll want to keep in mind:

  • Use a thesaurus as necessary to avoid using the same words.

  • Add in results that are quantifiable, if possible.

  • Include five to eight points in each of the jobs you list.

  • Start with your most recent job, including company name, location, and dates.

Below are some examples of lines you might include in your work history:

  • Successfully rehabilitated 80 percent of patients to their pre-surgery condition

  • Increased patient compliance with home exercises, as witnessed by improvement between sessions

  • Established a daily tai chi program to assist seniors with rehabilitation

  • Developed a children’s rehabilitation program incorporating Marvel Comics figures

Writing Your Education Section

Generally speaking, the education section will follow your work history unless you have recently graduated, as seen in the physical therapist resume template for Word. Some tips for writing this section include:

  • Start with your most recent educational program.

  • Include relevant certificates or additional courses.

  • Licensing can be listed here or in its own section.

  • Include dates, unless they were a long time ago.

Here is an example of what your education section might look like:

Doctor in Physical Therapy – 2005

USC – Los Angeles, CA

Courses included: Advanced kinesiology, pediatric rehabilitation, functional anatomy

Bachelor of Science in Anatomy and Physiology – 2002

USC – Los Angeles, CA

Courses included: Anatomy, pathophysiology, and kinesiology

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