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Gaining the attention of a potential employer grows harder and harder as the demand for jobs increases. Unless you format your resume perfectly so that it’s easy to read and immediately and clearly presents all of the information that a reader wants to see, you’ll have a tough time getting an interview. However, with the help of our maintenance technician resume template for Word, we’ve eliminated the challenge of deciding what content is necessary and how to present it. Continue reading to learn more about writing your summary statement, skills section, work history section and education section.

General Maintenance Technician Resume Sample

Writing Your Summary Statement

Since the idea of including an “objective” in your resume is very outdated, it’s important to use a much more practical and meaningful summary statement. Like the title suggests, this is a brief summary of your experience, essential skills and relevant personality traits. You have the choice to write either three short sentences or three short bullet points, but don’t elaborate too much here, since the rest of the resume, like in our maintenance technician resume template for Word, is designed to explain your summary for you.

These are some examples of well-crafted summary statements:

Maintenance technician with 10 years of freelance experience. Technically skilled and an excellent communicator. Personable and focused.

Maintenance technician with five years’ industrial experience. Skilled with pipes and tools. Quick learner and perfectionist.

Maintenance technician with three years of apprentice experience. Skilled with machines and tools. Excellent critical thinking skills.

Maintenance technician:

  • Twenty years of corporate experience

  • Diligent and persistent troubleshooter

  • Patient and curious

Writing Your Skills Section

Your skills section is the next logical set of information to include, since your skills determine whether or not you’ll be a good fit for the job. Employers and recruiters typically use key words or phrases in job descriptions, so make sure to cater your skills to closely match the skills that they are looking for, while using the same wording as well. Since you’ll want to include between six and eight skills, it looks best to use a table with no more than three or four items per column. Use our maintenance technician resume template for Word and the following guidelines, and you will have no problems.

  • Include skills that you think are relevant, but don’t stray too far.

  • Use short phrases without periods.

  • Don’t use more than eight skills.

Here are some of the skills that employers generally look for in maintenance technicians:

  • Equipment maintenance

  • Critical Thinking

  • Troubleshooting

  • Repairing

  • Operation monitoring

  • Operation and control

  • Equipment selection

Writing Your Work History Section

You prove that you have the skills you mentioned in the previous section with your work history and education sections. In you work history section, your main goal is not only to show when and for whom you’ve worked in the past, but to showcase any and all of your accomplishments, awards, achievements and more. Keep your information relevant to the job posting, and our maintenance technician resume template for Word will help you format your content. However, here are some general tips for writing work history section.

  • List the dates of employment and decide between a consistent month and year or just year.

  • Try to include between five and eight bullet points per major position you’ve held to emphasize your performance and achievements.

  • Start from your most recent job and move backwards chronologically.

Here are some concise yet specific maintenance technician job descriptions:

  • Fixed drain pipes underneath manufacturing plant

  • Adjusted and maintained factory line machines

  • Inspected factory floors for safety conditions

  • Listened to clients and diagnosed problems

Writing Your Education Section

Your education section is extremely important if you are applying for work right out of high school or college, but your work history section takes precedence if you’ve already spent many years in the field. Like the previous sections, it’s important that you use the format in our maintenance technician resume template for Word so that any reader can immediately understand your educational background. Use the following tips to make sure that you include just the right amount of information:

  • It’s all right if you had coursework that didn’t go toward a degree, just specify what and where you studied.

  • Avoid listing your high school diploma unless it is your highest level of education.

  • Include any relevant training, courses or seminars that have nothing to do with the standard schooling track.

Example of Education Section for Maintenance Technician:

Bachelor’s Degree: Industrial Engineering

Northern Illinois University Ð DeKalb, IL

Coursework: mathematics, structural safety

Additional coursework in communications

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