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As the core component of your job application, your resume is a critical tool for landing your next job interview. Writing a strong, professional document is a simple matter of breaking the task down into smaller parts. Our pharmacist resume template for Word is here to help you get an idea of how to structure and format your own application. The accompanying writing guide will walk you through the process section by section, providing helpful tips on how to write your summary statement, skills section, work history section and education section.

Pharmacist Example Resume

Writing Your Summary Statement

As the opening of your resume, your summary statement functions as a way for the hiring manager to form a quick first impression of your application. By providing a concise summary of your most convincing qualifications, the summary statement draws the reader onward to the other sections. Here are some things to keep in mind as you write yours:

  • Keep it brief, using no more than three bullet points or sentences

  • Use this space to give an overview of your experience and mention your most important skills

  • Unless you’re applying for an entry-level position or looking to significantly advance your career, there’s no need to mention your objective in applying for the job

Take a look at the pharmacist resume template for Word and the following examples to see how a convincing summary statement can be written:

Example 1

  • Qualified pharmacist with seven years of experience

  • Dedicated to accuracy and thoroughness when keeping records and advising patients

  • Expert in pharmaceutical laws and regulations

Example 2

Knowledgeable pharmacy technician eager to take on the responsibilities of a pharmacist. Highly educated and experienced in procedures involving medications, pharmaceutical laws, and pharmacy operation. Diligent personality with an exceptional focus on details.

Example 3

  • Pharmacist with over a decade of experience

  • Strong track record of maintaining an organized system of documentation

  • Friendly and clear communicator when advising patients and working with colleagues

Example 4

Pharmacist with 8 years’ experience working in hospital dispensaries. Knowledgeable in complex drug interactions. Detail-oriented, with strong communication skills.

Writing Your Skills Section

The skills section provides space for an overview of the abilities you can bring to the prospective employer. This bulleted list should be well-organized and easy to skim. To write a strong skills section like in the pharmacist resume template for Word, keep the following points in mind:

  • Place your most relevant skills close to the top of the list, where they’re easier for the hiring manager to notice

  • Keep each bullet point brief to avoid bogging down your skills section with unnecessary detail

  • When listing computer skills, include only programs specific to your industry and avoid mentioning basic software that everyone can use, such as Microsoft Word or email

Here’s a short list of skills that are often required for a pharmacist position and may be useful for your resume:

  • Conscientious worker with strong focus on accuracy

  • Experienced and organized record-keeper

  • Proficient in MEDITECH software

  • Knowledgeable of current developments in the pharmaceutical field

  • Able to communicate detailed information to patients, colleagues and medical professionals

Writing Your Work History Section

In the work history section, you should provide a record of the past positions you’ve held and expand upon what you accomplished in each one. For each position, give your job title, the company name and the dates between which you were employed. Then, as was done in the pharmacist resume template for Word, include a few bullet points providing more information on that job. Here are some tips to get you started:

  • Rather than just listing job responsibilities, focus on specific accomplishments you achieved in each position

  • Use metrics and numbers to quantify your accomplishments whenever possible

  • Examine the job description for important words and phrases, and then use these as keywords in your work history section

  • Begin each bullet point with a strong action verb to keep your language dynamic and powerful

Here are some examples of entries that could be used in a pharmacist work history section:

  • Counseled patients on proper usage of medications and side-effect management

  • Improved and strengthened existing pharmacy protocols to reflect a higher standard of quality

  • Oversaw an update of pharmacy software and transfer of past records

  • Trained and advised new technicians and pharmacy aides

Writing Your Education Section

Your academic qualifications are a key feature of your resume, especially in career tracks that require significant technical knowledge and skills. Use this section of your application to list your educational history, as demonstrated in the pharmacist resume template for Word. Follow these tips to keep get your education section on the right track:

  • List your degrees in reverse chronological order, beginning with the most recent and working backward

  • Don’t include your GPA, but you can put down any awards or honors

  • Include relevant professional development coursework or seminars

Example 1

Doctor of Pharmacy – 2009

Southern Institute of Medicine

Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy – 2005

Southwestern University

Graduated summa cum laude

Example 2

Traineeship in Advanced Pain Management – 2016

American Society of Health-System Pharmacists

Doctor of Pharmacy – 2015

Northern Technical University

Bachelor of Science in Chemistry – 2011

Iowa State University

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