Massage Therapist Resume Objective Example

When you apply for work as a massage therapist it is important to include a strong objective statement in your resume. A good objective is clear and confident and shows your prospective employer that you possess the necessary skills for the job. Take your time crafting a statement that highlights your unique abilities and experience in the field.

What the Massage Therapist Resume Objective Should Tell Prospective Employers

A massage therapist manipulates soft tissue and joints to relieve pain, stress and tension. This requires an in-depth knowledge of human anatomy with special understanding of the muscular and skeletal systems. This knowledge enables a therapist to construct a care plan based on a patient’s medical history and personal preferences. A massage therapist must possess physical strength, stamina and dexterity, particularly in the hands and arms. Many massage therapists are adept with special massage techniques and tools, including hot stones, cold packs, wet compresses and whirlpool baths. Some employers require special training and certification. Your objective statement should specify any relevant training, experience and skills, as well as personal characteristics that may be beneficial in this position.

Sample Administrative Assistant Resume Objectives

Customize your objective with the name of the company to which you are applying and experience specific to the position you hope to obtain. Here are some sample objectives:

1. Seeking a Massage Therapist position with ABC company contributing exceptional knowledge of muscular system and hot stone massage techniques.

2. Looking for Massage Therapist position with ABC company to utilize experience developing patient therapy programs for massage clients.

3. Recent graduate seeks to contribute excellent training in current massage techniques to Massage Therapy position at ABC company.

4. Licensed Massage Therapist with special experience utilizing massage therapy in physical rehabilitation programs seeks position with ABC company.

5. Obtain a Massage Therapist position with ABC company to deliver in-home massage to clients, utilizing strong customer service skills to provide maximum customer satisfaction.

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