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Getting an interview in the software industry is challenging, especially since more and more qualified applicants emerge each year. Without an impeccable layout or the best content, you won’t gain the attention of a resume reader since they typically have to sift through hundreds, if not thousands, of resumes. Use this software engineer resume template for Word so that you get all the details right when crafting your resume and so that a reader can immediately see your qualifications and accomplishments. Read on to learn how to write your summary statement, skills section, work history section, and education section.

Software Engineer Resume Template

Writing Your Summary Statement

In the past, people tended to recommend that you write your “objective” for sending a resume. This is a dated technique since it is obvious that your objective is to get an interview and a job. A summary statement is often the first thing a hiring manager will see, and it should tell the reader why you’re a great fit for the job. Write your summary statement either as just a few short sentences or about three concise bullet points. It’s okay to use sentence fragments, as you’ll see in our software engineer resume template for Word, because this is just a quick way to show an employer your skills and personality traits.

Here are a few examples of well-written summary statements:

Software engineer with 5 years of experience in corporate software applications. Specialize in C++ and Apache Tomcat. Avid reader and skilled communicator.

Software engineer with 10 years of experience in cyber security. Expert in JavaScript, Apache Tomcat, and LAMP stack. Active listener and problem-solver.

Software engineer with 20 years of experience in operating system design. Skilled with C++, jQuery, and Microsoft ActiveX. Patient, critical thinker, and strong communicator.

Software engineer:

  • 1o years’ experience in mobile application design

  • C++ expert

  • Driven to constantly learn, improve and solve

Writing Your Skills Section

The skills section is the best place to reference any keywords or skills mentioned in the job description for the position you are applying for. Don’t include anything that is irrelevant, but since software engineering isn’t such a simple field, don’t forget to include a diverse set of skills to prove that you can handle the many different challenges you’ll face in the position. Use our software engineer resume template for Word to perfectly format your skills section.

  • Use short phrases and don’t worry about using periods since you’ll typically be writing sentence fragments.

  • A table is a great way to use blank space efficiently and makes your skills immediately visible to a reader.

  • Only use three to four items per column in the table.

  • This is a list of some of the crucial skills that a good software engineer will have. Pick or feel free to add closely related skills to give a clear picture of your abilities.

    • Judgment and decision-making

    • Monitoring

    • Time management

    • Complex problem-solving

    • Critical thinking

    • Active listening

    • Social perceptiveness

Writing Your Work History Section

The work history section is not only for showing a potential employer who you’ve worked for in the past but also for supplementing your skills section with proof of experience. Focus on both your career accomplishments and list accurate dates when mentioning your previous employers. Use these guidelines in conjunction with our software engineer resume template for Word to properly format this section and include only the most relevant information.

  • Start this list with your most recent employer and then proceed backward chronologically.

  • If you choose to use month and year or just year to note when you worked for another company, stay consistent.

  • Any mentions of experience and accomplishments should be extremely specific, unlike the generality of a skills section or job description.

These are some examples of individual software engineer work history points:

  • Led a team responsible for creating new operating system that was released in 2005

  • Received award for groundbreaking security design

  • Tested programs and adjusted prior to release

  • Built corporate software from the ground up

Writing Your Education Section

Particularly if you are applying for a job right out of high school or college, the education section plays a big role in how you manage to appeal to an employer. Since there are only a few points to address in this section, make sure it’s as clear and concise as possible so that an employer can immediately understand your educational background. Use this software engineer resume template for Word so that you don’t include too much or too little information.

  • As with the work history section, start with the most recent or your highest level of education and move backward.

  • Whether you are applying before graduation, just use “in progress” or “anticipated graduation in (x)” to quickly tell the reader that you will graduate soon.

  • Include relevant educational experiences like organizations, internships, etc., particularly if you are still in school or only recently graduated.

Example of Education Section for Software Engineer:

Bachelor in Computer Engineering

Northern Illinois University – DeKalb, IL

Coursework: C++, JavaScript

Additional courses in writing and communications

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